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Joined a crafting site... Ravelry

I've added it to the links below this blog if you're viewing this on my site, I've been hanging out there a bit lately 'cause I've been spinning cotton a lot lately, again.

We just transplanted my naturally colored cotton plants into the ground the other day & I'm soooo excited! I've got pictures of them on my Flickr site, and have added a link to my page on Flickr below this blog as well...

Gotta' go for now... am planning on updating y'all about more of my going's on lately tomorrow or the next day...


-Janie :)

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

slept in, it was nice.. it rained this morning so we stayed in bed longer 'cause we could

I'm thinking that I'm gonna' drop some of my shifts at the gym so I can get better sleep. I was thinking that it was helping me with my training 'cause I was getting in a lot of the pushups, etc. in-between things there early in the day... but I was also not getting enough sleep over time. The lack of sleep has affected my training and the rest of my life, so I don't think it's worth it. I've tried various ways of making it work, but nothing really has. We'll see if cutting back on my shifts is enough to make it work, otherwise I might have to quit completely. Too bad, 'cause I like that job, like the people and all...

lunch: lotsa bananas
dinner: hodge-podge of stuff at Thanksgiving living food potluck, probably too many ingredients to list, heh, oh well, it's once a year

Here are some pictures (click 'em to enlarge):
This is the turke…

Raw Food Thanksgivings of recent past...

Someone asked me on Facebook about what my Thanksgiving menu looks like these days and I looked up the pics and posts about my past Thanksgivings to answer...

I figure they should be all in one place for any of y'all that are looking for that too, so I added some targets in my old journals to get directly to those posts and have compiled this list for you of them for easier reference. I also created a new blogging label for "holiday food" for those of you who search for things that way. Here are the Thanksgivings so far:

Thanksgiving 2002 - posts about it actually start a couple of days before (on Tues.), so you might want to scroll up for that too...
Thanksgiving 2003
Thanksgiving 2004 - oops, missing for now (if I find it, I'll add it to the logs & come back to this post and edit it to link to it...
Thanksgiving 2005
Thanksgiving 2006
Thanksgiving 2007 - Um.. I think that one's not gonna' be found or recalled. I don't think I took pics that year. Went to…

11-14-09 Happy to be alive! :) Food/produce video too...

almost caught up now! Yay! :)

breakfast: the rest of the melon we got Wed. (see video)
brunch: equivalent of 12 or 13 bananas (was more, but eating around bad spots and all)
lunch: about the same as lunch in bananas again...

the rest is TBD... probably have the last 2 bags of garbanzo sprouts as snack w/son when watching SGU with him, then salad and/or tat tsai with avocado and lemon juice dressing or dip

We took a video of the food we got this week and put it on my Facebook account. I'm embedding it here (below) too for y'all. :)

5 sets so far of:
   15 reps. each of pushups
   10 reps. each of jump lunges
   10 reps. each of jump squat foot clap thingies
2 sets of:
   30 reps. each on Leg Magic
   10 reps. each of knee-up with a little shoulder lift
4 sets of:
   1 rep. of assisted chin-ups

I plan to do 5 more sets of the first group (pushups, etc.) and one more chin-up throughout the day. I'm done with the middle group as far as my goal for today i…

10-4-09 Baby Guinea Pig born yesterday! :)

up at about 7:30am,
to sleep for night before at about 9pm (was sleepy)
to sleep for night tonight at about 8pm (will get up at 3am tomorrow)

breakfast: bananas
lunch: bananas
dinner: tahini-lemon-tomato juice dip for tomatoes, celery, cuke rounds

before breakfast: ~ 18 minutes of barefoot running on treadmill, including warm-up/cool-down walking - ran about 1.1 miles this time (still training my skin for barefoot running) and it's going well! :) Only slight hint of possible blister forming, but didn't. I stopped before it got questionable 'cause I'd already gone farther than I had planned. Nice.

I also did 20 minutes of the almost bounce sort of thing on the rebounder after that. I watched the guinea pigs and rabbit the whole time walking, running, walking and bouncing. So cute! :)

before lunch: a little over an hour of beginner Ashtanga yoga with a Richard Freedman video I have: Introduction to Ashtanga, Complete Practice Session. It worked out well …

9/27/09 Great day at the farm yesterday! :)

I'll tell y'all about the farm in "The Rest" section later. First, gotta' do the stats for those that are tracking things. :)These stats are from yesterday, unless otherwise noted:

woke at 6am to get back to running before we had to leave for the day

pineapple, possibly the last of the season
salad: tahini-lemon dressing with heirloom tomatoes on baby spinach, yum! :)

*I had planned to have jakfruit for dinner, and maybe a little bit of baby spinach after, but there were only a couple of pods ripe :(, so I ended up having salad later.

I got back to running again after a month's away I believe it's been. I didn't have much time for the runs I'd been doing before I left, but figured it'd be good to ease back into it since I was practically a beginner when I left. It went well. I wanted to run at least a mile and had run out of enough time to do so at the pace I'd been doing for the longer runs, so ran faster f…

Social Networking Sites I've joined recently

Well, I've recently joined a few social networking sites that friends of mine are on, so you can see stuff there about me and my goings on as well...

Facebook (already mentioned in my last post here)
Give It To Me Raw
30 Bananas A Day
Raw Natural Hygiene

I'm gonna' try to post here at least once a week, and keep up with people at the others as well. We'll see how it goes! :)

Aloha! :)

Health & Fitness Week 2009

I had a great time being the Ambiance Fairy at FoodnSport's Health & Fitness Week 2009! :) This year I also did ambiance for FoodnSport's first Culinary Workshop, held just before H&F Week. Fun Times! :)

Lots of the people there are on Facebook, so I've joined again... joined when Facebook was new, but didn't use it much 'cause hardly anyone there & then forgot the email address I used and password, etc. So you can find me on Facebook now too. I've posted lots of pictures from the events there as well as a few short videos.

I've embedded the videos here...

Lunch out on the deck

This was the waiting area where people had drinks and hors d'oeuvres. I didn't get the "bar" area in the video unfortunately, but you can see it in some of people's pictures behind them.

We had finished the ambiance & plating before everyone went into the upper area for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. The food here was covered until just before I took …

8/15/09 - with videos! :)

woke at 3am for temp., but didn't take it, up at ~7:45am
to sleep for night at 10:30pm again... good thing I can sleep in again on Sunday - gotta' get to sleep earlier Sunday though 'cause there's no sleeping in on Monday...

breakfast: 1 medium-large pineapple (no burn today, nice)
lunch: small bag lychee (~20?), 4 smallish-medium dragon fruit
before dinner/after run: 15 small-ish medium apple bananas
dinner (1 1/2 hrs after bananas): shredded cabbage & carrots with tahini-lemon/lime dressing & 1/2 avocado

Yeah, a bit too much overt fats for 10% today, but I've been doing the overt fats light to none lately so it's okay I think - will find out Sunday I suppose...

Here's a video of lunch remnants and about dragonfruit I took at the farm. It might take a bit to load 'cause it's the limit of what size Blogger will take. I'll look into other video uploading options another time:

Pedometer wasn't working quite right for part …

8/14/09 - Hi'ya! Yep. Still here...

Well, I've decided to stop apologizing about not being as consistent with these posts anymore as I used to be. So here's a bit of an update post...

First, here's the usual stuff about today:

woke at 3am for temp. & work, skipped temperature 'cause I'd gotten up to drink water & go pee too soon before... and didn't have time to sleep in more after alarm, since I needed to get ready for working at the gym

napped a bit at the farm this afternoon (~1-3pm-ish, off and on)

looks like I'll get to sleep for the night tonight at about 9 or 9:30

update: nope, was about 10:30 by the time I got to sleep, oh well...


~4am: on the way to the gym, had half of a large pineapple (~6 cups I'd say)
~10:45am: 4 medium sized dragon fruit while hubby drove us around on some errands
~12:30pm: ~4 or 5 medium apple bananas at the farm that I'd forgotten there from yesterday
~3pm: 1/2 of what was left of the pineapple from the morning (~3 cups)
~7pm: cucumber "…