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Costa Rica was fun!

I went to Montezuma, Uvita and San Gerado and things in-between them and the airport.

After arriving at the airport I took the cab that the first hotel in Alajuela had arranged to the hotel and met up with the people who had taken the first round of fasting with Dr. Doug Graham as they arrived that evening before departing on their flights home the next day.

I also met up with those staying on for the 2 weeks in between, some of them were going to be at the next fast with me, we were going to meet up with others later on...

There was an event in Montezuma, Raw World, going on there and Doug (Dr. Graham) was a presenter there so that was our first destination. He stayed at the event which was just outside of town and the rest of us stayed in town at first. Lennie would walk down to the event to work with Doug pretty much every day. Our first place was too close to the nightlife for the rest of my group so we ended up moving to a different place at the edge of town the next day. Interestin…