Monday 1/28/08

woke at 6am to wake people, laid in bed for a couple hours after everyone left at 7:30am, up at about 9 or 10
to sleep for night at ~ 11pm

gallon of young coconut water
rest of the rambutan I have (about 3 pounds)
only banana that was ripe :( it was a 'cooking' one though, which helps 'cause they have more calories
5 large tangerines
rest of last night's dinner left overs with a small avocado added
a couple of handfulls of my hubby's raw peanuts - probably about two dozen in those shells
tahini-lemon dip with about 12 sticks celery

Yeah, I definitely overate percentage-wise on the fat calories today. It's probably 'cause I didn't have enough ripe fruit and didn't have a way to get any at the time. Hopefully I'll have enough ripe tomorrow or can go get some somewhere... I wonder how it will affect my running tomorrow, if at all.

When I go into town on Wednesday I'm definitely gonna' stock up on bananas however I can - I'll get 'em from Safeway if needed. Still it will take a while for them to ripen so I'll stock up on other fruit to last me in the meantime. Last week I thought that I'd be able to get at Thursday's market what I wasn't able to get at Wednesday's, because that's how it usually goes here for me. It didn't pan out this time and I couldn't even find enough at Saturday's market either. Looks like I might have to start getting myself to regular grocery stores and eat the imported stuff 'till the bananas recover here. When I'm travelling I am more prepared for this situation than now. Guess I'll hafta' start thinking of it as a travel time for a while.

A friend of ours said that they had lots of Surinam cherries and starfruit on their trees that we could go pick, so I'll have to make a point of going there before my hubby and son take off with the truck for the day. If I could just find the air pump that actually works I could ride my bike over there. The only gas station for miles has a broken air valve. I want to start riding my bike again anyway so hopefully that will work out too.

~15 push ups
~12 push ups
more push ups, not sure how many, forgot to count.. oops
Callanetics warm up, stomach & hip things I could remember
side-to-side rear leg lift exercise I invented

This is supposed to be my 'rest' day in between running. Since getting my running going well is HUGE for me (it's always been one of my weakest areas), I'm trying to keep the exercise down on these days until I get my running level to my goal length of time running solid: 50 minutes. I've decided to see if I can remember to do push ups before each time I eat or think about it to get my pushups going again. I've sort of slacked on keeping up with them and discovered that I couldn't do more than 10 regular ones in a row anymore before putting my knees down. Funny how I could also do 10 hopping ones as well though - prob. 'cause I'd been doing them more often than the regular ones, although had stopped doing them both for a bit.

I'm also vaguely working on getting my pull up back. I say vaguely 'cause I'm not very consistent with it still. Perhaps later. I'm also similarly working on handstands.

My hubby found my old yoga mat tonight! Yay! It's quite dusty and icky from where it had been stashed somehow though. :( We'll probably fix it up tomorrow or the next day sometime so maybe I'll be able to start using it Friday. :)

Nothing here.

5am temp: skipped 'cause I was awake too much before & after the time. day 7 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

The Rest:
Not much else to report on for today. I spun some more cotton tonight and I'm getting better at it, so that's nice. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to knit or crochet it unless I ply it first, but I think weaving will work fine. We'll see, we'll see.


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