Website todos

K, so here's my list of things I want to do for this website. I'm posting it here so you'll know what's due to change & so you can let me know if you think I forgot something or if you want me to add anything else by commenting below.

Todo list:

  • fix up Blogger interface so it looks right when viewing older blogs too - adjust template I suppose

  • add more product reviews, etc

  • fix air & water filter products link(s)

  • add garnish/ambiance link in products?

  • see if can find smaller tool kits with only the tools I use for garnishing

  • add "for women" link in products - for fertility awareness, feminine hygience, etc.?

  • add any pics I have on my laptop to gallery (I have more on my external HDD at home)

  • blog more

  • post fruit, food, etc. pics already taken

  • take more pics and post

  • fix fruits and veggies links on photos area

  • update/add FAQs

  • add tips, links, fun, bonus content

  • In photo history area:

    remove link border on Aug 2003 pic in

    fix last update pic (has 2 different dates together - refer to progress for dates)

  • update kitchen-and-storage page in photos section re: info of how kitchen is done, etc.

  • update garden pics

  • do more exercise pics and videos

  • adjust home page

  • fix salad mix page - remove "coming soon" from mesclun mix with arugula

So there it is. I'll be working on these things over the next few weeks. Some of it will have to happen after I get back home 'cause I don't have all my files and such with me.


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