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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday 1/29/08 - Ran 2 Miles Solid Today!

woke at 2:15am to pee & took temp.,
up at 8:30am
laid down from ~2-3pm, slept about 1/2 that
to sleep for night at 11pm-ish?

~10am - fresh squeezed orange juice (OJ) from I don't know how many oranges, after run ~1 gallon
~11am - ~dozen Surinam cherries as I picked 'em from our tree/bush after OJ settled
~3pm - young coconut water ~1 gallon after getting up from laying down
~4pm - ~7 medium chocolate sapotes after the coco water settled
~5:30pm - dozen or so langsat - the ones that were good to eat, not all were
~6 or 7pm - small avocado, 3 yellow tomatoes, ~1 large head romaine, ~8-12 sticks celery, 1-2 Tbs tahini, ~4 Tbs lemon juice from lemons from our tree

I was a little concerned in the morning about the continuing lack of ripe bananas and fruit in general, but was able to get by with some oranges and the chocolate sapote that ripened. Yay! Well, that is, until dinner... planned to have jicama with the yellow tomatoes and celery, but the jicama I'd been given for free turned out to be moldy (guess that's why it was free). So I decided to have a salad, but the lettuce I'd gotten was really super bitter and tough so that I just couldn't deal with it without some fat on it. I gave the outer leaves to my guinea pig 'cause I couldn't even deal with them with dressing and then made the dressing with tahini and lemon, saved some thicker to dip celery in too. I discovered that one of the avocados was ripe and ate it 'cause I just haven't been getting enough calories lately from this little fruit shortage I've been going through. Yeah, definitely having some difficulty with the fat percentages here, as well as undereating the carbs. I'm gonna' make sure I get lots of fruit tomorrow to straighten this all out.

~9:30am - running! Ran 2 miles today without walking in between - for the first time ever. It took 22 minutes and 5 or 6 seconds, so I guess the average pace was a 11 minute and 3 second mile. I was supposed to just run for 22 minutes today, but was so close to the 2 mile mark I kept going. Of course, I am still doing the walking warm-up and cool down, but haven't been timing that part in particular. We've been walking to a spot that we measured a mile from, which takes about 5 minutes brisk walking to get to/from so figure it's about a 5 minute warm up and the same for cool down. I got to the 1 mile mark at 10 minutes and 25 or 26 seconds, turned around and guess the second mile was at a 11 minute and 40 second pace. Not bad for the first time I've ever run 22 minutes solid without stopping to walk as well as the first time I've ever run two miles without stopping. I'm happy with it, for now that is. ;) As I said before I'm working towards various goals and am happy with my progress. Yay! I think I just might be getting through the non-runnerness of my life after all.

~11am - push ups - sorry, forgot to count again
~3pm - more push ups, didn't count them either - also did some partial ones on knees with the clapping thing & just training the clapping part a bit
followed by pull ups - assisted by my feet a bit on the way up for now - am doing them off my hammock chair's bar and using the hammock chair to put my feet on for the assisting
~6pm - more push ups before dinner
~10pm - stretching

A bit of a feeling in my lungs after my running, but nothing specifically detoxing - think it was more recovery.

2:15am temp: 96.58 degrees Fahrenheit, day 8 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

The Rest:
I was going to go into the farm with my hubby today, but didn't have time to get ready so skipped it. We had clothes in the washer that needed to be hung up to dry too. At the last minute we found out that our son wanted to go in to class earlier than my hubby and I thought. That's fine. I'm going there tomorrow anyway. It's a good thing I stayed with the clothes 'cause they needed to be dried and they had to be monitored 'cause it was an off and on rainy day. It would have been a hassle to take 'em with us and try to dry them at a laudramat 'cause we needed to leave the truck at the college and take the bus back so our son could get home in the evening. He has a class today that lets out after the buses stop running. Staying at home also gave me enough time to cut lots of fresh grass for my guinea pig, deal with the compost and various other things so it turned out great.

No spinning cotton this night.

Aloha! :)

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