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Log Wednesday Feb 25 (incl Tues)

Sleep: woke at 7 am, up at 7:30am, went to sleep at 10:30pm the night before

Yesterday's Food:

Meal 1: banana-date-spinach smoothie:
7 Cavendish bananas 9 California Deglet Nour dates5 oz baby spinachfiltered water Meal 2: orange juice-strawberry drink, then ate the orange sections
8 Kauai Valencia oranges4-5 C frozen strawberries Snack:
1/2 brazilnutToday's Food:
Breakfast: banana-date-spinach smoothie:
3 Cavendish bananas 16 California Deglet Nour dates5 oz baby spinachfiltered water Lunch:
1,836 grams strawberry Sunrise papaya1 stick celery I plan to update it as I eat more... okay, so I didn't go back soon enough, sorry about that. I thought I recorded what I ate, but apparently I didn't put it in my nutrition trackers like I thought I did. Here's a picture of dinner though:

I think it was just shredded cabbage with orange-strawberry dressing, and the orange garnish. After I took the photo, I put it in a bowl and mixed it all up (sans the orange peels, of course), …