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Friday, May 23, 2008

Quickie Updates

They've been painting things at the gym so my plan to escape the vog there hasn't been working out very well yet. The vog hasn't been quite as bad when it's been here lately, but it has kept me from being as productive as I'd like -and busy catching up when it's gone. LOL

Technical issues with my Internet connection at the farm have limited my time online too... oh well. Life happens and keeps going, thank goodness! ;)

I've been eating bananas for most of my daytime meals and things from our farm for dinners. I've been making cucumber noodles and various sauces with tomatoes and such as well as lots and lots of salads. Yum! The cucumbers are about pau (Hawaiian for done) and the next ones will not be ready for about a month, so will probably start having gazpacho or something. Mango season is starting up. Yay! Since we've still got some tomatoes going I might start doing some stuff with them together. Lennie made a great mango-tomato soup in Costa Rica that I just might try here too this time. Or maybe not... it's hard to not just eat the mangos straight instead, heh. The tomatoes are terrific straight too and I just forage on them for before dinner meals fairly often when I'm there. Nice. :)

We're looking for additional land to farm on and have several leads that we're exploring here and there as we can. Hopefully we'll find something long term enough that we can grow a variety of fruit trees, would be nice if it's either close to home or close to our current farm too. :)

For exercise it's been farming when the vog's not a problem, and the gym when the paint's not a problem, and light almost-bounce rebounding with my eyes closed during vog (so I don't breath in the vog too much and to protect my eyes from that burning), and pushups, etc. at night or when there's no vog as I can. Luckily the asthma I used to have still hasn't come back even with the vog, but then I've been careful 'cause of my eyes and haven't been exerting myself in the vog much if at all...

We're getting closer to finishing the new site for FoodnSport, so the switch-over will probably happen in June. Yay!

I've also been adding things to the products area on this site as I can for y'all. I wanted to start with the body care products 'cause I get so many questions about that but I couldn't find the products I use when I went to do it. I had found them in the past and made a file of where they are, but can't find that either. Doi. So I did a little in the camping area for now. I'm gonna' give the body care area a try again next time - have some ideas of how to find 'em better or maybe where the file is archived with their info.

I also need to fix up this blog so that when you read older blogs it doesn't tweak as much on the formatting. Sorry about that. I'll work on that soon too.

Oh, and my books... yeah. They're temporarily on hold, but I'm gonna' start back on them and just finish them this time. Part of the problem has been that I get close to finishing them, just need to format and edit, then I need to attend to other things, and then when I come back to it I want to change the approach and need to re-do it. LOL Not gonna' change my mind this time so I get them done and out to y'all. Some of you have been sooo patient, poor things. I'll get them done and if I want to do a different approach later, it will be a different book instead.

The videos are on hold too 'cause my hubby's the filmmaker and is quite busy with the farm for now. We may get someone else to take over to finish them too, but haven't focused on that since all the family emergencies we had not too long ago. I might do some simple single meal videos for download on here myself if we can get the camera set up in our kitchen well enough for me to do it on my own. It'd not be the same quality as what my hubby'd do, but the content would be there for sharing which is really what it's about, right?

I haven't had a chance to get back to spinning the cotton I'd picked or knitting the dress I'm designing... yet. I've been thinking of them more and more though so perhaps I'll be able to figure out a way to fit them in somewhere somehow soon. I wonder if I can spin cotton with my eyes closed during vog days I don't have access to air conditioning? Hmmm....

My guinea pig is one lucky pig indeedy. She gets gourmet baby lettuce, cucumbers and such from our garden daily in addition to the grasses and such I'd been giving her.

K, gotta' go and get back to catching up with everything. The vog's been here the last couple days or so and is just lightening up so I'm gonna' try to make it to the farmer's market in order to help my hubby. I've got a staff meeting at the gym later, and if it's over before dark I will transplant some of the edible flowers into our personal use beds from the flats I started a while ago... and other farm stuff. :)


comment on comments :)

I forgot to mention that now that I've switched my journals over to Blogger you can comment if you like. Some people have already discovered that and made some wonderful comments.

Thanks for all the comments and emails everyone! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


I forgot to come back and do the summaries from Wednesday. Now I don't remember them, sorry.

The vog came back on Thursday and I thought I was doing okay at first. Then it started to hurt and I was feeling really icky (relative to how I usually feel) by the end of the morning. I just wanted to get out of the vog, but the gym smelled like paint 'cause they were painting equipment overnight, so I went home. On Friday it was burning my eyes from the time I got up in the morning so I have been staying home since. The regular trade winds were supposed to return yesterday or today which can make it less voggy over here once the vog that's already passed us passes us again. It has sort of distracted me.

Today may be my first day back at the farm, but I'm feeling tired for some strange reason. I guess it's the malaise that people get from the vog. It's supposed to be back again on the weekend. Hopefully the gym will not smell like paint anymore. I didn't know they were going to paint and the painters were still there when I arrived for work on Thursday and the smell was overwhelming to me. Even though the place is air conditioned I opened the front door to get other air in order to be able to stay and work. Hard to tell which was better though, vog or paint fumes, heh. Perhaps I'm tired also 'cause I haven't been exercising much since Wednesday.

On Thursday when I was waiting for the bus back home I went in an air conditioned store to escape the vog. I was perusing the exercise equipment and noticed that they had dumbbells of many weights and types on the shelves. Hmmmm.... I was going to work out after my shift at the gym with dumbbells but didn't 'cause of the paint smell. Here I am with dumbbells in front of me. Hmmm.... LOL I pretended I was trying to figure out which size and type to buy whenever someone came by and did some shoulder work right there in the air conditioned store. It was my chance to get that done and I was gonna' take it. I figured it was less suspect than me doing pushups or jump lunges, etc. right there in the store, right? ;) I did try out the Perfect Push Up things they had out there too. The rotation wasn not that special actually, good to know.

My hubby had to do harvest and market all on his own. He managed so well, I'm so proud! He even brought me back a beautiful bag of lychee too. How sweet! :) They were absolutely delicious too!

I did manage to do some things a bit on Saturday with my eyes closed at home 'cause it was feeling a bit better, but my lungs were feeling worse later so perhaps that wasn't a good idea after all. Breathing hard in vog is probably not a good idea. I wonder how the racers in the Honolulu Triathalon made out. I can't imagine. Yesterday I did some work on the FoodnSport site-to-be when I finally gained access to my son's air conditioned room. He's sort of nocturnal and when he's programming a lot his hours are irregular and often are exactly opposite to when I'm awake so it hadn't worked out 'till then. Nothing to count on.

I'm hoping that the gym is smellin' okay tomorrow when I go back to my shift there and then I can count on being there when the vog comes back. I can then work on this site a bit more too. Yay! I'm gonna' make this situation a good thing somehow, just still figuring it out...

So I plan to come back and blog what I eat, etc. within the next few days. Hopefully it will work out. :)

K - gotta' go and see if I'm gonna' go into the farm today or not.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday 5-14-08

woke at 3am for temp., again at 5am and decided not to go in that early, again at 5:30am when hubby decided to get up and go in to the farm to get the harvest started, I decided to go in later on the bus... up at 7:30am to get ready to go in on the 8:30 bus

Food Summary:
Coming Soon!

Exercise Summary:
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

3am temp: 96.58 degrees Fahrenheit, day 13 of my cycle, red day, girl kid icon

General Things/AKA The Rest:
I think I'll put what happens in general here and the specifics in their own areas... so here 'goes! :)

~8:40am did short errand at the store then walked over to farm from the bus stop
changed clothes and started helping with harvest

~noon finished harvest in the field, then helped with washing, bagging, loading truck and such for market

~1pm left for market, doing errands first
We needed to return the shade structure we got last week 'cause it turned out to be too big for markets and was too hard to put up. We're supposed to have 10' of space, so we got a 10'x10' thing but it turned out to be more like 8.5' so we decided to just get an umbrella after all. We'd thought it'd be too flimsy in the wind, and then saw wooden ones that seemed more sturdy. So we returned the shade thing and got a wooden umbrella for shade - just before market. It was a bit rushed 'cause we wanted to get to market by 2pm and had to go pay bills as well. We also had to get some more bags to put the salad mixes in 'cause our tomato harvest was much larger than expected and we used them up.

We did some time saving tricks where I'd drop my hubby off and he'd look for the umbrella while I went to pay the electric bill and then I called him to find out if they had it when pulling into the parking lot. He told me what colors they had and we decided over the phone and he put it in the cart and we met at the cash register. While I waited in line to pay he went and got the car and had it right outside that door to load it up and go. On our last stop before market, we were about a half hour later than we wanted to be (but still early enough for market). It was funny to me to see my hubby running through the store to get the bags and back to the register to buy them. I had dropped him at the entrance and then found a parking spot where I could see inside enough to start up the truck again and pick him up as he came out. It worked though, we got everything done and got to market with enough time to set up.

We hadn't bagged the salad mixes yet 'cause we didn't have enough bags or time so we'd wanted to be there at 2 so that we could do it before market (which starts at 3). We didn't have enough time to bag it all before market, but we had enough so that we had some on the table in time. Market started up slowly today for some reason, which was perfect for us to catch up. Yay! We could both bag and then when people were buying, etc. one of us would bag while the other helped them and all. It picked up later and ended up being an average market overall. The umbrella worked great too! It has a 6' span and shaded our whole table well. There wasn't much wind today, which was also good for us 'cause we hadn't quite figured out how we were going to secure it for wind yet. We did a little bit of securing and that was enough for today. We'll have to figure out something better for the next market though 'cause it's more windy over there usually...

~4:30 or 5pm we left market and went home, picked up a hitchhiker on the way that we knew, he's actually an old friend of someone I know from the VegSource raw & sports nutrition board and the FoodnSport Health and Fitness Camp. Kinda' cool huh? Small world.

~5:30pm we got home and unloaded the truck from market. I had picked up my regular order of "cooking" bananas and "lady finger" bananas and some cocos. I used to have a regular $10 order of young coconuts but the guy I get them from is getting older and the trees are getting taller so he can't get them regularly anymore. I check in with him at market in case one of his sons has come over to help him and get what he has, if any.

Talk about small worlds... the guy I've been getting the bananas from for years now told me at the last market we did that his farm is actually quite near ours. What a coincidence! It turned out to be serendipitous too. We had some discussions about what we're growing, what he's growing there, etc. and where we are. Today he said that we could get baby apple banana shoots and sugar cane from him to plant over at our place if we wanted. I had mentioned that we wanted to plant them as a wind break but were having a hard time finding any that were on that side of the island. There's a virus that affects bananas here called "bunchy top" - it's spread by aphids I believe.

In attempts to stop the spread of it, people aren't allowed to bring banana plants or plant parts (except the fruits) between the North Shore and South Shore, basically. There's a spot on the highway that defines the line they cannot cross. All of the places we know of to get banana keiki (keiki means baby or child in Hawaiian and is the common name used for banana shoots) are on the North Shore or East Side, both of which are on the other side of the do not cross line from our farm. So it's exciting that we might be able to get banana keiki from him for our farm. He's had trouble with the bunchy top too but said that the tall apple banana type hasn't had trouble with it like the other types he's growing there. Cool! That's the kind my hubby likes, practically the only kind he'll eat, actually. Nice. Hope he doesn't charge too much for them...

Let's see what else did I get at market...
I got some onion chives from a farmer a couple of spots down from us. It's hard to find that kind of chive here for some reason. Garlic chives grow here abundantly and easily so I guess a lot of people don't bother trying to grow the onion ones. I don't like the garlic ones though. Too bad 'cause they're pretty and would make a nice border to an edible flower patch or something. I try not to eat chives and herbs much 'cause they make me have B.O. and bad breath - well at least I notice it, I don't think anyone else notices much. I like the way I smell the most when I skip all herbs and spices, but I do like the taste of chives every once in a while, so... I got some. (I've planted some at the farm in flats to put in the personal area too).

I also got some grapefruits and lemons. I was looking for oranges, but couldn't find any. I guess the season's pau (Hawaiian for over) for now. I didn't go looking until we'd gotten enough bagged though, but it didn't look like anyone who usually has them had empty containers they usually have them in, so I think they didn't have any from the start. Bummer I was really getting into the OJ, so was my hubby. Good thing we got the grapefruits though.

My hubby got some apple bananas for himself at market too. Oh, and I got 2 bags of garbanzo sprouts from some friends who grow them. I have helped them problem solve some of their sprout things 'cause I used to do organic ones commercially back when we were farmers before - about 11 years ago. I had brought them a bag of tomatoes as a present at the end of market and they gave me the garbanzos 'cause that's the kind I like the most. I eat them occasionally as they gift them to me. They're another thing I try not to eat much of 'cause they can give me gas. Sometimes I don't get the gas when I eat them apart from other things, so that's how I eat them. I often eat them right away 'cause I haven't had a cooler in the past, but since we're selling our salad at market now we have a cooler so I took them home and put them in the fridge for tomorrow or the next day. I was eating a small bag of rambutan that I got. It was quite expensive, but they were excellent rambutans and it's the very beginning of the season - they're the first of the season to actually be ripe actually, so I splurged... they were yummy and worth it to me! :)

~6pm I gave my guinea pig some of the extra lettuce from market and the carrot tops I get from some organic farmers I know at market and noticed that most of the mountain apple tree's flower buds were blossoming. So pretty! It's soooo loaded with flowers too - hope they end up being fruit. I love that fruit!!! And that tree makes the best ones I've ever had too! It's sort of rare for us to be home when it's still light these days so I took the opportunity to look at the rest of the fruit growing in our yard. The two apple banana stalks are still ripening and not ready for harvest. There were some papayas that could be harvested and my hubby came out and got them while I went to see if any of the yellow lilikoi (passion fruit) that was growing on our avocado tree had ripened and dropped yet. Nope. Not yet. The avocados are getting larger, but are still tiny.

I was able to forage a nice snack of Surinam cherries from our bush of them on the way to check on the lemon tree, which is having a slight gap in ripe fruits. It's such an amazing tree. It's a Meyer lemon, which makes some really large, juicy and sweet-for-a-lemon fruits.. and has been doing so almost non-stop since it started fruiting. It deserves a bit of a break. There are lots of green ones on there and one close to ripening, and that's a break for it. I want to put some of our primo compost from our compost pile under both the mountain apple tree and the lemon tree for sure when I get a chance. If there's enough and enough time I'll do the avocado tree too. We've been using the compost to help plant things at the farm, and trying to move our composting to over there so I'm not sure if there's enough right now for all those trees. The Jamacian lilikoi has a few flowers, but isn't fruiting yet either.

So after that yummy cherry snack I went in and prepared my dinner. My hubby had made his dinner too and started watching the movie "Remember the Titans" which we watched together when eating. It was a good movie, we hadn't seen it yet. It was live TV so when I was done eating I took out my laptop and started to do computer stuff during the commercials.
One of the things I'd discovered in the computer stuff I was doing is that guinea pigs eat tomatoes. I thought they didn't so had never tried them out with my pigs. I excitedly got one of our sweet tomatoes and decided to do an experiment with my guinea pig. LOL I like to refer to finding out if my guinea pig likes something or not an experiment.. little joke, yeah a bit 'off', but then my humor can be that way sometimes, heh. It was dark by then so I took my flashlight to see what she thought of it. My hubby came too and the dog was interested to see what was going on as well so came along.

LOL I don't think it was a very scientific experiment 'cause this guinea pig hasn't had a flashlight pointed down into her hutch before and seemed distracted by it. So funny. Also, the three of us (hubby, dog and I) standing outside her hutch to see what would happen probably threw her off too. I do have to admit that I bet our dog was probably wanting to find out if we were finally gonna' eat the guinea pig rather than if she'd eat the tomato. LOL She didn't eat it, but did seem interested in smelling it at first. She sort of acted like when I put orange or other citrus in there. She stiffs them and walks away from them, won't eat them at first, but eats them all up when I'm not looking. It's an acid fruit too, so perhaps there's something about it in that way. I guess I'll have to wait 'till tomorrow to find out if she liked it or not.

I started blogging after a while too. After the movie ended my hubby went to do some computer stuff himself and I'm finishing the blog and going to sleep. I've gotta' get up at 3 again tomorrow... That takes us to now, and it's 10pm so I'm gonna' skip the rest of this 'till tomorrow. I will come back and fill in the summaries tomorrow or the next day when I have a chance.

the rest of Tues 5-13-08

5:45pm finished computer work, helped hubby pack up stuff for the night, changed clothes and went home... doing errands on the way

7:30pm-ish unload things at home, make dinner

dinner of baby greens from our farm and dressing of blended tomatoes from our farm with a bit of tahini

watched a couple of recorded TV shows with son and hubby while eating, skipping he commercials of course

alone time w/hubby and to sleep at ~9:30pm

Now I'll do another about today. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday 5-13-08 & update

to sleep between 9:30 and 10pm last night

3am: up to shower and get ready for day
skipped temperature today - too awake when it was time

4am left for job

5am-9:30am job at gym

9:30am 2 bananas to hold me over for workout
change clothes from job for workout

20-25 min rowing machine
15 min dumbbell weights: 3 sets of flys on bench w/ 12s; 3 sets of lateral arm raises decreasing weights (8, 7, 6, 5, 3; 7, 5, 3; 7, 5, 3); 2 sets up front delts to side & down, up side and front down w/5's.

10:20am shower and street clothes to farm

10:30am eat bananas on way to farm and at farm
change to farm clothes at farm

10:45-ish to 12:45-ish hand weeding at farm
change to street clothes at farm

12:45-1:45 errands, etc.

1:45 back at farm, drink OJ
change to farm clothes & hand water personal garden area, seeded flats & pots, etc.

(yeah, as you can see, I change clothes a lot these days, heh. It helps keep the non-farming clothes from getting too dirty. I like to wear brown and rust colors a lot for my street clothes so they show what dirt gets on them less. I have a certain shirt I need to wear for my job, and athletic wear for exercising, so there you go - oh, oops, almost... I also have at home clothes too, sort of a cross between street and farm clothes. What's a girl to do? I have gotten more girly clothes-wise after doing 80-10-10 for a while (something other women I know doing 811rv have said happened to them too) but then this is practical as well, so it's not so different, right? ;)

3pm computer work at farm - tried to get Internet working from phone again.. darn Vista & my phone, ug! Finally got it, for a while at least.

The Rest
K, so I'm back! Yay! :)

I've put things in a little different format, not sure which format is most useful to y'all - this chronological way or separated by interest area (food, exercise, etc.). I'll probably go back and forth between the two until I figure it out.

So, as you can see, I've taken a job at a gym. I just help out a couple days a week with various things and get a membership, small locker and measly pay in exchange. But it's fun too. I get to meet people who like to exercise and have a place to exercise inside when it's not so nice outside. I've needed to be able to be inside lately, which was an odd thing to experience - needing to be in air conditioning, that is...

My eyes were having a hard time with the vog (volcanic fog) that blew over here from the Big Island. Our island's about the farthest away from it and the trade winds usually blow in a different direction, but since the recent volcano eruptions over there the vog's been a lot more dense. I'm so grateful that I don't live on one of the other islands, can't see how they deal with it. Apparently there's something in there that turns water into sulfuric acid or something like that and that's a hard thing for your body to deal with 'cause our mucus membranes are wet. It can cause all sorts of problems to the health of the environment and people.

More info on Vog:

So, anyway, we're the best off of the islands I believe, however the haze makes it here sometimes these days and when it does it's been really rough on my eyes. They've felt dehydrated and itchy and sometimes just too painful to keep 'em open at all. My hubby's had a bad cough for weeks from it and my son and I got a bit of a cough at times too. The thing with my eyes sort of built up, they were sensitive to wind and sunshine as well. It lasted longer than the cough after the haze seemed to clear up, guess they were still recovering. They're finally pretty much normal now, thank goodness. It also made us really tired and lethargic. I'm not sure if it was a physical or psychological effect though - probably a bit of both. I saw on the Maui news this morning that there was supposed to be haze today, and might see some of it over here, but haven't had symptoms as of yet again. I spend most of my days outdoors these days so it was sort of rough to not be able to be outside much. Apparently air conditioning helps to avoid the symptoms, guess it's either the moisture or filtering. At any rate, the gym is air conditioned so I am very grateful that I have access to it so that I can exercise there and perhaps spend bad vog eye days there doing computer work or something.

Hopefully it was an anomaly to have so much of it coming this way and we won't have that happen again, or if so, not often. It seems that the combination of fresh eruptions causing more density and volume, switching direction of winds, and then not much wind if any, and other factors made it reach this far. I have to admit that I was wondering if I was going to be able to stay here if it's gonna' last for years. The thing is, I don't know of any other place I'd like to be, so I was considering how I could do things with the situation and all. I thought of air conditioning at times, and did things with my eyes closed (good thing I have liked to try things out without my sight quite a bit in the past - it came in handy). I also got some clear lensed swim goggles and used them to get things done at the farm - until they fogged up, that is, heh. They're supposed to be the anti-fog type, but that's for in the water. I was sweating and that was fogging them up from inside. LOL So I'd do things for a while with them and then lay down with my eyes closed without them while both my eyes and the goggles recovered and then did another round.

Today, happily, I'm typing to you from the farm, no goggles, eyes open. Yay! :)

K, so enough about the vog for now...

Yes, my hubby has a farm now. Yay! It's far from home though and we can't live on it, so we're still trying to get another one, but we're back to farming and it's good. We both missed it so. The gym is near the farm, which makes it nice for escaping the vog if needed and just going over for a workout in the middle of the day if I feel like it and have the time. :)

We had lots of delays getting this farm going due to the family emergencies and all, but they've evened out enough that we're able to make enough headway to produce yummy produce consistently. We just did our first farmer's market in about 11 years last week, then did another a couple of days later. We're still working on establishing accounts with restaurants in our area again, as we have to go around and let them know we're here and give them samples of our terrific produce so they know what we're about.

It was terrific to work out at the gym today!!! It was actually the first time I used the membership I have access to and it was fun! :) I really like rowing and it's usually available even though there's only one machine. I guess it's not the current 'thing' and is sort of retro or something. Fine with me. I love it. I was joking w/my hubby today about how I should be quiet about how great it is 'cause if I talk about it too much then I might have trouble getting access to it when I want. LOL That actually happened with some of the fruits here. I introduced some of the living foods people & part time raw fooders to them and let them know what farmers I get them from and now I'm having a harder time finding enough of them. Oh well. I'm okay with the bananas anyway if needed. Cash is real tight right now and they're more expensive too, so it works out.

I haven't been exercising much for a while - somewhere around when I was posting the running posts I guess - about February. The family emergencies and vog, etc. sort of got to me and even though I love exercising now that I've been eating 80-10-10rv, exercise is still my weak area so it tends to be the first thing to go by the wayside in times of stress. That and sleep, which makes it harder to exercise too... I probably ate a bit too much fat percentage wise from it all too since I was less active. Definitely was heading in the wrong direction healthwise, but not "off the wagon" I'd say. As a result my upper thighs and butt have gotten jiggly again and I had been feeling not as vibrant as when I have more of the 80-10-10/Natural Hygiene elements of health going better. I'm hoping with the new realization that I can exercise and do computer work in the air conditioned gym if it's too voggy will help me get back on track and heading back towards increased health again. I can feel the difference already, really, I can.

Yesterday I took some time off of the farm and caught up on some sleep and rebounded a bit, which helped get me started again. I was a bit at a loss of how to get back into the swing of things before. I had been doing pushups and jump squats/lunges, etc. off and on. My legs seem about the same strength and endurance, but I found I wasn't able to do as many pushups as I'd been doing before. I could still do them, just not as many. So, I'm gonna' have to get them back too. I figure I'll have to start over with the running too 'cause I hadn't gotten it down much yet. The thing is, I can't do it very reliably with the vog and the schedule I have right now, so I'm thinking of trying to figure out how to use the treadmills at the gym so I have a backup. I'd figured out a path of sorts through and around the garden too so I can use a combination of that and the treadmill and the route at home to get that going again.

I wanted to work in Ashtanga and have an instructional video that I can follow along with now so I'm gonna' try to set up a spot where I can do it at the farm and use my laptop. All this might take a bit to get going, but I have a plan and am working on it so it's all good. Besides, I need to start back gradually, right? I'm going to be exercising after my shifts at the gym and one other day to start with. I want to try out a lot of the classes too, so I'll have to work them in irregularly when I can. Well, you'll see, I'll record what I actually do as I do it here and then we'll all see. :)

So, I guess that's enough of an update for now. I'll update you more as it comes up. Oh, and I plan to come back to this post and post the rest of my day later when I'm at home or tomorrow...

It's good to be back! :)


Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'll be back to blogging soon! :)

So, the family emergencies that have kept me from posting have pretty much leveled out enough for me to get back to things here and there. I should be posting at least once a week now. Yay! I've miss ya'! ;)

I'll start with an update in my next post.

Aloha! :)