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Log for 3/25/15

Sleep:11pm last night - 8am this morning

Food:I didn't weigh everything, or take photos of everything, but thought I'd do a quick update for y'all anyway with what I've got. Too bad 'cause the caimito were beautiful... I'll have other chances. It's all organic...

Breakfast (after morning exercise):
3-4 large sunrise strawberry papayas from our farm (almost melon papaya sized, about the volume of a cantaloupe each)6 large purple caimito from a local farm that has a self-serve stand (where I usually get my coconuts)
Lunch (after afternoon exercise:
1136g (1638g - 502g)  mountain apples from our tree Dinner:
 1 brazil nut~ 28 oz frozen smoothie: fresh pressed orange juice (oranges from same farm as caimito)frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, strawberry) I was going to have a head of romaine too, but was full enough as-is. I've been having lots of veggies lately anyway, so I'm good.

Exercise: Like my food, my exercise has been variable, so not the same every day, b…

Silliness at the Bum Run 5k and my first Vine

My first Vine!smile emoticonSilliness at the First Bum Run 5K this weekend. (below) Yeah, it just *had* to be done.. directed by Ariel
—feeling amused

It was a fund raiser and awareness raiser about colon cancer, and quite a light-hearted event. We had a blast. Get this folks--they had fresh fruit (apples, quartered oranges, bananas (that were actually sorta ripe), and grapes at the end for everyone too, and held signs that said, "You Are Awesome!" and "Have a Beautiful Day!" Inside there were other snacks, including some junk chips and pretzels... but they had way more carrots, celery, green beans, cherry tomatoes than the rest. Sweet! :)

Community Seed and Plant Exchange Joy

I just love the community Seed and Plant Exchanges here! 

It's so terrific to meet up with other people enthusiastic about growing and sharing plants!
“It’s a lot of fun, it’s really rewarding to be able to share seeds and plants that you’ve grown,” Massey said. “Sharing the passion of gardening is something that’s hard to explain if you haven’t done it but if you have, you’ll know what we mean.” - from
The community seed and plant exchanges actually started a few years before this article says, before Regenerations got involved, but they have been keeping it going and advertising it well for years now. Kudos!

Here's whatDarreland I brought (on the left):
2 mamey sapote trees, 2 eggfruit (canistel) trees,a rolinia tree, a papaya tree, 2 caimito trees, a jakfruit tree, and some other things I honestly can't remember at this point. LOL  We came back w…

Happy Happy Everyone! ;)

Happy Spring! Happy International Happiness Day! Happy happiness!wink emoticongrin emoticonsmile emoticonP.S. Oh, and hugs too! —feeling happy.

Changes Ahead

First I'd like to apologize for not giving this site the TLC it deserves for a long time now. It's been quite like the story of the cobbler's children not having any shoes with me, as I've been using my computer time for other people's websites rather than mine. One of those websites is the website, and we've been adding a lot to the blog lately, including recipes, so you might want to check that out too.

I can't promise I'll be doing any better soon, however I can say that I plan to start blogging about a variety of subjects other than simply a log of what I eat, exercise, and do. Honestly, there are tons of people doing this these days, and while a sample of what I'm doing now every once in a while is relevant, I think y'all probably have enough of that info already. So... I'm going to start blogging information, and opinions about all sorts of aspects and interests in my life.

The plan is to redesign my site to have differ…

Log Wednesday Feb 25 (incl Tues)

Sleep: woke at 7 am, up at 7:30am, went to sleep at 10:30pm the night before

Yesterday's Food:

Meal 1: banana-date-spinach smoothie:
7 Cavendish bananas 9 California Deglet Nour dates5 oz baby spinachfiltered water Meal 2: orange juice-strawberry drink, then ate the orange sections
8 Kauai Valencia oranges4-5 C frozen strawberries Snack:
1/2 brazilnutToday's Food:
Breakfast: banana-date-spinach smoothie:
3 Cavendish bananas 16 California Deglet Nour dates5 oz baby spinachfiltered water Lunch:
1,836 grams strawberry Sunrise papaya1 stick celery I plan to update it as I eat more... okay, so I didn't go back soon enough, sorry about that. I thought I recorded what I ate, but apparently I didn't put it in my nutrition trackers like I thought I did. Here's a picture of dinner though:

I think it was just shredded cabbage with orange-strawberry dressing, and the orange garnish. After I took the photo, I put it in a bowl and mixed it all up (sans the orange peels, of course), …