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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Health & Fitness Week 2009

I had a great time being the Ambiance Fairy at FoodnSport's Health & Fitness Week 2009! :) This year I also did ambiance for FoodnSport's first Culinary Workshop, held just before H&F Week. Fun Times! :)

Lots of the people there are on Facebook, so I've joined again... joined when Facebook was new, but didn't use it much 'cause hardly anyone there & then forgot the email address I used and password, etc. So you can find me on Facebook now too. I've posted lots of pictures from the events there as well as a few short videos.

I've embedded the videos here...

Lunch out on the deck

This was the waiting area where people had drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I didn't get the "bar" area in the video unfortunately, but you can see it in some of people's pictures behind them.

We had finished the ambiance & plating before everyone went into the upper area for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. The food here was covered until just before I took this video. The door between the upper and lower areas was opened shortly after this to reveal the "surprise" of this area.

Prakash demonstrating how to feed enough grapes to Grant...

I'll post some videos and pics of our farm sometime in the near future too!

Food: Oh, and for those that want to know what I've been eating lately, you can look at the pics from H&F Week for that time period. I've been visiting my dad while on the Mainland and will return home next week. Let's see... what did I eat yesterday....

Think I ate a cantelope and a galia melon for breakfast; dates and apples for lunch; tahini-lemon-tomato dressing with touch of fresh chives and fresh oregano on baby spinach for dinner. Everything was organic, all of it was purchased at the farmer's market except the spinach and tahini which I got at the Berkeley Bowl. I'd been having fresh corn on the cob before salads for the couple of days before that, but didn't have any last night. This morning I had a small watermelon for breakfast & will have either bananas or more apples and dates for lunch. I plan on having zuke noodles with tomato sauce for dinner tonight too, perhaps on a bed of baby spinach. :)

Exercise: My routine always gets disrupted a bit when I travel, so I didn't do much official exercise during H&F Week since I was doing the ambiance and all. I've been easing back into it at my dad's. My dad's having a lot of health issues to deal with, so we didn't get around to getting a temporary health club membership for me this time. I have my homemade exercise band in my luggage though and do pushups, squats, lunges, headstands, etc. before meals as I can.

I look forward to getting back to the running again in order to see how long I can run after being away from it for so long. I'll have been away from it for almost a month, eek. I did try out running on the treadmill at my friend's gym in Seattle when visiting her before the Culinary Workshop. I'm spoiled with the running though - used to either running outside at home on dirt in the tradewinds or on my son's treadmill at home with a fan blowing on me. I didn't last as long as I'd been going before leaving. I had gotten up to running 5K in about 34 minutes before I left & only ran for about 25 minutes at her gym, not sure how far that was... Whatever I end up running when I get home, I'll just build back up from there. :)

A lot of the people from H&F Week this year are going to do a little challenge between themselves and I'm gonna' do it too. I want to work more on my fitness this next year than I have been this past year, so it works well for that. Gotta' get a scale that measures bodyfat too though - wish I could find one that doesn't factor in age as that always skews thing weird... I'll post more on that thing later, once I have my beginning stats and all.

K, that's it for now.

Aloha! :)

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