Wednesday 1/30/08

woke at 12am 'cause hubby's cell phone was beeping with low batteries, used temperature taking device as flashlight to plug in cell phone & messed up taking temperature so had to skip the temperature this time
up at 6:30am
to sleep for night at ~10pm

~9am - water from 3 young coconuts
~9:30am - 2 or 3 large tangerines
~noon - about a dozen large tangerines
~3:30pm - 2 small baggies of garbanzo sprouts while in traffic to pick up son
~7pm - 4 green olives given too me, eek! too salty, but liked 'em, ug! ruined my plans
~7:30pm - 3 more green olives, tahini/lemon dip with 2 med. tomatoes in it - celery dipped in it (~10 sticks)

Wow, I am soooo glad I've gotten enough fruit to last me now. Today was a disaster for me (well, not a complete disaster, and certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but certainly not how I like to be doing and not how I'm used to be doing, that's for sure)- not enough carbs, too much fat and salt on top of it. Ick! All I had left to eat this morning before the farmer's market was tangerines (and the coconut water), but I figured it'd be fine 'cause I would be getting food at the market. I did get lots of food there, but it wasn't accessible to me due to how it was packed in the back of the truck and how it was raining. I didn't realize it'd take so long to get home after market too.

Here's how it all happened. I went to pick up my son at college after market and he was a half hour late. I munched on the garbanzo sprouts I'd been given at market then so wasn't feeling like I needed to pull out any food from the back of the truck at that point. Then we went to pick up my hubby at the farm we're starting up and he had to gather some stuff, etc. which took a bit more time. Then on the way home I wanted to get celery and tomatoes at the grocery store to be sure I had enough stuff for the week. When we stopped there our son went to see some friends at a store next door and then got some food from the grocery store's deli that he was eating on the way back. My hubby and son stopped at a restaurant in town to get some take-out food they like, which took a bit longer. Just before they went to get it my son offered me the olives, which I took, unfortunately. They made me interested in getting live pizza that a neighboring restaurant sells so I went by there but they were closed. (Thank goodness). I went back in the truck and waited for them. When we got home we needed to unload and put away all the stuff in the back of the truck, including the food I'd gotten at market. By the time we were finished I didn't feel like making or having OJ or anything much, which led me to the fats again. Darn.

I know what I need to do to avoid this in the future. I've done it before and I just have to be more prepared for it in the future. When I haven't been eating enough carbs. lately I need to make sure to keep some fruit accessible to me at all times when going out with a group of people 'cause I'm likely to get caught out later than I planned and go to fats as a result. I also need to avoid the olives - especially ones that I haven't soaked for a long time in water and rinsed several times to get most of the salt out. I'm excited and happy that I think I've gathered enough bananas and other fruit so that I won't be undereating carbs (fruits) anymore, which I know will allow me to feel better and not be led to fats and such too.

The guy I get my regular order of 'cooking' and lady finger bananas from was back this week. Yay! He wasn't there last week 'cause of the rains. The guy we used to regularly get apple bananas from still doesn't have enough to make a case of them so I had to look elsewhere again. I reserved a tray of the ripest ones I could find early on. Then I saw a box of some nice looking apple bananas under another farmer's table & got them. After that I also saw a nice looking racime of apple bananas at a booth that doesn't always have them and got them too. So now I have a variety of types and ripenesses of bananas, with the majority being apple bananas 'cause that's the kind my hubby likes. I also got 20 pounds of rambutan and 7 pounds of longan from a friend. I got 12 large navel oranges and 7 large tangerines as well. I got a box of jicama from the lady I get jicama from and she gave me a couple of bags of older ones free. I got the regular 10 young coconuts too. There was more lettuce available too, so I got about 8 of a few different heads of lettuce as well as a few avocados.

I think that should do it. It's the bananas I needed most. Rambutan, longan, surinam cherries and starfruit just don't have many calories for their volume so it's hard to get enough just eating them all the time. The same thing goes for oranges, but it's a little easier when you juice 'em, but I don't think that's ideal. I think I might get some dates tomorrow too, so I can put them in smoothies with my chocolate sapotes and a little banana to start to get the carb calories going again. We also might go pick some of the fruit off the starfruit and surinam cherry trees tomorrow. Friday I plan to go see if I can pick some chocolate sapotes with a friend of mine. I still have some of them ripening and I think there will be some ready tomorrow. Yay!

I'll have to get my camera back from who's borrowing it and start taking picks of what I get at the farmer's market again for y'all.

some push ups in the morning, not sure what time (7am maybe?)
farmwork (light today) - helped hubby with measuring and marking 200 foot long sections where papayas will be planted, and where vegetables will be planted in-between, drove wheel barrow with amendments, etc. - so involved lots of walking, some running and squat walking, light carrying
farmer's market carrying - parked at one end and carried all cases of food, etc. (ranging from 10 - 40 (or 50?) pounds) to truck from there, most of which were about a 'block' away - as well as unloading them at home
stretching while waiting for the computer to start up tonight

Thirsty after having the olives - what was I thinking? Wasn't actually, that's the problem, heh.

I'm sure I'll have salty mucus for a while to report after this for y'all...

skipped temperature today, day 9 of my cycle, red day, no kid icons

The Rest:
It's late now, and I need to rest so I can run tomorrow and recover from the icky food today. I'm so looking forward to getting back on track with it all again! I love how I feel when I'm on track so much better.

Today I saw a friend of mine at the farmer's market that I was so close with that we called each other sisters, but have been out of touch with for about a year now. It was so great to see her again! Yay! We're gonna' get together again soon and catch up.

Nightie night & Aloha! :)


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