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Monday, January 21, 2008

1/21/08 - I ran over a mile straight for the first time, ever! :)

woke at 6am for temp., up at about 9am?
nap from 4:30-5:30ish
to sleep for night at 10pm

~10am: young coco water after run from about 3 cocos (shared 5 with hubby)
followed by smoothie of 7 ripe raw "cooking bananas" and filtered water

~1pm: 5 medium papayas from our yard
followed by 5 small chocolate sapote

~6pm: orange juice squeezed from 5 large oranges
followed by about 1 bunch celery stalks (outer ones from several, actually) dipped in lemon-tahini dip (2Tbsp tahini & lemon juice to desired texture), a little nutritional yeast sprinkled on top of a few bites (~1Tbsp total)

I don't usually eat nutritional yeast, but felt like having some tonight, so did. It was nice.

I think I might have had more bananas in there somewhere, but can't remember at this point, sorry.

~9:30am: Running! :)
~10:15am: stretching after running
~12:30pm: something before lunch that I can't recall now - busy day, didn't think I'd need to remember at the time
~5:30pm: some pushups and stuff before the OJ

I'm actually working on my running and making loads of progress now! Yay!
Today I ran for 12min. solid, followed by 3 min. walking and 5 more minutes running (plus 5 min. warmup walking and more than 5 min. cool down walking to get back home) When I got to the mile mark from where I started running, it was 10min. and 20 seconds later. Cool! Back in December when I started back at working on my running I couldn't even run 2 minutes solid like I had been able to before. Wow!

This is my 10th running session since I started this new plan and it's working fantastically! I'm running every other day (except a time where I skipped two days instead of just one and another where I skipped three days - both towards the beginning). I've been breaking records for myself left a right with this, very exciting. My body keeps pulling through and amazing me. The plan started out with a series of one minute running with one minute walking and that was challenging back then. I'd never timed myself running in the past, but know that when I did and was running better than I could remember being able to do in the past, two minutes was the limit of what I could do before having to walk again. And even after walking for a while I wasn't able to run the two minutes again that same day. So needless to say, I was breaking my own records fairly quickly with every workout, heh. Helps to start with such a low bar for that. LOL.

But now I'm not only running for longer periods of time than I ever recorded before, but I am also running farther than I know I've ever done without stopping before - AND increasing my pace from workout to workout at the same time as increasing my and length of time running, which both increase my distance as well. The day before yesterday I ran the fastest and longest ever as well: 10 minutes solid which got me to about .9 of a mile, which was a pace of about a 11.11min. mile. That was an increase of both pace and length of time from two days before that where I ran 8 minutes solid which got me to about .7 of a mile, which was a pace of about 13.33min. mile.

Today I can now say that "I'm a runner." I'm still not a good runner IMO, 'cause I'm still not going as fast as I want or as long as I want, but I am running regularly and can run over a mile solid at a decent enough pace (close to a 10 min. mile). I'm certainly not ready to win any races (except I could blow my 2-month ago self away now LOL), but I do now consider myself a runner.

Growing up with asthma I never developed running 'cause they always said it wasn't good for me and I'd get weezing and such when I tried. Apparently it can be good for people with asthma, if kept in the comfortably moderate range. I don't have asthma anymore, so can't say. I can say though that I have felt mucus come up from my lungs during my recovery in the day and a half between workouts, sometimes coughing as a result. I had a tiny hint of a weeze one night if I took really deep breaths. All of that was early on though and now I don't get it as much if at all.

It's interesting how I've done lots of aerobic exercise of other kinds through the years and was able to get my heart rate up without feeling it in my lungs like that. I've noticed that the thing that allowed me to work out so that I felt it mostly in my heart was rebounding and the thing that did the same for my lungs was and always has been running. Well, actually swimming might be more than running but it's hard to tell 'cause I've never mastered the breathing with the stroke dealy - so far, at least. Perhaps in a year or so after I've got the running down I'll work on the swimming...

My initial goal for running was to be able to run over 8 minutes straight without having to stop to walk. I've done that already. Next it was to increase it up to 30 minutes and then 50 minutes at a time. I also wanted to have a pace of at least a 10 minute mile (which I'm close to doing already), then 8 minute mile. I thought I wouldn't be doing the 10 minute mile 'till I was up to 30 minutes running at once, so it's cool I'm ahead of schedule in that way.

I'll be happy with maintaining at 50 minute runs every other day at a pace of at least 8 minute miles and will build up to that, which also lets me meet my goal of around 20 or so miles a week 'cause I'd be basically doing a 10K every run at that point. If I get to a pace that allows me to run about 7 miles at a time in the 50 minutes or decide to do a longer run once a week, then I might run on a regular schedule 3 days a week rather than the every other day thing. It's a bit easier to arrange other things around it if it's happening on the same days of the week every week. I like having the day off in between to do other stuff or simply recover (although I haven't felt like I'm actually recovering so far). It is tempting to run every day though 'cause I like how I feel from it... we'll just have to see what I end up doing.

I want to start doing Ashtanga again. I've missed it terribly. That would be for about 2 hours a day, six days a week. I've broken down and ordered a video of the primary series the teacher I used to have (that moved away) recommended. It should arrive around when I'm up to 50 minutes of running at a time which will be good timing. I've been trying to do some on my own, but can't quite remember it all well enough and will appreciate the guiding of the video.

I also want to do stuff with weights 3 times a week (about an hour each time) instead of just when I think of it or have a chance like I'm doing now. I want to continue doing bodyweight things, going to the beach and such too. I'm going to be helping my hubby with the farm again fairly soon, so I need to schedule that in as well.

I want to pump up my bike's tires again now that I can actually get to it again (it was sort of buried in stuff our garage for a while) and use that to get around with in town and for fun. And, of course there are the occasional classes, videos and dancing that I love to do... so you can see why I want to keep the running down to every other day so that I can do all the other stuff too, heh. It's all so fun and nifty it's hard to limit it to one or two things. I guess I'm sort of making up for all the time in the rest of my life that I wasn't into exercise or something. It's just too much fun now! :)

Nothing much to speak of.. a tad of mucus in the shower in the morning, a little feel in my lungs that they're clearing out from the running in the evening after the run...

6am temp: 97.14 degrees fahrenheit, day 27 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons
I thought that I might be starting my period today 'cause my temperature was down a bit, but it wasn't down as far as it usually is during the first couple of weeks of my cycle. I thought it might happen over night between today and tomorrow, but wasn't sure what would happen when running as I don't have any experience with running that far and long at a time. It's 10pm and it hasn't started yet, so guess it'll happen later tonight or tomorrow...

The Rest:
Not a whole lot else to report in this area for today. I was going to help a friend with their computer tutoring them, but they decided to do it another time once we got started.

I thought I had to go in to jury duty tomorrow but it looks like it's been postponed a month. I'm really happy about that for two reasons. I can help out my friend sooner and another who wanted help in a couple of days too. Mostly I'm excited 'cause I will be able to make it to see if I can learn how to spin cotton tomorrow after all. We had it scheduled for last week, but had to cancel 'cause the woman that was going to show us had a cold or something like that and rescheduled it. I was afraid I was going to miss it due to the jury duty, but won't miss it now. Yay!

I have a spinning wheel that I used to spin wool on about 15 years ago, and a hand spindle that I did the same. I haven't been able to get the cotton to spin so am not sure what's different about it. My friend and I that are going to learn how to spin cotton have both personally hand harvested our own cotton from organically grown plants here on-island and hand picked the seeds out of them as well. She has not spun yarn before and I have not been successful with cotton so we're both really excited about this meeting. We both want to be able to grow our own clothing and such. I'm thinking that perhaps I need to card the cotton in order to spin it properly. The wool I had was already carded and such. Or perhaps there's another requirement or difference in doing it.

My hubby has been working on making me some circular bamboo knitting needles with bamboo and some heavy fishing line I got. It's so nifty to make stuff with the crochet hooks he's carved for me and I know I'll love the knitting needles when they're done too! I'll try to post some pictures of some of the things I've been making with the unbleached bulk cotton string I got from the hardware store sometime soon. I think the first thing I'll make with the hand spun cotton is a yoga rug/mat for Ashtanga. I need to make another loom for that though 'cause about 7 or so years ago I gave away all the looms I had that my mom made, but it's fairly easy to do and it'll be fun to show my friend how to make her own at the same time. :)

Well, this is a very long post. I'm going to end it and post it before it becomes yet another unfinished draft of a post not ever posted...

Aloha Everyone!
Happy New Year! :)

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