Log for 3/25/15

Sleep: 11pm last night - 8am this morning

Food: I didn't weigh everything, or take photos of everything, but thought I'd do a quick update for y'all anyway with what I've got. Too bad 'cause the caimito were beautiful... I'll have other chances. It's all organic...

Breakfast (after morning exercise):
  • 3-4 large sunrise strawberry papayas from our farm (almost melon papaya sized, about the volume of a cantaloupe each)
  • 6 large purple caimito from a local farm that has a self-serve stand (where I usually get my coconuts)
Lunch (after afternoon exercise:
  • 1136g (1638g - 502g)  mountain apples from our tree
  •  1 brazil nut
  • ~ 28 oz frozen smoothie: 
            • fresh pressed orange juice (oranges from same farm as caimito)
            • frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, strawberry)
I was going to have a head of romaine too, but was full enough as-is. I've been having lots of veggies lately anyway, so I'm good.

Exercise:  Like my food, my exercise has been variable, so not the same every day, but here's a sampling of one day...

  • 3.5+ miles on treadmill at 9% grade, and I can't remember what speed.. was slow so I could use the computer at the same time... between 2 and 3 mph
  • 55 sec pull-up hold at the top (did 1 minute yesterday.. getting close!)
  • 25 reps of bench press, 1 set
  • 25 dips (assisted partly 'cause there's no room for my legs in the garage right now.. it's loaded with salvaged cabinets and such at the moment.. gonna' use them at the farm!)
  • 25 deep squats in 30 seconds
  • 50 each leg of back side to side lift thingies I invented, as quick as possible
  • 20 minutes of light rebounding with a bit of upper arm isolation holds to use bounce as reps:
    • with palms down with arms straight, shoulder height, shoulders down:
      • 30 bounces with arms in front, shoulders back
      • 30 bounces with arms out to sides, shoulders wide
      • 30 bounces with arms in back as high as possible, shoulders squared and wide
    • same with palms up
  • 10? 25? spontaneous sit-ups when sitting down on the floor at the back of my treadmill to use it as a table to eat papayas... It's right beside the rack I keep the papayas on, so handy in that way. I put my feet under the end and it occurred to me that I haven't been doing anything to work on that little gap of ability I have in my ab range of movement's strength.. it's approximately in the middle of the movement. Long story short, my body was tweaked in a way for most of my life that made a tiny portion of the movement and movements like that not work.. it adapted somewhat, but I'd need to use my elbows for a nanosecond at a certain part of situps or have my feet under something to get past the gap. ANYway... it's been holding me back with some of the things I want to do in aerial dance so I have been working on it. I've got movement back in that area of my spine, and some nerve and muscle development going on, but it's been slow, and I haven't been working on it consistently enough to recover.... yet. For now, the pullups are a higher priority, but it's in there too, so... spontaneous situps are a good start, right? ;) Actually, I think the pullups are helping develop that area some too somehow. Nice! :)
  • hour or so of cello practice.. different kind of "exercise" haha
  • 1+ minute handstand in front of wall
  • 10 jumping wide squats, touching feet in air between
  • picking mountain apples
The Rest:

I did some updates to this blog today and a bit more computer work. Some was while I was on the treadmill, some while at my desk. I pedaled some with the desk cycle thing I have there. It only has enough resistance to make it easier to pedal, and I consider it just something to keep my legs and body busy and happy. It keeps me from jiggling my legs instead. There's no mileage thing on it, and I don't time it, so I have no idea how much I did it. I don't do it the whole time, just when it occurs to me or I'm waiting for something and don't have the radio on. I'm really loving having the radio on though, as I can dance in my chair to the music and find out about local events at the same time! :) Fun! :) I'd like to get an adjustable height desk thing so I can lift things up and dance on my feet at times too. I'll let you know which one I get and how I like it when I get one. :)

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the musician who wrote the music I've been practicing on my cello so we can play it together. She's playing her guitar and has a different part. The two parts go well together, and even apart. I really like it! :) It's called "Sunny Day." There may be another guitar player joining us as she was working on some new parts last time we got together. We recorded the two of us together and she's been working from that. Fun! :) It's nice practicing in the daytime because the birds, especially the shama thrush (white-rumped thrush) that likes the mountain apple tree, will sing along with their own parts. Swooning now...


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