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Friday, January 26, 2007


woke at 6am for temp., again at 8am to wake people,
up at 8:15am
to sleep for night at ~1am or 1:30am

~9am: 34 oz tangelo juice
~3pm: 3 or so hands ladyfinger bananas, sorry didn't count 'em this time
~5pm: 50 rambutan
~7:30pm: ~1.5 lbs of salad from salad bar at HFS +5 medium tomatoes, with lemon-tahini dressing I made at the store while working

Sorry, forgot to take a picture of my salad 'cause I was at the store and all..

I was going to run again today, for longer with hubby this morning, but his work schedule got all turned around 'cause he remembered that he needed to film a concert tonight so had to switch shifts. I needed to patch in some of switched shift in the evening and to do so, had to go in in the early afternoon to be there... so many weird things happened today - electicity out at the same time as my cell phone was tweaking, then both resolved at the same time... so many changes of plans that I didn't get much done at all, except adjusting to the changes. LOL Was at the store 'till after closing so no way to run after work. Oh well, there will be other running days...

~10:30pm: Did 10 jump squats followed by 10 jump lunges followed by 120 squats and then some simulated rebounding (to be quieter) and stretching while watching a movie with my son after work.

Weird thing about squats - my legs get tired at a certain point and I think, "hmm, wonder if I'm getting close to done,"... and then they sort of warm up and recharge and I'm fine, can keep going. In fact I often feel like I could keep going forever like that. I usually just stop at a certain point 'cause I'm tired of counting, want to do something else or figure it's enough. At some point I'd like to find out just how many I can do and go 'till I can't, but I don't have the patience to count for that long. Jumping ones are different - I do get to a point where I can't do them properly anymore, which is why I always include them. I think I'll start doing them in sets like the pushups next week.

Oh, and I did simulated rebounding on the carpet 'cause we were watching the movie and it's pretty squeaky.

felt something for a few minutes again today, but not as much as yesterday...

6am temp: 96.96 degrees fahrenheit, day 15 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

The Rest:
I'm a-goin' to Intern in Costa Rica in March!

FoodnSport had a cancellation so I'm going in their place. If I can get the funds together quickly enough I may be able to go with friends to a couple of weeks earlier and go to some other places that I really wanted to check out in CR. The flights keep getting more expensive the more funds I gather though, so it's out of reach at the moment, and I need to decide soon. Hopefully something will work out for that too.

That means that I probably won't be posting daily during it, but will try to do daily logs while there & post them for those days when I return, or in groups when I get Web access. So you'll be cyber going there with me! :)

I'll be learning more about how to assist people doing supervised natural hygienic fasts with water. So exciting! It's a great event, would have liked to get my hubby in the fast, perhaps next time...

Good thing I already have my passport from the cruise I took in November.

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