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videos for FAQ via FoodnSport YouTube channel

People often ask me questions about fasting and I usually tell them that the only kind of fasting I recommend is supervised Natural Hygienic fasting, where you consume only water while supervised by a qualified health professional. There are only two people I know of that are qualified enough for me to recommend for supervising a fast of any kind, one of whom is not supervising fasts ATM. The other is Dr. Doug Graham from He holds a fast or two a year in Costa Rica around the end/beginning of the calendar year, and did a short one in Washington this past September.

The next opportunity to fast with Dr. Graham is coming soon: Dec 31st-Feb 5th 2011. You can get more info. and register at

I've started to do some slide show videos of various events for FoodnSport and just did one about the fast in Costa Rica. Here it is from FoodnSport's YouTube channel:

But don't stop there, at least I wouldn't. There are lots of…

Back from FoodnSport Events now :) and more...

I had a great time creating and sharing and meeting up with everyone and all at the FoodnSport events this month. It's always such fun to spend time together... such terrific people and activities and food and fun and everything! :)

I got more involved with the kitchen and recipes and stuff this year. I had started to do a little bit with the recipes last year, but not much. I was mainly doing carvings and decoration rather than recipes. This time I worked with Simon a lot, especially at first, to do some cultural themes and translate iconic sorts of recipes and such. It was fun to share and use my culinary, artistic and creative skills in the kitchen to further create the ambiance experience as well. We had so many ideas and were crazy enough to try to do all the ones we had enough to do a whole theme with. LOL It worked out, we spent a lot of time at first (during the Culinary events mostly) experimenting and translating recipes, then deciding which dishes to do and planning th…

Gettin' Ready for FoodnSport events @ Cedar Springs! :) - and general update

So, yeah, I've sucked at keeping up with this blog. Sorry folks. Life happened.. and death.. long story, lotsa' details, will spare ya'...

I'm on the Mainland already, visiting relatives, and will be doing ambiance at FoodnSport's Culinary Workshop I all the way through Ultra Health and Fitness Week. It's gonna' be fun! :) Great to see everyone I haven't seen in a while and meet new terrific people as well! :)


So, people often email me and ask me, "What'cha eatin' lately?" or something like that. So... here's a bit of what's on my palate lately.

I've been going overt fat free for the last few months (except for about 3 times, most recently some olives on the plane...) and basically banana free as well. After almost 8 years of bananas being my main fallback staple food, and some troubles with the banana crops on-island causing the supply to be less than ideal, my body said it had enough of the HI apple bananas, and somet…