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Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm writing this a few days later, so don't remember some of the specifics. I'm gonna' override the date so it shows up like I posted this on the 26th.

I have pics of the food though, so can at least post about that ('cause the pics jog my memory)...

Breakfast was melon (including the ones not cut yet too):

Lunch was bananas (pic taken in the car, had already eaten 3 not pictured):

Dinner was spinach salad with tomatoes (2 or 3 large) and tahini-lemon dressing:

This was my last day to go to the gym while on vacation so I decided to just do some of my favorite things. I rowed for about 40 minutes or so, and basically did the same routine as Wednesday. I meant to also do the speed bag, but ended up not having enough time left for it. I thought that if I had time the next day I'd just go in and do it, but didn't end up having time on Saturday so didn't.

My dad and I went on a walk by the waterfront in the evening and I did some of the par course things. Fun! :)

Yeppers. Mainly cloudy BMs...

day 17 of my cycle, ?? day, ?? kid icons

The Rest:
It was my last day away and I spent most of the day w/my dad. We went to get some brown jeans I found (not an easy thing to find, especially in my size); played the drums, ukulele and harmonica; played around with his laptop and a program he got to be able to record stuff from the TV and VHS, etc. (so he can convert his VHS tapes to DVD); talked and all. It was nice. Now that I'm writing this, it reminds me that we did much of that the day before as well (mainly the talking & music stuff).

I had messed up when reading my itinerary at one point and thought I was leaving on Saturday at 4:40, and discovered on this night that it was actually 12:10 instead. Ooops! That meant no way I'd get back to the gym... and we wouldn't have time for the other things we had planned either. :( Oh well. At least I discovered it the day before, rather than after it was too late...

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