So far, 1/30/07

Well, I didn't get a chance to update this post and several others before leaving for Costa Rica, so I'm just putting it up now as-is. Maybe I'll be able to fix it later - probably not though 'cause it will be almost 2 months later when I get back home...

woke at 6am for temp.
up at 6:30am-ish, officially at 7am
to sleep for night at ??

~12:30pm: ~6 -8 'cooking' bananas (what I grabbed this morning, forgot to count) & a couple of hands of lady finger bananas (probably only about 10 I'd say 'cause some were past ripe).
~6:30pm: mamey sapotes - one small (pictured below) and one medium - then too sweet to deal with for me... will have salad later tonight when home I suspect

~ 10pm: 2 avocados, 3 med. tomatoes, group of celery

Brought left overs from what I brought to store (work) yesterday to store (work) today & added some more 'cooking' bananas and lady finger bananas, one more lemon and an avocado. Ate the bananas and 2 of the sapotes at work, so brought home the tangerines, lemon and avocado.


Got a terrific update email from a cyber friend of mine I know from the VegSource board, my site and emailing... She told me about her progress with her pulse & it reminded me of how I'm working on that now too. I hadn't realized how much your pulse rate is connected with your current level of aerobic activity until a while back. I had let my aerobic stuff lapse for a while and happened across a blood pressure/pulse machine at a grocery store. I was quite incredulous at my results and re-took it over a few days. I even hand did it. Yep. My pulse rate sucked in comparison to what I was used to. It was 80 or 85! I was used to it being 60-70ish... Wow!

That was the last time I started running. LOL. I had only run two or three times and retook it, discovered that it improved quite quickly - was in the 70's I believe. After that over time I let the aerobics lapse again and last took and recorded my pulse on Dec. 31st, 2006. It was ... eek... 85! OMG Yes indeedy, use it or lose it, something I keep discovering fitness-wise. Lost my pullup after I gained it and haven't gotten it back yet (but haven't worked on it like I did before yet either, heh).

As you know, I've been running here and there and doing light rebounding recently so I thought I'd check it today since my friend was talking about how well hers has responded. Lo and behold, it's now 72 - and I had just eaten and walked a block and a half to get there... Wow! The recovery power of our bodies is absolutely amazing. I'm sure I'm going to witness many wonderful examples of that from the fasters too.

Gotta' keep it all up though, obviously, too. Like Doug (Dr. Graham) often says, "You're either building your health or destroying it." Or something like that. I prefer building it. I'm looking forward to seeing a pulse of 60 and below - and keeping it there - in the near future. Thanks, my friend, for reminding me. :)

Hmm.. not sure if this is where I should put this or not, but what the heck? LOL

Fungus Update:
My cyber friend asked me about my nail fungus, so here's a little history for you newbies, and recap for the rest of y'all...

As some of you know, I had nail fungus on my toenail since about 1983, back before I even thought about being vegetarian. I got it a little on one of my thumbnails much after that, much before 811rv. The toenail had gotten really thick and was a powdery white, the thumbnail looked sort of like I had cleaned under it on one side way too deep, & had some little indentations sort of like I had poked it with a needle on the surface bunches and it showed.

I had noticed that the nail would become clearer off and on since I had been doing 811rv and thought it had something to do with how much fat I was eating. When I was doing no overt fats it seemed to become clearer and make headway in going away. When I ate more than 10% overt fats for a couple of days it would cloud up more. Whether it was clear or cloudy it was still thick at that point.

Somewhere along the line I noticed that the fungus on my thumbnail was gone. (I think it's in the logs here somewhere, not sure where though or I'd put a link.) I can't remember if it was before or during the next thing that happened. My toenail fell off at one point - after seeming like it was making headway for a while. I thought that it had given up and decided to jettison the nail and grow a new one. It did grow a new one, which seemed like it might be fungus-free for some time & I was going overt fat-free a bunch during that time too.

Eventually, it did cloud up too, so my body hasn't won that battle yet. It hasn't gotten thick like before or clouded up completely though, so it's way better than it was before. The thumbnail thing hasn't come back either - although I do still have some of the pin/needle indentation thingies. I also have a strange texture going with my big toenail that started when I didn't have a nail for a bit on the other toe. It seems to be growing out with the big toenail, so am not sure if it is fungus or an injury to my nail. At any rate, it seems to be defunct, whatever it was & will simply get clipped off as the nail grows.

And so the toenail fungus saga continues... LOL

K, might as well talk about these here now too.

I used to have a wart close to the middle of my middle finger's pad apex on my left hand for as far back as I can remember - I know I had it in elementary school as young as 4th grade, possibly before. It was one of those clear-ish small kind & I had it frozen, burnt, Compound W'd and such, but it would always come back. At a certain point, think in High School, I got another one on my thumb, same kind, in the spot where it would rub with the other warted one when snapping my fingers. Same deal with it. Until.... yes, you've got it, 811rv.

Well, that's what I thought, heh. They've been gone for about 4 years now and I just got hints of them back. But then, I wasn't following 811rv as well at that point too... I had that 'bout with the olives, salt, lack of aerobics, higher fat intake and such. I think it was the salty stuff in particular, possibly combined with the higher fat. They're starting to go away again now that I've cut the olives and accidental salted tahini out. Interesting, very interesting. Guess my lapses help me determine more exactly what affects what in my body. Best not to have the lapses though.

I tried to take pictures of what's left of my warts, but they didn't show up, so skipped it. I figured they wouldn't offend anyone, am not so sure about my toenail fungus. While it's mild for a nail fungus, it's still a fungus... If anyone wants me to do a photojournal of my nail fungi, comment below so I'll know and consider it.

6am temp: 97.41 degrees Fahrenheit, day 19 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Got up 1/2 hour early to go into the store 1/2 hour early with my son so he could work on his other job today. Woke at 6:30 and had a hard time getting back to sleep 'cause I was trying to make sure I didn't sleep past 7 (as I'm used to getting up at 7:30 when going in). So I just took the time to sort of space out and wake up slowly, gathering thoughts, etc. It was sort of nice.

Halleluja! Or should I say, "Alajuela" instead. ;) It looks like I might be able to go to Costa Rica early after all! Yay! I'll probably know by tomorrow 'cause I'm going to get my flight later today or tomorrow. It's gonna' be sooo fun!

K, I'll continue the posts for today later, after it's happened. ;)



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