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Quickie Updates

They've been painting things at the gym so my plan to escape the vog there hasn't been working out very well yet. The vog hasn't been quite as bad when it's been here lately, but it has kept me from being as productive as I'd like -and busy catching up when it's gone. LOL

Technical issues with my Internet connection at the farm have limited my time online too... oh well. Life happens and keeps going, thank goodness! ;)

I've been eating bananas for most of my daytime meals and things from our farm for dinners. I've been making cucumber noodles and various sauces with tomatoes and such as well as lots and lots of salads. Yum! The cucumbers are about pau (Hawaiian for done) and the next ones will not be ready for about a month, so will probably start having gazpacho or something. Mango season is starting up. Yay! Since we've still got some tomatoes going I might start doing some stuff with them together. Lennie made a great mango-tomato soup in Costa Ric…

comment on comments :)

I forgot to mention that now that I've switched my journals over to Blogger you can comment if you like. Some people have already discovered that and made some wonderful comments.

Thanks for all the comments and emails everyone! :)


I forgot to come back and do the summaries from Wednesday. Now I don't remember them, sorry.

The vog came back on Thursday and I thought I was doing okay at first. Then it started to hurt and I was feeling really icky (relative to how I usually feel) by the end of the morning. I just wanted to get out of the vog, but the gym smelled like paint 'cause they were painting equipment overnight, so I went home. On Friday it was burning my eyes from the time I got up in the morning so I have been staying home since. The regular trade winds were supposed to return yesterday or today which can make it less voggy over here once the vog that's already passed us passes us again. It has sort of distracted me.

Today may be my first day back at the farm, but I'm feeling tired for some strange reason. I guess it's the malaise that people get from the vog. It's supposed to be back again on the weekend. Hopefully the gym will not smell like paint anymore. I didn't know they w…

Wednesday 5-14-08

woke at 3am for temp., again at 5am and decided not to go in that early, again at 5:30am when hubby decided to get up and go in to the farm to get the harvest started, I decided to go in later on the bus... up at 7:30am to get ready to go in on the 8:30 bus

Food Summary:
Coming Soon!

Exercise Summary:
Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

3am temp: 96.58 degrees Fahrenheit, day 13 of my cycle, red day, girl kid icon

General Things/AKA The Rest:
I think I'll put what happens in general here and the specifics in their own areas... so here 'goes! :)

~8:40am did short errand at the store then walked over to farm from the bus stop
changed clothes and started helping with harvest

~noon finished harvest in the field, then helped with washing, bagging, loading truck and such for market

~1pm left for market, doing errands first
We needed to return the shade structure we got last week 'cause it turned out to be too big for markets and was too hard to put up. We're supposed to have 10&…

the rest of Tues 5-13-08

5:45pm finished computer work, helped hubby pack up stuff for the night, changed clothes and went home... doing errands on the way

7:30pm-ish unload things at home, make dinner

dinner of baby greens from our farm and dressing of blended tomatoes from our farm with a bit of tahini

watched a couple of recorded TV shows with son and hubby while eating, skipping he commercials of course

alone time w/hubby and to sleep at ~9:30pm

Now I'll do another about today. :)

Tuesday 5-13-08 & update

to sleep between 9:30 and 10pm last night

3am: up to shower and get ready for day
skipped temperature today - too awake when it was time

4am left for job

5am-9:30am job at gym

9:30am 2 bananas to hold me over for workout
change clothes from job for workout

20-25 min rowing machine
15 min dumbbell weights: 3 sets of flys on bench w/ 12s; 3 sets of lateral arm raises decreasing weights (8, 7, 6, 5, 3; 7, 5, 3; 7, 5, 3); 2 sets up front delts to side & down, up side and front down w/5's.

10:20am shower and street clothes to farm

10:30am eat bananas on way to farm and at farm
change to farm clothes at farm

10:45-ish to 12:45-ish hand weeding at farm
change to street clothes at farm

12:45-1:45 errands, etc.

1:45 back at farm, drink OJ
change to farm clothes & hand water personal garden area, seeded flats & pots, etc.

(yeah, as you can see, I change clothes a lot these days, heh. It helps keep the non-farming clothes from getting too dirty. I like to wear brown and rust colors a lot for m…

I'll be back to blogging soon! :)

So, the family emergencies that have kept me from posting have pretty much leveled out enough for me to get back to things here and there. I should be posting at least once a week now. Yay! I've miss ya'! ;)

I'll start with an update in my next post.

Aloha! :)