9/27/09 Great day at the farm yesterday! :)

I'll tell y'all about the farm in "The Rest" section later. First, gotta' do the stats for those that are tracking things. :) These stats are from yesterday, unless otherwise noted:


woke at 6am to get back to running before we had to leave for the day

pineapple, possibly the last of the season
salad: tahini-lemon dressing with heirloom tomatoes on baby spinach, yum! :)

*I had planned to have jakfruit for dinner, and maybe a little bit of baby spinach after, but there were only a couple of pods ripe :(, so I ended up having salad later.

I got back to running again after a month's away I believe it's been. I didn't have much time for the runs I'd been doing before I left, but figured it'd be good to ease back into it since I was practically a beginner when I left. It went well. I wanted to run at least a mile and had run out of enough time to do so at the pace I'd been doing for the longer runs, so ran faster for the mile. It felt good. :) I probably could have done 2 miles at that pace, possibly longer... not sure about the full 5K I'd been doing before at that pace though. Eventually I'll be running the 5K and farther at that pace and faster, but not for now. Will build up to it to make sure I don't overdo...

The rest of my exercise for the day involved farmwork. Oh, I also did some calestenics and the Leg Magic a tad...

The night before I'd done 20 pushups, 5 chin-ups (assisted), 10 handstands (against a wall, only counting the kick-ups that worked), 20 lunges each leg, 20 jump lunges, 20 jump squats, and 20 knee ups... I'd do as many as I could to failure, take a rest like in weights and then do more... 'till I got all of 'em done, sometimes switching to another exercise in-between. I chose to do this many of things 'cause I found some old business card sized cards I'd made for myself and my son back when I was in charge of his P.E. when homeschooling him. They have a column for exercise goals, a column for the amounts accomplished that day (it was the wider column so you can put tally marks during the day) and a place at the top to put what day it was. It was something to help make sure we got at least that much done every day, in addition to any other exercise we did. It worked pretty well for me if I remember correctly, so I think I'll do it again, but am gonna' add a few more things and more reps too, once I'm back to my full work schedule again and have adjusted back into my workouts and all.. For now I'll do 'em at least every other day. :)

I was having a bit of acne recently, since I've come home, not sure why. Perhaps it's from being off my exercise schedule, or perhaps it's 'cause it's warmer and more humid here (had been in places that get hotter, but everyone had air conditioning there), or perhaps it's from molds or mildew or something... was having a bit of trouble with it before I left, but it cleared when I was gone... strange. I was thinking that perhaps it's from the towel I like to use... it always smells bad to me when it's just been washed and after a bit it smells better. I've decided to give up on that towel and use another one as my favorite. I like ones that are small enough to fit on my towel bar without having to bunch up, and are not the plush thick kind - both criteria are so that the towel dries out well and doesn't get mold or mildew. I'd been looking for some like that at the stores, as I'd love to find a brown one like that, but haven't been able to find anything but the thick ones for some time now. My hubby found a blue one in our things last night, not sure where it came from, but it was washed recently and didn't smell, so yay! I've also got a backup white one, just in case. LOL I was using the hand towel in the meantime. Last night I noticed that my acne is clearing up noticably already and it still looks better this morning, so yay! Could 'a been the towel, the cardio, or... ? Guess I'll see over time.

3am temp today: 97.41 degrees fahrenheit, day 20 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

The Rest:
K, so onto the farm stuff! :)

It was an exciting day for my hubby and I at the farm today simply 'cause we finally started planting lots of fruit in ways that sunk in that we've finally got a long-term farming situation and are working on our dreams, right now! :)

I "potted on" papayas into 101 pots, which is the point that we count as plants. When they're seedlings we don't really count them since there's more that can go wrong with 'em at that age. There were 3-5 plants in each pot I made, most of 'em had 3. We'll be thinning them to just one at some point, probably after they're in the ground, so it's like 101 trees.

We planted out 6 large coconut trees and 12 papaya trees-worth (3 plants per trees-worth, that will eventually be one per trees-worth) into the ground, where they'll be for a long, long time. Well, the papayas won't be there all that long for trees, but they'll be there for a while... We're gonna' plant more papayas near there as well, along with other longer-term trees so that the papayas will provide a nursery effect for the other trees and as the papayas are losing their productivity the longer-term ones will be starting up theirs. :)

We also planted 13 jakfruit pods, but we don't know how well they'll do since not all the pods were ripe. They're from a tree with the best jakfruit we've had. It makes consistently smaller fruits than most jakfruit (which makes it easier for one person to finish in one meal), and the pods are very evident inside, more than other jakfruit we've had. It has a better flavor to us as well. We're not completely sure if it is just a certain kind of jakfruit or a different fruit that's related to jakfruit... but we're gonna' grow it if we can. If these seeds don't take, we'll get some more and can possibly get seedlings that have sprouted from fallen ones if there are any.

My friends who have the sprout business that we get the sprout discards from also gave us a mango seedling, a dragon-fruit transplant and a green fig seedling that we'll plant out soon. :)

Let's see, what else? I know there was more... oh yeah! The banana patch! It has grown so much in the month I was gone! Most of them have doubled their height. Wow! And the first one I planted has a keiki (new shoot) of it's own! That's a good sign that it's doing well. Yay! :)

We also put some of the barely sprouted coconuts into pots to plant out later when they're older and/or we have the places for them prepped and ready. We had figured at one point that a good minimum amount of coconuts to plant would be 10/person. We now have 7 in the ground there and 6 in pots, several more still working on sprouting, so we're gettin' there! :)

The red lilikoi, jaboticaba and other seedlings are doing well too. Yay! :)

K, gotta' go now... time to go and water all those seedlings! :) I'm gonna' drop my hubby off at the farm and then go help get someone's networking set up with their new computer and router (and other computers they already had that I'd set up before). Then I'm back to the farm. Yay! :)

I'll try to take pics and/or video so you can see things too! :)



  1. It's great to be reading things in your blog again. Please keep it up, it's very encouraging and helpful.

    Terry in the Keys

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Terry. Hope all is well over that way too. :)

  3. I just wanted to quickly also add that yesterday (Sun. 9/27/09), when I posted this about the day before turned out to be a nifty day banana-harvest-wise too. :) We harvested 3 bunches (AKA racks, racimes, etc.) of bananas. Yay! :)


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