I forgot to come back and do the summaries from Wednesday. Now I don't remember them, sorry.

The vog came back on Thursday and I thought I was doing okay at first. Then it started to hurt and I was feeling really icky (relative to how I usually feel) by the end of the morning. I just wanted to get out of the vog, but the gym smelled like paint 'cause they were painting equipment overnight, so I went home. On Friday it was burning my eyes from the time I got up in the morning so I have been staying home since. The regular trade winds were supposed to return yesterday or today which can make it less voggy over here once the vog that's already passed us passes us again. It has sort of distracted me.

Today may be my first day back at the farm, but I'm feeling tired for some strange reason. I guess it's the malaise that people get from the vog. It's supposed to be back again on the weekend. Hopefully the gym will not smell like paint anymore. I didn't know they were going to paint and the painters were still there when I arrived for work on Thursday and the smell was overwhelming to me. Even though the place is air conditioned I opened the front door to get other air in order to be able to stay and work. Hard to tell which was better though, vog or paint fumes, heh. Perhaps I'm tired also 'cause I haven't been exercising much since Wednesday.

On Thursday when I was waiting for the bus back home I went in an air conditioned store to escape the vog. I was perusing the exercise equipment and noticed that they had dumbbells of many weights and types on the shelves. Hmmmm.... I was going to work out after my shift at the gym with dumbbells but didn't 'cause of the paint smell. Here I am with dumbbells in front of me. Hmmm.... LOL I pretended I was trying to figure out which size and type to buy whenever someone came by and did some shoulder work right there in the air conditioned store. It was my chance to get that done and I was gonna' take it. I figured it was less suspect than me doing pushups or jump lunges, etc. right there in the store, right? ;) I did try out the Perfect Push Up things they had out there too. The rotation wasn not that special actually, good to know.

My hubby had to do harvest and market all on his own. He managed so well, I'm so proud! He even brought me back a beautiful bag of lychee too. How sweet! :) They were absolutely delicious too!

I did manage to do some things a bit on Saturday with my eyes closed at home 'cause it was feeling a bit better, but my lungs were feeling worse later so perhaps that wasn't a good idea after all. Breathing hard in vog is probably not a good idea. I wonder how the racers in the Honolulu Triathalon made out. I can't imagine. Yesterday I did some work on the FoodnSport site-to-be when I finally gained access to my son's air conditioned room. He's sort of nocturnal and when he's programming a lot his hours are irregular and often are exactly opposite to when I'm awake so it hadn't worked out 'till then. Nothing to count on.

I'm hoping that the gym is smellin' okay tomorrow when I go back to my shift there and then I can count on being there when the vog comes back. I can then work on this site a bit more too. Yay! I'm gonna' make this situation a good thing somehow, just still figuring it out...

So I plan to come back and blog what I eat, etc. within the next few days. Hopefully it will work out. :)

K - gotta' go and see if I'm gonna' go into the farm today or not.



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