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Sunday, September 21, 2008

9-21-08 - Happy Equinox! :)

woke at 7 or 7:30am and layed around/went back to sleep for a bit
up at 8:30-ish

Breakfast was a cantaloupe-y melon, a musk melon of sorts. The first pic's before I opened it, the second's after opening and scooping out the seeds. It wasn't as orange inside as I expected, but it was ripe:

Lunch was bananas:

Dinner was salad: baby spinach & mixed baby lettuces & 2 heirloom roma tomatoes with dressing: juice of 2 lemons and ~2 Tbsp tahini. I put the rest of the button shitake mushrooms on top & ate 'em first, by themselves, like an appetizer. I'm kinda' glad to be rid of them, even though I like the taste and texture of them. They're not ideal and my breath bothers me overnight and the next morning after having them. Here's the pic:

I did 3 each of the beginning of the Primary Series warmups for Ashtanga (Sun Salutations) and the next one after that, then a few of the sitting poses (the ones to lean forward and the ones to twist). Then I rolled on the wooden roller a bit, not as much to get now. Yay! I then took my shower and went off to the gym! :)

I did a bit of rowing today again. Nice to be back. :) I took it easy on that, just in case and did the 2000m thingy on the one downstairs. It didn't tell me my expected finish, which was probably good for today so I didn't decide to challenge myself and all. LOL I just stayed around 30 strokes a minute, give or take a stroke or two, most of the time. I do have to confess, I did go a bit faster towards the end, but that was sort of a reflex/habit... I slowed down after the 2000m for a few minutes to cool down and all so I think it was fine.

After that I went and got the gloves and speed bag and had a fairly quick, fun workout with that. I think it was about 15 or 20 minutes. I discovered that part of the trick of keeping it going well was to hit it fairly hard and sharply, and try to do it the same way all the time. Fun! :) It's pretty loud though, so I'm not sure if I'll have one at home or not. It's tempting though...

Then I went to the free weights again and did the shoulder things I've been doing. 3 sets each of: lateral raises (I think that's the name of the ones you bring your arms up on each side), using 3 weight amounts and going down on the weight in the set in order to keep going; the raise up to the front, then out to the side and down on the sides, then back up on the sides and to the front and down again - for one rep; hammer curl up to overhead raise (with dumbbells) and back down again - for one rep; and another I forgot to mention yesterday that I added yesterday: rear delt flys that I do on a bench with my legs forward and leaning all the way over into them so that my arms go under the bench for full range of motion.

I then went up to the youth circuit room and tried out the jump rope they had there. Yep. Not ready for the jump rope quite yet. But I was surprised to find that I actually was able to "get" the single hop/fast rope turn thingy you see people doing for workouts all the time. Yay! I'd never "gotten" that down before! :)

Since I couldn't do the rope I decided to do 3 sets each on their machines for chin-ups and bench press there in that room. After that I figured it was enough for today and left.

Had a hint of BO after doing the yoga this morning before my shower, that went away before I actually got in the shower.

day 12 of my cycle, red day, ?? kid icons

The Rest:
The rest is yet to see... I'll add to this post later. :)

update: Couldn't post this - problems with Blogger... So it's a few days later (the 23rd) now and I still can't post. :( I figured that since I can make the entries still (off and on) that I'll try to catch up... wonder if I'll remember everything...

Hmmm.... you know, I can't remember what else I did on Sunday by now. Sorry. At least I took some pics to help me remember my meals...

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