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9/27/09 Great day at the farm yesterday! :)

I'll tell y'all about the farm in "The Rest" section later. First, gotta' do the stats for those that are tracking things. :)These stats are from yesterday, unless otherwise noted:

woke at 6am to get back to running before we had to leave for the day

pineapple, possibly the last of the season
salad: tahini-lemon dressing with heirloom tomatoes on baby spinach, yum! :)

*I had planned to have jakfruit for dinner, and maybe a little bit of baby spinach after, but there were only a couple of pods ripe :(, so I ended up having salad later.

I got back to running again after a month's away I believe it's been. I didn't have much time for the runs I'd been doing before I left, but figured it'd be good to ease back into it since I was practically a beginner when I left. It went well. I wanted to run at least a mile and had run out of enough time to do so at the pace I'd been doing for the longer runs, so ran faster f…

Social Networking Sites I've joined recently

Well, I've recently joined a few social networking sites that friends of mine are on, so you can see stuff there about me and my goings on as well...

Facebook (already mentioned in my last post here)
Give It To Me Raw
30 Bananas A Day
Raw Natural Hygiene

I'm gonna' try to post here at least once a week, and keep up with people at the others as well. We'll see how it goes! :)

Aloha! :)

Health & Fitness Week 2009

I had a great time being the Ambiance Fairy at FoodnSport's Health & Fitness Week 2009! :) This year I also did ambiance for FoodnSport's first Culinary Workshop, held just before H&F Week. Fun Times! :)

Lots of the people there are on Facebook, so I've joined again... joined when Facebook was new, but didn't use it much 'cause hardly anyone there & then forgot the email address I used and password, etc. So you can find me on Facebook now too. I've posted lots of pictures from the events there as well as a few short videos.

I've embedded the videos here...

Lunch out on the deck

This was the waiting area where people had drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I didn't get the "bar" area in the video unfortunately, but you can see it in some of people's pictures behind them.

We had finished the ambiance & plating before everyone went into the upper area for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. The food here was covered until just before I took …