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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yay! I've got Blogger tamed... I think

K, so I just re-did the template in Blogger and have it working. I messed with the template so it'd look like the rest of my journals as much as possible on the regular Web. I haven't messed with the handheld and other CSS yet though - so who knows how well that will show up. It also seems to be posting the most recent at the top, instead of the way I was doing it before. I'll see if I can adjust that later. I might have to switch the old one's around so it makes more sense and matches it in that way. We'll see how it does with the archives and such. Only time will tell...

Doing it this way gets me listed with them & gives you the ability to comment and such without me having to code it in myself. Nice.

I adjusted the rest of the site to include these Blogs in the links now that it seems to be working & I'm going to start posting what I eat/do and such again soon!

I'm also going to start telling you about my cruise and other things that happened while I was away... I might put it into the time period when it happened so it makes more sense later.

So get ready! :)

Yes, I am still working on getting the rest of the site going. Much going on over here to distract me. I'm going to use Flickr for the photo gallery later too.

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