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Monday, January 29, 2007


woke at 6am for temp.
up at 7:30am
to sleep for night at 11:45pm

8:30am: 2 medium papayas
1pm: tray of rambutan I brought to the store today
4 or 4:30pm-ish: the bananas I brought - lady finger & 'cooking'
7:30pm: 2 & 1/2 + lbs of salad from HFS salad bar, 3 medium tomatoes and lemon-tahini dressing:

~10:30pm while talking w/son about programming, girls, life, etc.:
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups followed by
10 jump squats followed by
10 push ups (sorta' sad ones at the end, heh) followed by
10 jump squats followed by
5 jump lunges followed by
10 jump squats followed by
5 jump lunges (sorta' sad at the end) followed by
20 min. rebounding followed by
pee - LOL, rebounding usually does it.. followed by

nothing special, that I noticed at least

6am temp: 97.64 degrees Fahrenheit, day 18 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Had to work at the store at the last minute again this morning. Had some forewarning though, so it hasn't thrown me off like the other stuff did. Some of you may be curious what I bring with me to work for food. I usually grab whatever's ripe and needs to be eaten and/or ripe and I want to eat. I bring more than I think I might want, or at least enough.

Today I brought (took pictures, they are below the list here):
  • large bowl for salad in evening (from salad bar at nearby HFS or slaw from nearby grocery store) in case I'm here all day (I'm supposed to be able to leave at 3pm, but I often get stuck here)
  • 3 mamey sapotes that seem ripe
  • 1/2 hand of 'cooking' bananas and a couple small ones of lady fingers as backup in case mamey are not ripe (or overripe or something)
  • the rest of my tangerines & a peel from yesterday to make necklace or whatnot
  • 2 meyer lemons (for dressing if I get salad)
  • the rest of the rambutan

I didn't eat the mamey or tangerines today, so brought them back home. I also only used one of the 2 lemons...

Spent most of the day working at the store: 9am-9pm, which is why I look a little tired in the picture. It's nice to work out of the store, rather than in it - to me, at least. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow for that. Our son was offered a job by a customer today that could be a long-standing thing and good for him - right up his alley. I might be covering his shift at the store in the morning again so he can do the first job. Hopefully I won't get stuck here again for the whole day... It's 'okay' here, I just prefer to have more fresh air and the natural temperatures, lighting and such. The customers want air-conditioning and such, so that's what we have at the store.

It's 9pm now & we've still got customers here, and my hubby's working with a client. I'm not sure how late I'll get home. I may end up skipping the exercises today 'cause I'm getting sleepy... perhaps I'll nap 'till it's time to go home and then feel good when we get there. Too bad the back room's so crowded right now. I used to do pushups, lunges, etc. back there - now there's barely enough room for me to work on my laptop. LOL Oh well, it'll work out in the long run.

Left work around 9:45-ish, so it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was still sleepy though, but did the exercises anyway, felt good when doing them, just wasn't as strong or good at them as usual. I was up talking with my son anyway, so I might as well do the exercise. My body's so happy exercising anyway since I've been doing 811rv, so it was good.

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