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Wednesday 1/30/08

woke at 12am 'cause hubby's cell phone was beeping with low batteries, used temperature taking device as flashlight to plug in cell phone & messed up taking temperature so had to skip the temperature this time
up at 6:30am
to sleep for night at ~10pm

~9am - water from 3 young coconuts
~9:30am - 2 or 3 large tangerines
~noon - about a dozen large tangerines
~3:30pm - 2 small baggies of garbanzo sprouts while in traffic to pick up son
~7pm - 4 green olives given too me, eek! too salty, but liked 'em, ug! ruined my plans
~7:30pm - 3 more green olives, tahini/lemon dip with 2 med. tomatoes in it - celery dipped in it (~10 sticks)

Wow, I am soooo glad I've gotten enough fruit to last me now. Today was a disaster for me (well, not a complete disaster, and certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but certainly not how I like to be doing and not how I'm used to be doing, that's for sure)- not enough carbs, too much fat and salt on top of it. Ick! All I had left …

Tuesday 1/29/08 - Ran 2 Miles Solid Today!

woke at 2:15am to pee & took temp.,
up at 8:30am
laid down from ~2-3pm, slept about 1/2 that
to sleep for night at 11pm-ish?

~10am - fresh squeezed orange juice (OJ) from I don't know how many oranges, after run ~1 gallon
~11am - ~dozen Surinam cherries as I picked 'em from our tree/bush after OJ settled
~3pm - young coconut water ~1 gallon after getting up from laying down
~4pm - ~7 medium chocolate sapotes after the coco water settled
~5:30pm - dozen or so langsat - the ones that were good to eat, not all were
~6 or 7pm - small avocado, 3 yellow tomatoes, ~1 large head romaine, ~8-12 sticks celery, 1-2 Tbs tahini, ~4 Tbs lemon juice from lemons from our tree

I was a little concerned in the morning about the continuing lack of ripe bananas and fruit in general, but was able to get by with some oranges and the chocolate sapote that ripened. Yay! Well, that is, until dinner... planned to have jicama with the yellow tomatoes and celery, but the jicama I'd been given …

Monday 1/28/08

woke at 6am to wake people, laid in bed for a couple hours after everyone left at 7:30am, up at about 9 or 10
to sleep for night at ~ 11pm

gallon of young coconut water
rest of the rambutan I have (about 3 pounds)
only banana that was ripe :( it was a 'cooking' one though, which helps 'cause they have more calories
5 large tangerines
rest of last night's dinner left overs with a small avocado added
a couple of handfulls of my hubby's raw peanuts - probably about two dozen in those shells
tahini-lemon dip with about 12 sticks celery

Yeah, I definitely overate percentage-wise on the fat calories today. It's probably 'cause I didn't have enough ripe fruit and didn't have a way to get any at the time. Hopefully I'll have enough ripe tomorrow or can go get some somewhere... I wonder how it will affect my running tomorrow, if at all.

When I go into town on Wednesday I'm definitely gonna' stock up on bananas however I can - I'll get '…

Sunday 1/27/08

I'm posting this on 1/28/08, so anything I didn't write down at the time is from memory. I'm sort of out of the swing of keeping track of it all.

don't remember when I got up, think it was about 8:30am, had gone to sleep pretty late the night before
laid down from about 5:45-6:45pm 'cause my neck was a little stiff and I had a tad of a headache - figured out that it was from working it the day before. I had walked to the farmer's market (about 3-5 blocks-ish) and gotten two bags of stuff. When I was leaving a farmer told me that they had a bunch of chocolate sapotes for me, so I took the box of them. I carried the box of them home, with the bags over my right shoulder. I carried it with my right shoulder up a bit attempting to keep the bags from falling off my shoulder, which eventually they did and I carried it with them fallen to my elbow. I'm pretty sure it's 'cause I carried it so strangely that my neck was a bit sore on the right side. Ama…

1/21/08 - I ran over a mile straight for the first time, ever! :)

woke at 6am for temp., up at about 9am?
nap from 4:30-5:30ish
to sleep for night at 10pm

~10am: young coco water after run from about 3 cocos (shared 5 with hubby)
followed by smoothie of 7 ripe raw "cooking bananas" and filtered water

~1pm: 5 medium papayas from our yard
followed by 5 small chocolate sapote

~6pm: orange juice squeezed from 5 large oranges
followed by about 1 bunch celery stalks (outer ones from several, actually) dipped in lemon-tahini dip (2Tbsp tahini & lemon juice to desired texture), a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top of a few bites (~1Tbsp total)

I don't usually eat nutritional yeast, but felt like having some tonight, so did. It was nice.

I think I might have had more bananas in there somewhere, but can't remember at this point, sorry.

~9:30am: Running! :)
~10:15am: stretching after running
~12:30pm: something before lunch that I can't recall now - busy day, didn't think I'd need to remember at the time