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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Request recipes for my new book, and preview of the Table of Contents



Do you have a favorite recipe from a different diet that you'd like me to translate to 80/10/10 and include in my book? 

 Let me know*, and I'll see if I can squeeze it in if I'm not already including it.

Yes, that's right, I'm releasing a recipe book! The focus of the recipes in this book is not only in keeping with low-fat raw vegan, and 80/10/10 ratios, but also natural hygienic food combining principles, and minimizing the number of ingredients to achieve the recipe. Most of the recipes are nut-free, and many don't require a dehydrator. Recipes often include variations that don't require as much equipment or any dehydrating. Variations are also included with ingredient options for additions or substitutions.

*How to request recipes for my new book: reply to this post on my blog, on Blogger, or on my Facebook Timeline, or email me at janie@junglejanie.com. The sooner, the better, however anytime before November could work. Also note I may not be able to reply to you until then as I may be offline during that time. Your post may not show up on my blog until I'm back as well.

Table of Contents:

So, in the meantime, here's a preview of the Table of Contents. It's subject to change. Each recipe category has recipes within it which are not listed here:

A Bit About Me
Why I’m Not Saying Much About Why
About the Recipes
Recipe Categories:
·        Drinks: Beverages, Smoothies, Alcohol-Free Cocktails, Juices
·        Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres, Serving as Snacks, Chips, and Popcorn
·        Soups
·        Chowders
·        Creamy
·        Broths
·        Soups
·        Fruity
·        Stew-like
·        Salads & Dressings
·        Fruit Salads
·        Molded Salads
·        Pasta Salads
·        Vegetable Salads
·        Leafy Salads
·        Salad Dressings
·        Main Dish Salads and Veggie Entrees
·        Bread-like
·        Muffins, Rolls & Biscuits
·        Pancakes and Waffles
·        Coffeecake
·        Corn Bread
·        Pita Bread
·        Pastries
·        Bread Sticks
·        Like: Rice, Grains, Polenta
·        Porridge, Grits
·        Polentas
·        Pilafs
·        Rices
·        Pseudo Pastas
·        Spaghetti
·        Linguini
·        Gemelli & Fusilli
·        Ravioli
·        Dumplings
·        Pierogis
·        Ribbon Noodles, etc.
·        Instead of Casseroles & Baked Entrees
·        Pot Pies/Shepherd’s Pies
·        Calzone
·        Pizzas
·        Similar to Sandwiches, Pitas, Rolls, Wraps, Canape
·        Burgers
·        Brats
·        Dogs
·        Sandwiches
·        Dolmas
·        Falafels
·        Condiments
·        Ketchups
·        Mayonnaises
·        Mustards
·        Sour Creams
·        Cream Cheeses
·        Relishes and Chutneys
·        Pickling and Marinades
·        Sweet Stuff like Desserts
·        Cakes & Frostings
·        Cakes
·        Cheesecakes
·        Brownies
·        Frostings
·        Puddings & Parfaits
·        Cobblers, Crisps
·        Toppings
·        Candies
·        Pies
·        Cream Pies
·        Fruit Pies
·        Pie Crusts
·        Custard/Meringue Pies
·        Frozen Pies
·        Kabobs and Skewers
·        Stuffing and Stuffed Produce
·        Containers, Cups, and Boats:
·        Fillings
·        Bean-like
·        Sauces & Gravies
·        Dips, Spreads, Pate
·        Jams & Jellies
·        Dips
·        Spreads
·        Pate
·        Sides
·        Fun with Food for Kids and Adults Too!
·        Meals
·        Monomeals
·        One-Course Meals
·        Two-Course Meals
·        Three-Course Meals
Additional Stuff
            Videos and Online Content
            Where to Find Out More About My Diet and Lifestyle

Definitions and Glossary

Release Date: 

Before I agreed to work at the FoodnSport Retreats this year I was in the midst of finishing my recipe book. I planned to release it in digital form by mid-November so you'd have it before Thanksgiving, or possibly early December so it'd be ready for the Holiday Season. Now, I still want to try to keep to my release dates, however it will depend on how much I can do while I'm gone. There are hundreds of recipes and I need to verify that the amounts and serving sizes are recorded correctly by testing them all, and then photograph them. If I need to push back that release date it will be released by early February, before Valentine's.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Lots of things in the works! :) First one: going to FNS Retreats this year.

I'm going to the Mainland soon! :) I will be working at the FoodnSport events in Washington State again. Hope to see you there! :)
All Retreats: http://foodnsport.com/store/retreats/
FoodnSport FB: https://www.facebook.com/FoodnSport/

I also am finally finishing some books, videos and more for you in the next several months and year... but will be announcing them separately. Oh yes, also have the site remodel coming out later this year.. and will post here more often. Posts will not happen until after November though, because I won't be able to post until I return from my trip.

Yes! It's actually happening.