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Saturday, November 14, 2009

11-14-09 Happy to be alive! :) Food/produce video too...

almost caught up now! Yay! :)

breakfast: the rest of the melon we got Wed. (see video)
brunch: equivalent of 12 or 13 bananas (was more, but eating around bad spots and all)
lunch: about the same as lunch in bananas again...

the rest is TBD... probably have the last 2 bags of garbanzo sprouts as snack w/son when watching SGU with him, then salad and/or tat tsai with avocado and lemon juice dressing or dip

We took a video of the food we got this week and put it on my Facebook account. I'm embedding it here (below) too for y'all. :)

5 sets so far of:
   15 reps. each of pushups
   10 reps. each of jump lunges
   10 reps. each of jump squat foot clap thingies
2 sets of:
   30 reps. each on Leg Magic
   10 reps. each of knee-up with a little shoulder lift
4 sets of:
   1 rep. of assisted chin-ups

I plan to do 5 more sets of the first group (pushups, etc.) and one more chin-up throughout the day. I'm done with the middle group as far as my goal for today is concerned. I may also do some handstands against the wall, holding them for at least 30 seconds to count... later.

I'm hoping to get back to the barefoot running (or running at all, actually) tomorrow. That's been on hold for a bit, so I've fallen behind on my progress there. My callouses are falling off too. :( Now I have to build up the toughness on the skin on the bottom of my feet again... that means I won't be running as long or far for a while again. Oh well. Jumping back on that horse can require a bit of backtracking to get going again... better to be going at all though, eh?

didn't take my temp. today, sorry..., day 13 of my cycle, red day, girl kid icon

The Rest:
Well, my hubby hurt his back (has sciatica) a while back and I needed to take care of the farm more than before. He's doing the farming full-time and I'm only part-time in general 'cause I also work at the gym and other things. ANYway... so I needed to do minimal stuff to keep things going 'till he could again and it threw off my sleeping and exercise schedules, thus the break in progress for barefoot running. After he was able to take over again it was voggy and I'm sensitive to it, so just did things I could do in the air-conditioning in my room and at the gym (the air-conditioning really helps me deal with the vog somehow). Unfortunately you can't run on the treadmills at the gym barefoot, so I didn't do running. I kept up with my pushups, etc. throughout the day though... until... we had a deadline for turning in a grant application for the farm and were cramming what time we could to get it done... and I fell behind on my sleep, which affects my exercising abilities gradually, such that I fell a bit behind on the other exercises too. I was still getting in at least 100 pushups, 50 jump lunges & jump squats each day - sometimes the other things too, and sometimes more... until... the callous on one of my toes started to come off and was only painful when I did the jump lunges, so I had to quit them for several days 'till it had resolved... That's all over now though and I've started catching up on my sleep and building my exercise back up over the last couple of days. I'm eager to get back to it all, felt off without it...

I've been posting more on Facebook & the social networking sites than here, sorry. It's shorter and easier to just write something quick and all... You're welcome to read things over there too. :)

There have been quite a few storms here lately and I've been feeling like doing crafts and such. Not only is colder, rainy weather good for snuggling up and catching up on sleep, it's also good for spinning yarn, knitting, and such. :) Did I mention that I finally planted the naturally colored cotton seeds I've had for ages? They're still good too 'cause they've sprouted! Yay! I've got two shades of green, a couple of browns (look basically same color as each other), and a couple of rust-browns (that look similar too - one is called Ma'o and is touted as 'Hawaiian cotton'... seems just like the one from the US South from the 1800's to me though). I have a couple of kinds of white cotton seeds too, but haven't planted them yet... sorta' misplaced them temporarily, heh.

I bought myself some toe socks for my birthday and am enjoying them now. I think I just might be able to deal with the Five Fingers shoes after all... and the toe socks I got with monkeys on them would look so cute in 'em too... I could run on the treadmill at the gym in the Five Finger shoes I bet... would be a good alternative on voggy days... hmmm....

K, I'm gonna' post the video we made of the food we got this week for those of you who ask about what I'm eating these days and then go. Before I do, I just want to say how glad I am that I was born, happy I am to be and feel alive, and eager I am to keep living and enjoying this wonderful journey of life! I always make a point of thinking about these things on my birthday as my tradition. I'm glad you were born too!



  1. Happy Birthday Janie!

    With love and gratitude for all you're doing to help inspire people to better health, Terry in the Keys

  2. Thanks Terry! Good to hear from you! :) Happy Birthday to you, when it comes around... and happy days in-between too! :)