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Log Dec 8, 2014

Food: (all from the farmer's market, might not be organic):

964 grams Ladyfinger Bananas (they look more ripe than they are.. were actually perfect inside):

714 grams Pink Grapefruit Juice (second pic) from these grapefruits (first pic):

Total calories: 1,136 in caloric ratio of carbs/ protein / fat: 93% / 4.2% / 2.9%

I got caught up in computer work today and ended up not eating until later. I didn't get hungry until then either. I guess it's because of the excess the day before...


Did assisted pull-ups (25), first 8-10 unassisted negatives... also did a few bench presses, sorry, don't remember the amount or weight.. used what was there at the time and forgot to record it... did some squats too until too tired, not sure how many either... will try to record these things better in the future. Oh, yes, I also did the desk cycling from time to time while at the computer. I had to use the second monitor so couldn't treadmill compute, or would have.



How I track my food these days...

I've started to try and take photos of everything I eat, weigh it, and log it in an app so that I can then share it all with y'all as much as I can.

I found weighing it in grams to be the easiest way, especially if I'm doing monomeals. (Thanks to Dr. Pam Halton trying out this diet while visiting me and tracking things that way). I can just put everything I think I might eat on a tray or in a container and weigh it. Then I record that weight. When I eat I just make sure to eat over the container and put all the compost and such back in there. If I don't eat it all I leave that stuff in the container as well... then I weigh it at the end. I can then subtract the ending from the beginning amounts to see how much I actually ate. It's pretty simple. and now that I have a nice looking and easily portable scale (Oohh, ahh, it's red! So pretty), I can even do it when on the go.

If I'm not doing monomeals, then it's a little more tricky when doing something ble…

Log Dec 7, 2014

Okay, I'll try to get back into logging other things now that I'm kinda' getting into the habit of the food... a bit.
Food: (everything is organic unless specified otherwise)

356 grams Starfruit (carambola) from our farm:
743 grams Sunrise Papaya from our farm:
451 grams Ladyfinger Bananas (forgot to take a pic of them-these are similar ripeness, a little less volume) these were from the farmer's market, and probably not organic:
1,125 grams Tangelo Juice! All from our farm!!! Our biggest tangelo harvest ever! :) :) The first picture is of all the tangelos we juiced, and below is the juice it yielded before we mixed it and Darrel took half. The weight mentioned here is just the part I drank. I also ate some of the sections after juicing:

Then I made a salad with the following ingredients:
442 grams romaine lettuce hearts (from store)70 grams raw tahini? (from store)342 grams tomatoes (from friend's farm)78 grams Meyer lemon juice (from our yard) And I then drank the res…

Log Dec 6, 2014


Opened 3 coconuts and shared some with Darrel:

Here is what I drank of the water (with the flesh aside for later, that I didn't end up eating):
This is the rest of the water from these coconuts which is what Darrel drank:
So, my share was 1,482 grams of coconut water.

Next I had 1,377 grams of papayas:

And later I had 809 grams of saba bananas:
And later I had juice from these 7 navel oranges, which turned out to be about 3.6 Cups and weighed 930 grams:

I was going to have a romaine and katuk salad with a mango, tomato, celery, basil dressing, but was so full from the orange juice that I didn't end up eating before I went out for the night with Darrel. I would have LOVED that salad! Note to self: make the salad and take it with you anyway next time.

There was a Art Walk in Kapaa, and we had a blast. We parked our electric car about a mile-ish down the road where we could charge it up and walked down to everything. When we got there I had to pee a lot (from the OJ right b…

Food Log Dec 5, 2014

I'm working on getting back into the swing of posting things here again, and appreciate your patience with the ebb and flow of it all. :)

Today I photographed, weighed, and logged what I ate as a start on this. I'll do some videos of this sort of thing in the future as well as other areas once I get more efficient at editing them.

People want to know what kinds of things I'm eating these days, so here's a day's worth of food... on a day I did mostly computer work.

You may notice that I'm not eating very many calories in comparison to what I used to. This is partly from a lower activity level overall, and today specifically. I've also found I seem to be utilizing the calories more efficiently than I did early on with this diet. It's been a gradual process over time. I don't seem to need as many calories for the same activity levels as I used to. It turns out well, because I used to love that I could eat so much and now I love that I don't need…