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Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday 2/4/08

woke at 7am? for temp.,
up at 9-ish, but stayed in bed dozing here and there to get more sleep 'till 11-ish
to sleep for night at 9pm

water from 3 young coconuts

smoothie of 7 or 8 'cooking' bananas, 2 dates, 1 med. chocolate sapote (& filtered water) while stretching after run
another smoothie of 7 'cooking' bananas, 3 dates, 1 med. chocolate sapote after showering (which was after finishing stretching and the other smoothie)

2 cups grapefruit juice after bike ride, followed by 6 surinam cherries off our tree
1 large head of lettuce followed by 5 largish cherry tomatoes
sorry, didn't note the times, separated them when separated by time

Ran 30 minutes straight for the first time today, and a little over 2.6 miles straight for the first time today as well! :) That makes the average pace a 11 minute, 32 second mile-ish. We hit the 1st mile mark at 10 minutes, 32 seconds though. It was quite challenging today, but I did it! Yay! I think I might continue with the 30 minute running for a while, then move up to the 50 minutes of running.

We were scheduled to run this yesterday, but it was too stormy - thunder and lightning all the night before, through the day and into the night, flash flood warnings and watches, etc. It was still stormy and rainy on the South part of the island today, but was okay up here, just a bit cloudy and windy. Odd. We usually get the rain, but then it is the Winter and the storms usually come from the South then. I almost went out yesterday anyway 'cause it wasn't raining the whole time, but then decided not to risk my life to keep to the schedule. I don't know if that's why it was harder today or not.

Push ups before the second smoothie, forgot to do the pull ups, will do them tomorrow.

Bike Riding!
I rode about 3 miles today in order to tell how far we ran with my new odometer/trip meter dealy I got for my bike. It worked great! I still haven't found any of our air pumps, but decided that I'd go to the next town's gas station with my bike in the truck to pump it up. I'd saved up a few other errands I could do there at the same time so it worked out well.

Riding the same course we walk for warm/up and cool downs and run was quite challenging to me on my bike. LOL I guess it's 'cause I haven't been on the thing in a long time - either that or my smoothies were still digesting or I was tired from the run earlier. Any inclines or hills were certainly more noticeable then when on foot. I didn't feel tired from the run - I think it's just that those bike riding muscles weren't used to it anymore. So it was sort of nifty to get a work-out from that too. It was unexpected, but welcome. I think I'll go out on it again tomorrow and see if I can figure out a route that will give us a 3 mile mark to work towards in the 30 minutes' run we'll be doing. The one we've been doing isn't long enough, we actually overshot it today and ended up walking less afterwards for the cool down as a result. It worked out fine though, but I prefer more of a walking cool down than that - at least 5 minutes.

my sweat was salty again & I actually had a bit of salty back of the throat mucus in the morning before getting up, didn't notice anything else

Wait! I did, almost forgot! This morning when making my bed (a rare occurrence BTW) I suddenly found myself thinking about some food I couldn't quite place at first. I knew it was something I'd eaten back in 1979 or '80 and it was a potato dish, but couldn't quite place the taste memory that was coming up. I could almost place the region it was that I got the food from (it was a restaurant or something someone else made) and that I probably had it with my best friend at the time and that I had it fairly regularly, but still couldn't quite figure out what it was. I still don't know. Later on in the day I had another food memory of some cubed hash browns my mom used to make and I made later on when my son was an infant. When I was going to sleep I had a food memory of the cubed hash browns and cactus I had while in Baja Mexico back in the summer of 1996.

Updating this from Tuesday: Overnight I had a sort of french fry nightmare. LOL. I was given a tray of junk food that I thought I'd bring to my hubby or son to see if they wanted: McDonald's french fries, a cheese burger, a strawberry and vanilla shake and something else I can't remember. As I was going down the stairs I absent mindedly ate a french fry (remember this is a dream) and immediately regretted it, felt that rancid cooked/fried oil taste in the back of my throat down low and that sort of acidic feel there. I'd felt that in real life at times back when I was eating them sometimes or later on - got pretty bad right before I started on 80-10-10. Anyway, back to the dream, as soon as I realized that I'd eaten the french fry 'cause of the effects I'd felt I woke up - like a nightmare. LOL. I didn't feel the anxiety like a nightmare though, but it was similar otherwise.

I'm supposing that my body's working on clearing my arteries or other areas that saturated and/or trans-fat has been stored and/or stuck in my body, which is why I'm reminded of it now. Whatever the case it's an interesting phenomena that I haven't had in quite a while. I figure it's coming back now 'cause I'm doing the running, which I'm sure is doing my body good in ways I can't even imagine.

6am? temp: 96.74 degrees Fahrenheit, day 14 of my cycle, red day, girl kid icon

You know, I think I'm going to contact the Baby-comp company about the boy and girl icons. I think they're switched on mine 'cause the boy ones come up before the girl ones and I think it should be the other way around. Not that it matters for me in a practical sense, it's more of an intellectual mini-almost-peeve at this point. I don't plan on planning the baby's gender if I do decide to plan to birth another baby, but I'm thinking they should know it's switched or I should know why it shows that way. I thought that the boy swimmers were faster but didn't last as long and the girl ones were slower and had better endurance, that would mean that the boy icon should show before the girl one 'cause they are in relation to ovulation. I'll let you know what they tell me once I get an answer.

The Rest:
I've been trying to sleep more to help my running progress and I was doing a great job of it at first, which was reflected in my progress I think. This last week I've had a bit of trouble sleeping, have been a bit distracted with other things going on and have had interruptions to my sleep from things happening to wake me, so I've been in bed a lot longer than I've been getting sleep. At least I've been getting rest. I know I could sleep more 'cause I do actually go to sleep when I get the chance, it's just been interrupted a bunch. I wonder if that's part of the reason I was feeling like I might be overtraining myself with the running and all today and the last time. Overtraining, underrecovering, pretty much the same thing as it's relative.

I thought I might be overtraining 'cause it was a lot harder and I was having trouble finding a pace that felt comfortable like before. I also was not looking forward to it or enjoying it while doing it as much. But then, I haven't felt as comfortable running at the slower pace that I started out with either, so who knows? I do know that it seems like a good idea to maintain at 30 minute runs for now, before continuing on to 50 minutes (via 32, 34, 37, 41, 43, 45 minute runs). I want it to stay fun so I keep doing it. I'll get to 50 minutes eventually, so it's no biggie to have a delay from my plan. When I find that I'm doing well at 30 minutes and feel like more, then I'll add on 2 minutes and see how that goes. I figure my pace will get better in the meantime as a result of sticking to the same length of time running. We'll see...

I'm so excited about the progress we're making at home with all the rearranging of things! We're actually getting close to a noticeable difference and making it more functionally different too! Yay!

One of the errands I did today when I went to fill up my bike tires was to get a couple of other springs for my spinning wheel. It turned out that the spring I got to replace the original now rusty one just was too tight. I was having trouble getting the correct tension for spin and uptake. There was too small a margin of adjustment so I ended up going back and forth between no tension to spin, and then put tension on to get it to uptake and wind on the spool. It worked okay enough to get some done, but not as well as it could be. I'm going to mess with the two springs tomorrow to see if either of them work out. I have yet to find the same kind of spring as it came with, so have to work with what I find or can adjust.

Okay, so I'm going to sleep now.

Aloha & Nightie Night! :)

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