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Thursday, September 25, 2008


woke at 7am-ish, up at 8-ish
to sleep last night around 10:30-ish, didn't sleep very well

Breakfast was melons:

I constructed a little thing for fun with the rinds:

If I had some little squat candles or tall skinny ones they might look good in there too (inside the top one). :) As it was I just composted 'em.

Lunch was some bananas, sorry didn't get a pic...

Dinner was celery & tomatoes with tahini-lemon dip (all organic):

I made it to the Pilates class! Yay! It was nifty and fun! :) We did Pilates Tower stuff, so didn't use the sliding seat but did use the springs, handles, bar and such on the riser. I have an area of my lower back that's always been sort of flat when I'm trying to ball up and roll. The rest of me does fine it's just that part - been that way since I can remember. I remember when I was a kid I couldn't do somersaults very well 'cause I'd roll up to it, then my back would slam down ('cause it was flat there) and it'd stop my momentum (unless I got up enough speed to go past it fast enough, which is what I used to do). ANYway... I could feel it sort of curling a bit at a certain point toward the end of the class. Nice. I had a nice talk with the instructor after and she showed me another machine, MVp, that was more portable and compact and a book that showed all the things you could do with it. Perhaps I can get them to use that at my gym since we could move 'em out of the way (space is limited there). It wasn't an aerobic sort of workout, or bodybuilding sort of thing, but it did challenge my muscles in certain spots and was good for muscle tone and flexibility and balance. Cool. :)

I decided to leave it at that exercise-wise at the gym today. I was still a bit constipated feeling from the stuff I ate yesterday. *insert embarrassed smiley here* LOL That's why I didn't sleep so well too. Oh well. At least I didn't have the bad breath thing going too. My dad and I might go for a walk later on and I might try out whatever par course stations are still in good enough shape, so I'll get other exercise later.

Not as much as I expected - at least so far... I was definitely thirsty during and after yesterday's digestively challenging meals, and it seemed to sort of sit like a lump in my intestines overnight and this morning so I felt constipated, but did have a BM so wasn't really I suppose. I got quite hot last night (in relation to how I usually feel) and didn't want the covers I usually bundle up in and felt that it was stuffy inside so opened a window that I haven't needed open before. I don't know if that's from the meals or from ovulation, both or neither. LOL No BO so far or bad breath either. It's about noon right now, so we'll see when I finish this later if there are any other things.

Yeah, there were... some cloudy BMs started in that evening.

day 16 of my cycle, probably a red day, probably both kid icons... I think I might have ovulated yesterday evening, but don't know 'cause I haven't been doing my temperature and all 'cause I left my BabyComp at home. I sometimes have a feeling in my cervix area when I'm ovulating & I felt that yesterday evening. I was also hotter last night than I've been, possibly from the degree of body temperature increase that happens at ovulation and last 'till menstruation. But then that temperature thing could have just been an increase from my body to deal with the food I ate yesterday...

The Rest:
It's the 28th now, when I've gotten back to updating this post. I have pics of my food, but don't remember the specifics of the rest, so I'll just leave it as-is.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Janie,
    Great posts.
    I am the same way when I eat less than optimal too. I go in a weird funk and then don't sleep well.
    It usually takes a day to bounce back for me.