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Updating a bit in next couple of weeks with videos! :)

I've been trying to video what I get each week along with anyone that's with me at the time. I had held up the publishing of them for a bit 'cause some of them had audio difficulties and I was waiting to see if I could figure out how to fix them and/or get Rel or Darrel to do it. It wasn't happening for long enough that I figured I'd just put 'em up anyway. I'm gradually catching up with them.

In the meantime I also did a couple of recipe videos, one of which was very long 'cause it included me experimenting with things a bit. I haven't posted that in full-length yet, but will as soon as I add in a bit of music. I just learned how to add and edit music in program I've started to use for this. I have a shorter version of that video as well as another one up already and have edited another excerpt from the long one for another video I'm about to release this week. It's the first one I have music in. Yay! :)

So, anyway, I've been workin…

Food For Week-ish 9: Feb 15, 2012

Janie and Zack show what food they got at the farmer's market to eat for the week. Zack shows akee he got and talks about it some. Otherwise this is a quick one this time.

Mamey Heart made with Two Slices for Valentines Day

Janie makes a mamey sapote into a heart with only two slices in under five minutes.

Valentines Day Fruit and Veggie Hearts: Short Version

Janie shows how to cut tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers to create simple, unique and fun hearts for Valentine's Day or general heart usage. This is a shortened version for Valentine's Day release.

Longer version will be available later which includes more instruction and more fruits and veggies, experiments with additional ideas as they flow, shows a fun way to ribbon lettuce, and gives you many ideas of how to display and use the hearts with meals.

Food For Week-ish 8: Feb 8, 2012

Janie shows what food Darrel and she got at the farmer's market to eat for the week as well as some flowers for Valentine's Day. We didn't go back to the farm that day so filmed it inside and had technical difficulties with the camera microphone part-way through. I tried to fix the sound as best I could when editing, but I'm still a beginner. I decided to just release it and figure something's better than nothing. We're switching to the official video camera for these next week which should help.

Food For Week-ish 7: Feb 1, 2012

Janie shows what food Darrel and she got at the farmer's market to eat for the week. We're on foot and bus this time and are limited with how much we'd be allowed to take on the bus. See what we do manage to take on the bus.

Yeah, our truck broke down so we had to just grab what we could and get to market. We had trouble the week before too, but got that fixed. We got this fixed too, but not in time for market.