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Monday 2/4/08

woke at 7am? for temp.,
up at 9-ish, but stayed in bed dozing here and there to get more sleep 'till 11-ish
to sleep for night at 9pm

water from 3 young coconuts

smoothie of 7 or 8 'cooking' bananas, 2 dates, 1 med. chocolate sapote (& filtered water) while stretching after run
another smoothie of 7 'cooking' bananas, 3 dates, 1 med. chocolate sapote after showering (which was after finishing stretching and the other smoothie)

2 cups grapefruit juice after bike ride, followed by 6 surinam cherries off our tree
1 large head of lettuce followed by 5 largish cherry tomatoes
sorry, didn't note the times, separated them when separated by time

Ran 30 minutes straight for the first time today, and a little over 2.6 miles straight for the first time today as well! :) That makes the average pace a 11 minute, 32 second mile-ish. We hit the 1st mile mark at 10 minutes, 32 seconds though. It was quite challenging today, but I did it! Yay! I think I…

Friday 2/1/08

no temp today
up at 7am
to sleep for night at 10 or 11pm

smoothie with lots of bananas (sorry, didn't count), 3 dates, water and 1 med. chocolate sapote - drank while stretching after run
water from 3 young cocos
5 large tangerines
8 chocolate sapotes
jicama, 3 tomatoes, part of a small avocado, celery (6 sticks?), & lettuce

Sorry, didn't note the times

I went with a friend to see if we could harvest chocolate sapotes from some trees she knew about today. They weren't quite ready, but there were lots of citrus dropping off the trees. This was great 'cause I still have some chocolate sapotes and was about to run out of citrus since my son and hubby both decided they wanted to drink lots of OJ the day before (when they haven't been having much or any lately). It's a good thing they weren't quite ready 'cause I forgot to bring my picker poles 'cause I needed to leave earlier than I had planned so was in a rush. Oops! Turned out perfect with th…