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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So far, 1/30/07

Well, I didn't get a chance to update this post and several others before leaving for Costa Rica, so I'm just putting it up now as-is. Maybe I'll be able to fix it later - probably not though 'cause it will be almost 2 months later when I get back home...

woke at 6am for temp.
up at 6:30am-ish, officially at 7am
to sleep for night at ??

~12:30pm: ~6 -8 'cooking' bananas (what I grabbed this morning, forgot to count) & a couple of hands of lady finger bananas (probably only about 10 I'd say 'cause some were past ripe).
~6:30pm: mamey sapotes - one small (pictured below) and one medium - then too sweet to deal with for me... will have salad later tonight when home I suspect

~ 10pm: 2 avocados, 3 med. tomatoes, group of celery

Brought left overs from what I brought to store (work) yesterday to store (work) today & added some more 'cooking' bananas and lady finger bananas, one more lemon and an avocado. Ate the bananas and 2 of the sapotes at work, so brought home the tangerines, lemon and avocado.


Got a terrific update email from a cyber friend of mine I know from the VegSource board, my site and emailing... She told me about her progress with her pulse & it reminded me of how I'm working on that now too. I hadn't realized how much your pulse rate is connected with your current level of aerobic activity until a while back. I had let my aerobic stuff lapse for a while and happened across a blood pressure/pulse machine at a grocery store. I was quite incredulous at my results and re-took it over a few days. I even hand did it. Yep. My pulse rate sucked in comparison to what I was used to. It was 80 or 85! I was used to it being 60-70ish... Wow!

That was the last time I started running. LOL. I had only run two or three times and retook it, discovered that it improved quite quickly - was in the 70's I believe. After that over time I let the aerobics lapse again and last took and recorded my pulse on Dec. 31st, 2006. It was ... eek... 85! OMG Yes indeedy, use it or lose it, something I keep discovering fitness-wise. Lost my pullup after I gained it and haven't gotten it back yet (but haven't worked on it like I did before yet either, heh).

As you know, I've been running here and there and doing light rebounding recently so I thought I'd check it today since my friend was talking about how well hers has responded. Lo and behold, it's now 72 - and I had just eaten and walked a block and a half to get there... Wow! The recovery power of our bodies is absolutely amazing. I'm sure I'm going to witness many wonderful examples of that from the fasters too.

Gotta' keep it all up though, obviously, too. Like Doug (Dr. Graham) often says, "You're either building your health or destroying it." Or something like that. I prefer building it. I'm looking forward to seeing a pulse of 60 and below - and keeping it there - in the near future. Thanks, my friend, for reminding me. :)

Hmm.. not sure if this is where I should put this or not, but what the heck? LOL

Fungus Update:
My cyber friend asked me about my nail fungus, so here's a little history for you newbies, and recap for the rest of y'all...

As some of you know, I had nail fungus on my toenail since about 1983, back before I even thought about being vegetarian. I got it a little on one of my thumbnails much after that, much before 811rv. The toenail had gotten really thick and was a powdery white, the thumbnail looked sort of like I had cleaned under it on one side way too deep, & had some little indentations sort of like I had poked it with a needle on the surface bunches and it showed.

I had noticed that the nail would become clearer off and on since I had been doing 811rv and thought it had something to do with how much fat I was eating. When I was doing no overt fats it seemed to become clearer and make headway in going away. When I ate more than 10% overt fats for a couple of days it would cloud up more. Whether it was clear or cloudy it was still thick at that point.

Somewhere along the line I noticed that the fungus on my thumbnail was gone. (I think it's in the logs here somewhere, not sure where though or I'd put a link.) I can't remember if it was before or during the next thing that happened. My toenail fell off at one point - after seeming like it was making headway for a while. I thought that it had given up and decided to jettison the nail and grow a new one. It did grow a new one, which seemed like it might be fungus-free for some time & I was going overt fat-free a bunch during that time too.

Eventually, it did cloud up too, so my body hasn't won that battle yet. It hasn't gotten thick like before or clouded up completely though, so it's way better than it was before. The thumbnail thing hasn't come back either - although I do still have some of the pin/needle indentation thingies. I also have a strange texture going with my big toenail that started when I didn't have a nail for a bit on the other toe. It seems to be growing out with the big toenail, so am not sure if it is fungus or an injury to my nail. At any rate, it seems to be defunct, whatever it was & will simply get clipped off as the nail grows.

And so the toenail fungus saga continues... LOL

K, might as well talk about these here now too.

I used to have a wart close to the middle of my middle finger's pad apex on my left hand for as far back as I can remember - I know I had it in elementary school as young as 4th grade, possibly before. It was one of those clear-ish small kind & I had it frozen, burnt, Compound W'd and such, but it would always come back. At a certain point, think in High School, I got another one on my thumb, same kind, in the spot where it would rub with the other warted one when snapping my fingers. Same deal with it. Until.... yes, you've got it, 811rv.

Well, that's what I thought, heh. They've been gone for about 4 years now and I just got hints of them back. But then, I wasn't following 811rv as well at that point too... I had that 'bout with the olives, salt, lack of aerobics, higher fat intake and such. I think it was the salty stuff in particular, possibly combined with the higher fat. They're starting to go away again now that I've cut the olives and accidental salted tahini out. Interesting, very interesting. Guess my lapses help me determine more exactly what affects what in my body. Best not to have the lapses though.

I tried to take pictures of what's left of my warts, but they didn't show up, so skipped it. I figured they wouldn't offend anyone, am not so sure about my toenail fungus. While it's mild for a nail fungus, it's still a fungus... If anyone wants me to do a photojournal of my nail fungi, comment below so I'll know and consider it.

6am temp: 97.41 degrees Fahrenheit, day 19 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Got up 1/2 hour early to go into the store 1/2 hour early with my son so he could work on his other job today. Woke at 6:30 and had a hard time getting back to sleep 'cause I was trying to make sure I didn't sleep past 7 (as I'm used to getting up at 7:30 when going in). So I just took the time to sort of space out and wake up slowly, gathering thoughts, etc. It was sort of nice.

Halleluja! Or should I say, "Alajuela" instead. ;) It looks like I might be able to go to Costa Rica early after all! Yay! I'll probably know by tomorrow 'cause I'm going to get my flight later today or tomorrow. It's gonna' be sooo fun!

K, I'll continue the posts for today later, after it's happened. ;)


Monday, January 29, 2007


woke at 6am for temp.
up at 7:30am
to sleep for night at 11:45pm

8:30am: 2 medium papayas
1pm: tray of rambutan I brought to the store today
4 or 4:30pm-ish: the bananas I brought - lady finger & 'cooking'
7:30pm: 2 & 1/2 + lbs of salad from HFS salad bar, 3 medium tomatoes and lemon-tahini dressing:

~10:30pm while talking w/son about programming, girls, life, etc.:
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups (sorta' sad ones at the end, heh) followed by
10 jump squats followed by
5 jump lunges followed by
10 jump squats followed by
5 jump lunges (sorta' sad at the end) followed by
20 min. rebounding followed by
pee - LOL, rebounding usually does it.. followed by

nothing special, that I noticed at least

6am temp: 97.64 degrees Fahrenheit, day 18 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Had to work at the store at the last minute again this morning. Had some forewarning though, so it hasn't thrown me off like the other stuff did. Some of you may be curious what I bring with me to work for food. I usually grab whatever's ripe and needs to be eaten and/or ripe and I want to eat. I bring more than I think I might want, or at least enough.

Today I brought (took pictures, they are below the list here):
  • large bowl for salad in evening (from salad bar at nearby HFS or slaw from nearby grocery store) in case I'm here all day (I'm supposed to be able to leave at 3pm, but I often get stuck here)
  • 3 mamey sapotes that seem ripe
  • 1/2 hand of 'cooking' bananas and a couple small ones of lady fingers as backup in case mamey are not ripe (or overripe or something)
  • the rest of my tangerines & a peel from yesterday to make necklace or whatnot
  • 2 meyer lemons (for dressing if I get salad)
  • the rest of the rambutan

I didn't eat the mamey or tangerines today, so brought them back home. I also only used one of the 2 lemons...

Spent most of the day working at the store: 9am-9pm, which is why I look a little tired in the picture. It's nice to work out of the store, rather than in it - to me, at least. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow for that. Our son was offered a job by a customer today that could be a long-standing thing and good for him - right up his alley. I might be covering his shift at the store in the morning again so he can do the first job. Hopefully I won't get stuck here again for the whole day... It's 'okay' here, I just prefer to have more fresh air and the natural temperatures, lighting and such. The customers want air-conditioning and such, so that's what we have at the store.

It's 9pm now & we've still got customers here, and my hubby's working with a client. I'm not sure how late I'll get home. I may end up skipping the exercises today 'cause I'm getting sleepy... perhaps I'll nap 'till it's time to go home and then feel good when we get there. Too bad the back room's so crowded right now. I used to do pushups, lunges, etc. back there - now there's barely enough room for me to work on my laptop. LOL Oh well, it'll work out in the long run.

Left work around 9:45-ish, so it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was still sleepy though, but did the exercises anyway, felt good when doing them, just wasn't as strong or good at them as usual. I was up talking with my son anyway, so I might as well do the exercise. My body's so happy exercising anyway since I've been doing 811rv, so it was good.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


woke at 6am for temp.
up at ~9am
to sleep for night at 11pm

~10am: ~1/2 gallon young coconut water
~12:30pm: hand of 'cooking' bananas ~12 of them
~7pm: 1 and 1/2 wraps (collards w/lemon-tahini spread for wrap, slices of celery, tomato, avocado, and grated carrots and cabbage) and salad (~1 lb of lettuce with lemon-tahini-tomato-avocado dressing - basically leftovers from wraps)

walk down and on beach, back up and such
little swim in ocean
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 jump lunges followed by
130 squats followed by
20 minutes rebounding followed by

I did the evening stuff all in a row, one after another without breaks - except to catch my breath as needed in-between. Basically did 3 sets each of 10 jump squats and 10 pushups alternating between them, then a set of 10 jump lunges, the 130 squats, 20 min. light rebounding, a pee break ;) and stretching. I intended to do 4 sets of pushups and maybe jump squats, but found the pushups to be more challenging than the last time I did them, so stuck with 3 sets. Maybe next time. It was fun mixing the sets between each other, alternating like that. Less down time, but since some was the jumping stuff I did find I needed to catch my breath a bit before doing the pushups at a certain point. Perhaps that recovery time will improve as well. We'll see. :)

some salty taste in mucus at the back of my throat in the morning, was dehydrated more than usual then too - don't know if it's from the salty stuff I'd been having weeks ago or something else since then, like swimming in the ocean..

6am temp: 96.96 degrees Fahrenheit, day 17 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Went to the beach today - yay! Slept in a little too. Nice.
Finished a tangerine peel anklet I started yesterday:

Talked to a friend from the cruise I took in November. Great to keep in touch. :)
Caught up on these posts, heh, was two days behind. Ooops.
Got first email from new site visitor since I started it back up and answered it.
Started studying the stuff I need to for the Internship.
Went to bed relatively early for how things have been going. YES! :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


woke at 6am for temp., again at 8am to wake people,
up at 8:15am
to sleep for night at ~11pm

8:30am: ~1/2 gallon young coconut water
~1:30pm: 60 rambutan
~4pm: some lady finger bananas - sorry, forgot to count
6:30pm: slaw (grated carrots, cabbage, romaine) with 5 medium tomatoes, lemon-tahini dressing made at work with juice of tomatoes in it

4 sets of 10 pushups, forgot to do the rest I think, was sleepy and such - wierd day...

Don't remember any - am filling this out the next evening though...

6am temp: 97.01 degrees Fahrenheit, day 16 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
It started as a regular-ish day. I wanted the truck, so dropped my hubby off at the store to work for the day, and went back home to shower, etc. I had planned to go out at 5:30 for the evening and pick him up afterwards after the store closed, but at about 2:30 he called with a dilemma. A band he does music videos, graphics and other things for had contacted him because they needed to catch a plane to another island to perform tonight and their babysitter hadn't arrived yet. So, my hubby got our son to watch the store while he went to watch their kids 'till the babysitter arrived. Our son didn't have to be anywhere 'till 5, so it seemed like it'd work. After he was there he found out that it might not and asked me to come and drop the truck there and take our son's car to him before 5 - and watch the store 'till he can leave. The babysitter never showed, but the person that lived where they were came home after work in time for my hubby to make it back to the store just before closing. LOL (We close at 9pm BTW). Yeah, so things were in quite a flux today too - just ridin' the waves of it all, goin' with the flow. Good thing I'm better at that now than I used to be.

I was getting quite a bit of great stuff done in the morning on the computer though.

In the evening, my hubby and I started to watch the movie I watched with my son the night before, but he was so tired from the last 2 days of activities that he fell asleep before it was half-way in. We decided to go to sleep instead of staying in the living room. Guess that's part of why I forgot to finish my calestenics. LOL realized I had forgotten some of them when waking in the middle of the night, then went back to sleep.

Friday, January 26, 2007


woke at 6am for temp., again at 8am to wake people,
up at 8:15am
to sleep for night at ~1am or 1:30am

~9am: 34 oz tangelo juice
~3pm: 3 or so hands ladyfinger bananas, sorry didn't count 'em this time
~5pm: 50 rambutan
~7:30pm: ~1.5 lbs of salad from salad bar at HFS +5 medium tomatoes, with lemon-tahini dressing I made at the store while working

Sorry, forgot to take a picture of my salad 'cause I was at the store and all..

I was going to run again today, for longer with hubby this morning, but his work schedule got all turned around 'cause he remembered that he needed to film a concert tonight so had to switch shifts. I needed to patch in some of switched shift in the evening and to do so, had to go in in the early afternoon to be there... so many weird things happened today - electicity out at the same time as my cell phone was tweaking, then both resolved at the same time... so many changes of plans that I didn't get much done at all, except adjusting to the changes. LOL Was at the store 'till after closing so no way to run after work. Oh well, there will be other running days...

~10:30pm: Did 10 jump squats followed by 10 jump lunges followed by 120 squats and then some simulated rebounding (to be quieter) and stretching while watching a movie with my son after work.

Weird thing about squats - my legs get tired at a certain point and I think, "hmm, wonder if I'm getting close to done,"... and then they sort of warm up and recharge and I'm fine, can keep going. In fact I often feel like I could keep going forever like that. I usually just stop at a certain point 'cause I'm tired of counting, want to do something else or figure it's enough. At some point I'd like to find out just how many I can do and go 'till I can't, but I don't have the patience to count for that long. Jumping ones are different - I do get to a point where I can't do them properly anymore, which is why I always include them. I think I'll start doing them in sets like the pushups next week.

Oh, and I did simulated rebounding on the carpet 'cause we were watching the movie and it's pretty squeaky.

felt something for a few minutes again today, but not as much as yesterday...

6am temp: 96.96 degrees fahrenheit, day 15 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

The Rest:
I'm a-goin' to Intern in Costa Rica in March!

FoodnSport had a cancellation so I'm going in their place. If I can get the funds together quickly enough I may be able to go with friends to a couple of weeks earlier and go to some other places that I really wanted to check out in CR. The flights keep getting more expensive the more funds I gather though, so it's out of reach at the moment, and I need to decide soon. Hopefully something will work out for that too.

That means that I probably won't be posting daily during it, but will try to do daily logs while there & post them for those days when I return, or in groups when I get Web access. So you'll be cyber going there with me! :)

I'll be learning more about how to assist people doing supervised natural hygienic fasts with water. So exciting! It's a great event, would have liked to get my hubby in the fast, perhaps next time...

Good thing I already have my passport from the cruise I took in November.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


6am temp: 96.81 degrees fahrenheit, day 14 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

7:55-8:10am: wake son for work at store, check email to see if I'll be able to Intern at FoodnSport's Fasting Retreat in Costa Rica (they had a cancellation). Yay!!! I'm in the running, along with some others. We'll see later. :)

8:45am: got 'up', but stayed in bed w/hubby, talking and such... LOL he looked up Spanish videos on YouTube to help me brush up on my Spanish if I'm going to Costa Rica. We found a nifty one with a little girl and some fruit puzzle pieces. The guy filming it (prob. the father) was quizzing her and it was perfect to learn the fruitas that way. :)

10:30am: actually got up and showered, etc. Did computer work here and there. Put oranges, lemons, tangerines somebody brought to us this morning away (after taking pics, of course).

11:30am: Drank about 1/2 gallon young coconut water, made ~32 oz. tangelo juice for hubby, who drank it too.

Noon: started to cut up very young guava sticks we harvested from an overgrown forest into lengths just wider than the widest part of the shoes I'm making. The shoes are made from hemp yarn, stuffed with cotton, and the sticks will be the bottom outer sole. I'll take pics of them when done so you can see. So hot and sunny I was sweating just being out there. Gave the dog some fresh water.

12:15pm: Short 9-10 minute run with hubby, who had to leave. It was a test run for both of us to see how we fared afterward. So far, so good! :) I measure the distances by telephone poles right now 'till I'm better at it (remember I suck at running, heh, getting better though). We ran 3 telephone poles, walked 2, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 1 and that was 4 minutes, so we turned around and walked 1, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 2, ran 2, walked 1 back.

12:30pm: Showered again. It was hot today, gosh. Then cut more sticks

1:30pm: Made 1/2 gallon+ of 'cooking' banana & water smoothie and drank it afterwards. It used a whole hand, which was 17 medium 'cooking' bananas this time. Gave the peels to the guinea pigs, composted the ~3/4 banana's worth of 'bad' spots. Did more work on the computer.

4:30pm: Went to the farmer's market to get lettuce I skipped yesterday AND the inedible fuzzy seeds for lei making. Took pics afterwards. Continued computer stuff.

6:30pm: started making dinner, and a friend came by, we talked and they gave me some body work (pressure point stuff), we talked more and I didn't get to eating 'till 10pm again. LOL Oh well.

10pm: Ate wraps for dinner - lemon tanini spread on collard greens wrapped around grated cabbage & carrots, tomatoes & the collard stems. The first picture is of the ingredients, the second shows one done and another in-progress. It came out to 6 of them:

11:20pm: Did 3 sets of 10 pushups, then 10 jump lunges, followed by 110 squats, followed by 10 jump squat/plie things, followed by 20 min. light rebounding, then stretching

12:30: sleep

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today I slept in a little bit, not as much as yesterday.

6am temperature: 96.62 degrees fahrenheit, had the little girl icon, so I guess if we wanted a girl baby this is the time to try for it. Now that our son's 18 and all, I'm not so sure I want to have more children. I'll consider it again once we are on acreage we can set roots in.

7:50-8am wake up calls to son to get up and work at our store...

9:30am got up to shower and go running or do yoga with my hubby. He got us some new Yoga DVDs recently and we're planning on alternating running with them in the mornings. We haven't quite gotten into it yet though. He's still healing the cuts and stuff from the reef and rocks when he rescued the drowning person so running shoes are not very appealing right now. I'm still healing my back too. So we did neither this morning - got a nifty 4-wheel wheel barrow cart thing that dumps it's load like a manual dumptruck and carted all the coconuts we salvaged from a friend of a friend's yard. They had cut loads of them - literally hundreds, but not all of them were good for drinking or eating, so we only got some of them.

Detox: I wasn't sure if I felt up to going to the hardware store when he asked me at first - was having a temporary detox thingy and felt pretty crappy for a few minutes. It passed and I was fine again. Funny, my husband was saying that normally he wouldn't say anything about it, but had heard from quite a few people that there was a 24hr flu thingy going around. He told me right after I said my body was working on something apparently quite toxic and wasn't sure if I wanted to go. LOL By the time he finished telling me about it, it was gone. I told him that it had just passed and he laughed and said that he was going to add that since I was so healthy and all if I had it, it might be only a 24 minute thing for me. Seems like it wasn't even that long. Afterwards I had a tad of B.O. under my arms, especially the left one, so I washed under them with water a couple of times ('cause it came back) and it was done.

~10:30am drank water from lots of coconuts - probably about 3/4 gallon of it - this was before we went to the hardware store

~12pm ate a few hands of ladyfinger bananas on the way to/from the hardware store when we got the wheel barrow. I think it must have been about 15-20 of them...

2:30pm went to the farmer's market and got most of my food for the week sans lettuce, which I'll get tomorrow when it's more convienient. I'll try to take pictures of it all when I get home if it's not too late at night. I got:
  • regular order of coconuts (10, sometimes more) - yeah, I've got loads of them now, but I like to keep my regular orders going anyway 'cause the infrequent stuff can't be counted on and if I make my regular ones infrequent I won't be able to count on them either. I'll drink 'em all, no worries! $10
  • regular order of lady finger bananas and "cooking bananas" $20
  • 20+ lbs of rambutan $60
  • 7 mamey sapote $20
  • tray of apple bananas for hubby $9
  • 92 tangelos $23
  • 12 large tangerines $2
  • 5 medium jicama + gift bag of several small ones $5
  • 2 medium heads lettuce and 1 bunch collards $5
  • bunches of carrot tops for free for my guinea pigs :)
Yeah, the rambutan and mamey were expensive, they're not a regular thing & I love 'em.

~5pm Ate 79 small-ish rambutan from the farmer's market today:
I stayed at the store after the farmer's market 'cause I was going to meet up with my best friend here, but alas, it didn't work out. :( We'll have to meet up another time. At that point there was no point to going home 'cause I'd just have to turn around and come back to pick up my hubby at the end of the day. This meant that I didn't have dinner 'till I got home after the store closed.

We stopped and rented a video and I got some tomatoes and cut up cabbage for wraps tomorrow at the grocery store. Cabbage is not in-season here and it's actually cheaper to get it cut up already in the store. Wish my tomato plants were producing more... or the organic farmers' ones were instead. I haven't been eating them much for some time now & sort of miss 'em - thus the grocery store purchase. I don't have wraps with the cabbage and collards much, but have been sort of into it lately.

~10pm: Took pictures of fruit with my phone's camera - doesn't get the colors very well, sorry, but I didn't have the other one at home 'cause we needed it to stay at the store for tomorrow. They're in the produce section of the photo area of my site here.

~10:30pm: Ate romaine lettuce and some tomatoes dipped in tahini-tangelo dip. Oh, and drank about 8 oz. of tangelo juice before that.

~midnight (after the movie): 10 jump lunges followed by 100 squats followed by 10 jump squat plie thingies (no breaks except to resituate my positions - and, yeah, the last couple of jump squats were sort of sucky, heh) followed by 20 minutes of rebounding & then stretching while discussing the physics of electricity and magnatism with my son and hubby 'cause our son had some ideas for inventions and such. Oh yeah, I also did three sets of 10 push-ups (no knees down this time) afterwards, and a few minutes of rebounding again. I find that my muscles recover faster and better if I rebound after challenging them.

1:30am: went to sleep even though hubby and son were 'still at it' with the discussions. LOL We are such geeks sometimes, heh.

Oh, and, yes, I do agree: eating too late and going to sleep too late, indeedy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I think I'm going to title these by the date like I used to do in my journals pre-Blogger days. I'll put 'So far today' on a post that hasn't been completed for that day and post to it the next day to complete it, taking the 'So far today' at the time. I still need to figure out how to get the archive pages fully formatted how I want. They're still useable, but not quite right.

Slept in (sort of) today.

Female: Took my basal temperature like usual at 6am - was 96.69 degrees fahrenheit for those of you who are curious. It's day 12 of my cycle, a 'red' day as my hubby and I call it. It's how the Baby-Comp tells me whether I might be fertile or not. Red is fertile. There aren't any little boy or little girl icons though, so guess it's not as fertile as others - forget how that goes. All I know and need to know at this point is that in order to not have more babies we keep the unprotected adult activities to the green days. The amber and red days are for protected and/or more creative fun. That reminds me, I need to put up the information I've written about natural fertility awareness and ovulation detection on my site. I'll do that sometime this week - I need to add in about this device 'cause it rocks!

I go back to sleep after I take my temperature, sometimes during, heh. Luckily it lets me know when it's done taking my temperature so I don't sleep with it in my mouth too long, turning over and such. LOL Got a phone call at 7:45am and then from 7:50 - 8 am I did the weekday wake-up-my-son-repeatedly-'till-he-gets-up to work at our store routine. We've been through sooo many alarm clock set-ups and none have worked so far... Today I also stayed up 'till he left at 8:30 so I could give him some files to take in. Then I went back to finish my 'sleeping in'... semi-slept 'till about 11 or 11:30. So luxurious to do that. My body liked it indeedy too.

So, I got a late start with things, but it was good.

~1pm had some rambutan, didn't count them, but it was about 2 or 3 lbs. I would have had more, but that was the end of the 20+ lbs I got last Wednesday. :( Will get more tomorrow.

I ate the rambutan while watching the movie my son brought home last night. When I was done eating I made some charms out of some copper wire I have and put them in my hair. Yesterday I put some beads on some braids I put in my hair. I used to do that all the time and it was fun to do it again. I also made some wire charms for a customer of our store who noticed some I was wearing and asked me to make her some. After the movie I walked to the video rental store and returned it.

~4pm tried out pushups to see how they'd be on my back. It went pretty well I did 3 sets of 10 before I felt like I should take it easy. The last 6 reps of the last set were with my knees down. I can't wait 'till I feel my back's 100% again so that I can start working on the clapping pushups again. A few weeks ago I finally figured out how I could develop them, what I was missing to be able to do them. I could do hopping ones where my hands and feet both went airborne for some time now, but never could actually clap while up there, even with my feet and/or knees down. It's my speed - I realized it was just my coordination and speed of clapping from the pushup position. So I started working on just putting my hands down on the ground as far apart as pushups and quickly clapping them together and putting them back - while sitting. I have to admit: I totally sucked at it at first. LOL No wonder I never got it before. I had just started to get the clapping down enough to try them with kneeling pushups - and had gotten it a few times too. Will be fun to keep that progress going when my back's back. ;)

~4:30pm Had about 3/4 gallon of thick banana (plantain type) smoothie. It was 14 large cooking bananas you find here, which are the equivalent to 14 medium reg. plantains I figure, based on their size. There was one left on the hand, so I just ate that one, making it 15 that I actually ate. The smoothie was just the bananas and water. Gave the 14 peels to my guinea pigs and composted the other one - have to give them both the same amount! :D

So, now I'm typing this out. I'll add to this later tonight with the rest of what I ate and did... I'm 'off' to adjust yesterday's post to include the stuff I did afterwards.

~8:30pm Dinner of romaine lettuce dipped in tahini-lemon dip:

~10:30pm: 100 squats, followed immediately by 10 jump squat-plie thingies and a few jump lunges, followed by 20 min. light rebounding & stretching before bed.

Monday, January 22, 2007

archives yet to be fixed...

K, so I decided to have just the most recent post displayed and for Blogger to archive the rest by the month. They're there, but you have to scroll down on that page to see them for now. I have to mess with the code a bit more to get that to work properly.


re-start of daily (or near daily) logs...

Okay, I admit it, I'm out of practice. I forgot to count stuff for y'all. I'll get better at it as it goes. I'm also trying to figure out how I'm going to go about it formatting-wise with this new Blogger thingy. It automatically time/date stamps stuff so I could enter what I eat when I eat and such - if I'm online at the time...

Here's my day so far today:

water from 3 large young coconuts in the morning: ~8:30am
~12 large (for this kind of banana) lady finger bananas for breakfast: ~9am
~4 or 5 lbs of rambutan: ~4pm

I was pretty sleepy today so worked on catching up on my sleep a bit. I've been going to sleep sort of late lately and yesterday was a bit stressful 'cause my hubby almost drowned when trying to rescue a person who was drowning.

The drowning person was wearing a life jacket thing but they had gotten swept out into a really rough area by the reefs where waves were churning in various directions and such. There were 2 other strong swimmers there who also were not able to get the person out. The person kept getting dumped on by the waves and all. My hubby had borrowed a snorkle from a person on the beach which kept clogging such that he could not breathe with it - thus the almost drowning. He had to swim away, rest and figure out something else - like the other people had to do as well. My hubby ran up the hill and found some boogie boards at nearby houses, came back in and swam out with them just before the Coast Guard came in from another town on a jet ski. Nobody drowned, which is good.

I had called 911 and they said they had already dispatched someone by then. I was pretty useless otherwise. I had pulled a muscle in my back the day before and was not moving as fast as usual. It's actually the first time I've hurt my back since I started eating & living this way - almost 5 years ago. Well, there was one fall and I brused the bone at the base of my spine, but that's different. This wasn't a fall, it was from lifting stuff. I used to hurt my back all the time from lifting stuff. It was quite different this time though.

In the past, I would hurt my back and not realize it until much later that day or the next day - when I couldn't get up out of bed the next day. I'd be literally bedridden for days, sometimes weeks. I also used to hurt it doing things that I do all the time now - or less, usually less actually.

This time it was a combination of stuff: had been working on laptop for hours a few days in a row, sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed, which hit by back in the spot I hurt myself. I had noticed the day before that my back was a bit sore in that spot, so I started to adjust how I sat, not leaning against the bed, etc. It was early in the morning and I discovered that I was going into the store (work) at the last minute so was rushed. I was a bit dehydrated and didn't stop to have my coco water or any other water yet.

I was loaded down with my usual stuff: backpack partly on my back completely filled with laptop and various electronics, beach stuff, files, and whatnot; large cloth shopping bag filled with fruit; large bowl of bananas and kaimito; something else I can't recall at this point. Any one of these things by itself would have been challenging for me in the past - perhaps even too heavy. There was another car parked by our truck so I couldn't open the door very wide and was having trouble fitting into the space. I needed to put the truck's seat forward to put my backpack in the back of the cab and it was stuck. I was twisted with the backpack partly on my back, shoving the truck seat and such - all in a hurry so trying to do it quick. It was doing that and then twisting & leaning forward to put the backpack in the backseat that did it...

Evenso, it didn't twinge like it used to whenever I finally realized I hurt myself in the past. This time I felt it right after putting the backpack in the back and felt that if I just moved around enough I might feel better. I didn't have time for that though, so got in the truck and tried to move around in there in transit. That was limited and I wasn't sure how badly I'd hurt it - and if was going to get better or worse. It felt like it was going to get better, but my only experience with hurting myself like that was pre-raw this time and usually it'd get worse the first day or two, but then I didn't usually feel it right away either... Still, I was not incompacitated like I used to get and didn't feel like I should or needed to lay down in particular. So I just sort of went with what my body wanted once I got out of the truck and it did get better.

Interesting thing: right after I hurt myself, I instantly wanted to drink water a LOT. Unfortunately I didn't have any and had a 1/2 hour drive before I could get some, so I ate some rambutan in the truck on the way 'cause they're juicy.

I also felt like I might be able to hang it out (which I used to feel like in the way past when I hurt myself but was unable to try it for about a week afterwards) so my hubby and I carefully figured out some ways that he could lift me to do that. It really did help. There was a part that I just couldn't get that way though. Later I felt like a massage would help, so my hubby gave me a bit of one - and it did help. It hadn't been the twinging sort of pain but it was painful and it hurt the most when taking a deep breathe - like it was at the base of my lungs - in the back. After the hanging thing the breathing was better a bit, and after the massage I could take deep breathes again without pain.

I was unsure what things would be like when I woke up the next day, but I was better, not worse, which was a relief. Such a different experience of things from when I used to hurt my back in the past. Nice. Better to not hurt myself at all though. Perhaps my recent 'bout with salty stuff was part of it too...

I had some olives at a potluck and got into them, got some for myself a couple of times over the last month - couldn't find any without salt. Then I finally decided that it was messing me up too much by making my health progress in the wrong direction (towards where I used to be rather than continuing improvement) and stopped them. There has been a tahini shortage lately here so I was having trouble finding 'raw' tahini, but finally found some at a store in another town and grabbed 3 jars. I started one of the jars as I was quitting the olives and didn't finish it for a week or two afterwards. I remember thinking, "gosh! the effects of those olives are lasting longer than I thought they would" and, "strange how the salads taste salty and I'm thinking of olives when I eat them." It wasn't until the night I finished off that first jar of the tahini that my tastebuds recovered and I realized that it was the tahini that tasted salty. LOL I looked at the jar, and I had unknowingly grabbed a salted version in my excitement over finding raw tahini. I would have noticed and been annoyed by the salty taste of it normally these days if it hadn't been for the olives. That's probaby part of the reason I was dehydrated that morning - it was only a few days from when I stopped having the the salted tahini. Hmm... now what do I do with the other 2 jars?? Guess I'll have to give them to somebody else.

Today, my back's almost completely normal. I was able to carry things carefully individually and expect that tomorrow I should be able to carry more less carefully. I'm gonna' be extra careful though - err on the safe side, just in case. Better to spend a day or two more being careful than to injure it again and have to be careful for even longer...

So, yesterday I was pretty able to do most stuff if I didn't carry things, walk real fast or run - or reach and twist at the same time. Trying to help rescue a drowning person was completely out of the question though. Actually, even without being injured it's out of the question for me so far. I could throw a rope with or without floatation and pull someone up or towards me if standing, or direct them to swim to a different spot, etc. - but I'm not a strong enough swimmer to swim someone in or keep them afloat when they're drowning. Maybe someday I'll be that strong of a swimmer - but that'll have to be after I work on improving my swimming in that way, which is not as high a priority on my list as a lot of other fitness goals.

Speaking of which - I actually have started to work on my running here and there. Running has to be my weakest link, besides swimming I guess, so it's about time, heh. I am not consistent at it yet though, but even so I have noticable improvement each time. Maybe I'll be a 'runner' yet!

I've never been that into running, even now after I like to move and such. I still have been doing aerobic stuff and really like dancing hard and rowing - love rowing with the moveable seat, the movement feels so complete - and you won't fall on your face if you work yourself to the point of uncoordination like in running. I think that's one of my main hesitations with running: fear of falling on my face, heh, really. It's part of the reason I have been running on the beach mostly these last few years. I've felt like running at times and the sand's a nice psychological comfort for padding.

I used to have asthma so couldn't work hard enough to have that be an issue. Now I can work that hard and my muscles have had no clue as to how to move properly for running efficiency long distance or speed. They're starting to 'get it' now so I don't feel like I might fall on my face so much if I try to run fast or for a long time, which is nice. I think that after a while I might actually start to live or even love running. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves now. ;) I'm excited to be developing it though - I know it will do me good and I feel good doing it the more my body gets the movement down too. Good enough for now. I actually am looking forward to being able to run again when I'm done being careful with my back.

So, back to today...

I harvested some roses and purple orach (sp?) to go in my salad tonight a little while ago:

It's been a while since I've had the roses. They're nice every once in a while, but I don't know how good they are regularly. They're edible for sure, but I'm just not so sure how edible... especially in the quantities I eat salad. I have some romaine lettuce from the farmer's market that will be the bulk of the salad. I'm gonna' have UN-salted tahini :) and lemon juice for dressing. It's gotten late, gee, gotta' go have it now. My salad's these days are usually about 1-2 lbs of greens, to give you an idea of the size. Perhaps I'll take a picture of it before I put the dressing on and post it in here later.

I'm not doing a lot of exercise right now 'cause I'm being careful with my back. Yesterday I did the hike down and on the beach and back as well as 80 or so squats and then 10 or 20 jump squat/plie sort of thingies last night. Yay! I can do some jumping things again. It has only been a few days too. Nice to heal faster and better and not feel as bad when injured - and have it take so much more to injur me than it used to. Sometimes I forget how much I can do now compared to before...

I'm gonna' do some squats and jump things again tonight after the salad, perhaps some light rebounding if my back feels okay about it, and maybe some jump lunges. I might try some pushups tomorrow - carefully. I'll underwork the pushups either way, to be safe.

Had trouble posting this, so went and ate first so here's a picture of the salad after the dressing was on it:

I took some pics of the whole bowl without dressing and the lemons, etc. too, but my camera's card has been tweaking out and sometimes I can't find pictures it showed as saved beforehand. I didn't use the phone camera 'cause I thought the colors would show better with the regular one. Oh well. I'm going to reformat that card soon & there are plenty of other dinners ahead.

I'm off to do some fun leg exercises and such! Then it's time for stretching and bed!

K, so I figured I should just come back to this day and add in the exercises I actually did rather than put it on the next day...

Did 100 squats, then 10 jump plie squat thingies, followed by 5 jump lunges (both sides) all in a row, no rest between exercises. (Which explains why there weren't more jump lunges, heh). Then I did 20 or so minutes of light rebounding followed by stretching and sleep for the night. :)


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yay! I've got Blogger tamed... I think

K, so I just re-did the template in Blogger and have it working. I messed with the template so it'd look like the rest of my journals as much as possible on the regular Web. I haven't messed with the handheld and other CSS yet though - so who knows how well that will show up. It also seems to be posting the most recent at the top, instead of the way I was doing it before. I'll see if I can adjust that later. I might have to switch the old one's around so it makes more sense and matches it in that way. We'll see how it does with the archives and such. Only time will tell...

Doing it this way gets me listed with them & gives you the ability to comment and such without me having to code it in myself. Nice.

I adjusted the rest of the site to include these Blogs in the links now that it seems to be working & I'm going to start posting what I eat/do and such again soon!

I'm also going to start telling you about my cruise and other things that happened while I was away... I might put it into the time period when it happened so it makes more sense later.

So get ready! :)

Yes, I am still working on getting the rest of the site going. Much going on over here to distract me. I'm going to use Flickr for the photo gallery later too.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

lauhala shoe at the beach

Here's a picture of the shoe I made from scrap lauhala (pandanus) the other day. It worked pretty well - needs a toe loop though 'cause the bottom's sort of floppy. Not enough time or good leaves to make another. Took a few pictures of it with a cell phone camera and left it to compost. :)