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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday 1/27/08

I'm posting this on 1/28/08, so anything I didn't write down at the time is from memory. I'm sort of out of the swing of keeping track of it all.

don't remember when I got up, think it was about 8:30am, had gone to sleep pretty late the night before
laid down from about 5:45-6:45pm 'cause my neck was a little stiff and I had a tad of a headache - figured out that it was from working it the day before. I had walked to the farmer's market (about 3-5 blocks-ish) and gotten two bags of stuff. When I was leaving a farmer told me that they had a bunch of chocolate sapotes for me, so I took the box of them. I carried the box of them home, with the bags over my right shoulder. I carried it with my right shoulder up a bit attempting to keep the bags from falling off my shoulder, which eventually they did and I carried it with them fallen to my elbow. I'm pretty sure it's 'cause I carried it so strangely that my neck was a bit sore on the right side. Amazing to remember how I wouldn't have been able to even lift that box to put it in my car before I started 80/10/10 over 5 years ago, and now I'm carrying it home. If it happens again, I'll figure out a way to secure the bags in a different way so I don't have to do that thing with my shoulder the whole way again.

small cup of thin banana smoothie after run when stretching (not many bananas ripe)
lots of rambutan - probably about 5 or 6 pounds
lots of water
6 or so medium chocolate sapotes
~8 medium jicama, 3 medium tomatoes, 7 sticks celery, 5 large leaves romaine, 1 small "Hawaiian oregano" leaf, 1/2 avocado - actually only ate about 3/4 of this jicama mix

There's a bit of a shortage of bananas on-island right now due to high winds knocking over the fruiting ones a little while back, so I had a little shortage of ripe bananas. It takes a bit longer for them to ripen in the winter so there's a bit of a gap right now. Luckily I've got the chocolate sapotes instead. I'd love to have 'em both though. I probably overate the fat percentage-wise for today, but I think it'll even out with other days when I eat less or no overt fat in relation to my calories. It didn't feel too heavy last night (the 27th) or today (when I'm writing this). Perhaps it's 'cause I didn't eat the whole evening thing so didn't overeat the fat after all...

Followed by stretching
some pushups or some sort of calestenic sort of thing, can't remember which at this point
2 or 3 sets of bench press & fly equivalents on an exercise machine
little bit of quick squats followed by stretching before bed 'cause leg muscles wanted something...

I've continued to run every other day with my hubby since I posted last. It's been working out really well. He used to be a really good runner before he broke his leg and had a metal plate in it. It took a long time to get them to take the metal back out and he couldn't run with it, so he got out of the swing of it. He hasn't really run the whole time we've been together so he's excited about getting back to it (after 20 years away from it) too. I knew that he'd still be better at it than me 'cause of his muscle memory vs. my muscle inexperience running-wise. It's worked out well though 'cause he's been able to just carry dumbbells and/or do fancier stepping to even it up so we can still run together. It's fun! He's up to carrying a 8 pound dumbbell in each hand by now when all I can do is just run. LOL. I'm still running for longer times than ever before in my life each time, and my pace is gradually getting better as well, so I'm running farther than ever too.

We ran 20 minutes solid this time, with 5 minute walking for warm-up and cool-down. We travelled 1.85 miles in the 20 minutes of running, making it an average pace of a 10 minute, 48 second mile. I wanted to push the pace a little for the first mile, but not too much 'cause I had to keep going. I ran the first mile at the fastest pace I've done yet: 10 minutes, 7 seconds! Yay! I then decided to slow a little for the rest 'cause I didn't wanna' miss out on running for longer than ever (20 minutes solid) either. So the rest of the run (.85 miles) was at a pace of a 11 minute, 37 second pace, still not bad for me. Yay!

I'll probably not push it as much the next few times. Part of the reason I decided to push it this time was to see how close I could get to 2 miles in the 20 minutes and also 'cause I knew that I was increasing my time by 2 minutes from the last time and will increase it 2 minutes the next time as well. This is less of an increase than I'll have for a few workouts 'cause the time after that will be 3 minutes more and then 5 minutes more before it goes back to 2 minutes more again. The 5 minute more workout will take me to 30 minutes of running solid! Yay! I'll probably push the pace again the workout after that, when it's a 32 minute run - assuming I'm able to keep up the increases each time as planned.

One thing that's cool is that I've realized that I now can sort of maintain a jog at about a 12 minute mile pace as a rest if needed, almost like walking used to be. That's huge for me 'cause I started out at a 13 minute mile pace or slower for my running/pushing it just a little over a month ago. Nice.

My Ashtanga video series arrived too! Now if I could only find my mat... I thought I knew where it was, but can't find it now. Ug. Well, I did watch the 1st two of them already and confirmed that they are exactly what I wanted, which is great! If I can't find my mat soon I'll figure out something else or get another one. I kind of wanted to wait to start on it full on until after I'm not increasing my running time anymore (which would be once I'm doing 50 minutes straight, in about 2 or three weeks - Feb 16th-ish according to my plan). That was when I thought I'd be doing the primary series though, which is about 2 hours long. There is another one that has a lot of the same stuff in it that's only an hour and 15 minutes though, so I might start on that earlier. I'll probably start on the surya namaskaras sometime this week. I'll start on them as an every other day thing too, then do them 6 days a week, then adding the rest of the shorter (1 1/4 hour) one every other day, eventually becoming 6 days a week later on. After seeing that 75 minute thing I might put off doing the full primary series 'till later, once I'm doing well with that first. I figure it might prepare my muscles better for some of the more advanced things towards the middle of the primary series better that way. It'll be sooo cool to be able to do that stuff. I just love it!

Hmm.. can't remember anything in particular in this area..

5am temp: 96.67 degrees Fahrenheit, day 6 of my cycle, amber (yellow) day, no kid icons

The Rest:
About the cotton spinning:
I did make it to that meeting with my friends. It turns out that there's nothing special or different. We sort of determined that part of my problems with it had to be with the nature of cotton - it doesn't hold its spin as readily as wool, and also my spinning wheel. I wasn't able to bring my spinning wheel 'cause when I went to get it I discovered that it needed some restoration and repair before using it again. Apparently the metal pieces had rusted, which maybe was part of the reason I was having difficulty with it before - it was probably affecting it before it was visibly rusty.

My hubby and I got new solid brass hooks for guiding the yarn on the spindle to replace the rusty ones. They should not rust so readily. I also got a new spring. We sanded and oiled the rust in the aperture and turning parts and got a new string to replace for the 'drive belt' of it. Now it's working peachy-keen! ;) I've been able to start spinning again. Yay! Once I get a bunch of yarn done I'll figure out whether I'm gonna' weave, knit or crochet it. I think I might start with weaving it because of the spin thing, unless I ply it first. That means I've gotta' make a loom again (gave away the ones I had that my mom made before, but remember how to do it). I'm having fun spinning the cotton when I have time. I just love treadle operated things, so cool!

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