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Monday, September 8, 2008

Health and Fitness Week was fun!

Yep. I haven't kept up with this as much as I planned, but I'm still working on it. I'm on vacation now, so I'll be able to post more at least for a few weeks...

I'm visiting a friend that lives in the general area that Health and Fitness Week is held right now. H&F Week was last week and I had fun making things pretty and doing fruit and veggie carvings, garnishes, etc. as the ambiance fairy there. Met lots of nifty new people and had a chance to reconnect with friends too. :)

I didn't have a chance to take pictures though :( so I don't have any to show you right now. One of the nifty new people I met was a woman there to take photos though, so I'll be getting pics from her at some point that I'll be able to share with y'all. My camera's gotten quite lonely over the months I haven't been using it. I loaned it to my son who used it for a long time & then never got back into the habit of taking pics again...yet. ;) I brought it with me and I'm gonna' take it out, charge the batteries and start using it again. At least that's the plan...

I also plan to work on my website some more during this time too. Should have brought my external hard drive though; didn't think I'd need it; oh well. I'll have to post the pics I'd taken and not posted in the past later when I'm back. I'm hoping that they'll have figured out a way to get things done at the farm enough while I'm gone that I'll have a bit of time to keep blogging and updating my site when I get back (as well as do things for my fitness goals too).

K, so that's it for this post for now. I'll be back later today to do things on my site and blog again.

Aloha! :)

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