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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


woke at 7:30am,
up at 7:45am
to sleep for night last night at 11pm
I'm still needing to catch up on my sleep, but we watched a movie that turned out to be longer than we thought last night, so I'll have to catch up more with a nap today or tonight

Let's see... yesterday... hmmm... having a hard time remembering specifically... oh yeah! I remember (at least some of it)
breakfast: 5 small french melons
lunch: bananas that were ripe enough - think it was around 8 or 9
dinner: a couple of asian apple pears then slowly went about gathering and preparing the salad and such of: about 3/4 pound salad mix with all sorts of greens and edible flowers, and a few herbs in there here and there (got it at the farmer's market Saturday); a very large heirloom tomato; small avocado; lemon-tahini dressing (yep, shouldn't mix the avo & tahini and was probably over 10% fat for today, but I went over fat-free the other day so it'll be okay for now)

breakfast: large orange fleshed honeydew melon followed by about 7 bananas about a half hour or hour later ('cause I had breakfast a bit later - around 11:30-ish)
lunch: I think I'm gonna' have more bananas and possibly asian apple pears
dinner: will probably start with oranges, then have a salad with tahini-lemon or tahini-orange dressing

update: I did have the apple pears and then bananas for lunch and salad for dinner, but I didn't have the oranges and had a small avocado in the salad - my last one. The salad was from Safeway - organic. My dad and I went out and on the way home we stopped there so I could get more food. I needed to get more bananas so they could ripen in time and was low on salad, tomatoes, lemons and breakfast stuff. I got bananas, heirloom tomatoes, salad mix, baby spinach, and lemons - all organic. I also got a watermelon that wasn't organic 'cause they didn't have any organic and they have been agreeing with me better than the other options like pears, apples, plums, grapes and such ('cause I don't usually eat 'em 'cause they don't grow on Kauai).

Yesterday I went to my dad's wife's gym and did a Balletone class while she did an exercise class in the pool. It was fun but not enough of a workout alone for me on a regular basis. That gym also had the rowing machines. Cool! :) I didn't want her to have to wait for me and they were gonna' get me a membership to the other gym in my dad's town that has all sorts of equipment. I figured it was a good way back into things and that I'd just start working out more the next day.

We signed me up at the other gym later in the day and today I went there and worked out. It was fun! :) I went to a Zumba class for the first time - fun! :) I didn't get the Rumba step quite down so I'm looking forward to the next one so I can get better at things. :) After that there was a body sculpt class that used a yoga mat, stability ball and weights. That was fun too! :) I couldn't leave without at least using the rowing machine for at least 20 minutes, 'cause I wanted to try out this new one so badly. It was waay fun! Yay!

I discovered that they must have put the seat on the machine at home on backwards or something 'cause the seats on this machine were much better situated. I had a problem with getting a bit of a blister in-between my butt cheeks at home. LOL Kinda' embarrassing when it's popped during a workout and you're changing in the dressing room, not to mention painful when showering afterward. I had worked out a way to not get them most of the time by folding an extra towel a bunch of times and put it on the seat so that I could sit on it and have a gap at the back. The seats here on these newer ones were built with a gap there - and the form rise on the seat in in the front (rather than the back where they have it on the one at home). I'm hoping I'll be able to simply turn the seat around on the one at my gym at home and it'll work just as well. In the meantime I'm really enjoying the rowing - in fact I may only take one class tomorrow and row more. :)

There are a couple of things about the new rower that I don't like as much as the older one: the fan is more enclosed, which is good for liability I'm sure, but not so good for getting that terrific air flow in your face when rowing. You still get some air, but it's not like the other one that only has a cage around it. The other thing is that it rows so smoothly that I don't feel as much resistance. The smoothness is good for it being quieter 'cause it's very quiet and the other one makes more noise. I'm thinking that there would be a way to make resistance and all, so I'll fiddle around with it more tomorrow. I just wanted to row for a while so I put the setting on just rowing and rowed away at about 30 or so a minute - just for fun. I also did a few minutes really slowly (at about 15 or 20 strokes a minute) as a cool down after.

So I guess I had about two and a half hours of official exercise today so far. I don't know what my dad & I will end up doing, but I'm fairly certain it would mainly involve walking at most. I may stretch a little this evening before going to sleep too. I like to stretch before bed while reading or something.

There is something about my dad's house or the area or something that makes me have a tendency to wake with puffy eyes. They drain out into my nose once I'm up for a while and it makes me sneeze and have to blow my nose sometimes. I've been having that while here so far.

I don't have much else to report. Yesterday after eating my bananas I had a bit of loud digestion that sounded like a cat or something. LOL I don't usually have that, not sure why I got it then either, but it wasn't accompanied with gas or anything so who knows... I smelled a tad of ketones in the shower at the gym after my workouts today and had a tad of underarm BO for a few minutes when driving back to my dad's but it had gone before I got there and hasn't come back since.

It's day 7 of my cycle, most likely a red day, probably no kid icons

The Rest:
Yesterday we went shopping a bit. They want to get some window coverings in their kitchen and so we went to a window covering place to figure out what kind of style they want and all. Then we went to Fry's and I looked at cameras to see if I could find a tiny one to wear and take more pictures for y'all and all. I wanted to try and find a keychain one that had some sort of Megapixel thing going so it'd be better than my cell phone's camera. My cell phone's camera take pictures that look almost like they're black and white or something. The colors are all grayed out. I'd found a 3 megapixel keychain one on Hammacker Schleckter (sp?) for $70 but it was out of stock and I couldn't find it anywhere else - even on the manufacturer's website. So I started thinking of buying a 8 megapixel Elph instead. It's smaller and more lightweight than my phone and takes better pictures. It turns out that my dad was looking for one for his wife too and that the exact one that I was thinking of getting (color and everything) is the one she ended up getting. LOL So now I'm testing it out to see if it will work for what I want and if so, I'll get one too. I'll probably get it through Amazon instead though 'cause it's cheaper that way. Guess I should call and see if they're gonna' have that 3 megapixel one any time soon first as well. My son has a 12.1 megapixel camera that's about the same size as my phone and about the same weight and it takes great pictures so I'm not sure if I should get another one around that size or just borrow his. The idea was to have one with me all the time though, so I suppose I should get some sort of one... Ug! Decisions can be difficult sometimes - especially when you found what you want and it's not available anymore...

I got some RAM for my laptop. I'd been meaning to get more RAM for it since I got it. It had the minimum RAM practical for Vista so it's been a bit slow on some things. Now it's doing much better. Yay! :) The RAM is much cheaper now too, so that's nice.

Not much else to tell y'all right now in terms of yesterday and today so far. Perhaps I'll have time to add more stuff to the website today too. :) I'll let y'all know later.

update: I decided to get the camera my dad's wife got yesterday and ordered it today online. It cost less today than yesterday - cool! So I got a spare rechargable battery for it too - all for less than I was gonna' pay before. Nice. I'm gonna' use her camera while here so I went shopping for a case for it so that I can carry it on my purse or belt loop to have it with me. This means that y'all should see new pics soon! :) Yay! :) K, gonna' go now. Type to ya' later.


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