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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


woke at 7am, up at 7:30am
to sleep for night last night at 11-ish

I'm gonna' try to take pictures of all my food now that I've got a camera I can take with me... Here are the first ones:

Breakfast: 1/2 watermelon ("something grey" was the name - can't remember the first word) - I ate some before the pic :)

Lunch (all organic): bananas and dates - most into smoothie for dipping the rest into (pic 1 is before smoothie, pic 2 is after)

Dinner (all organic): 3 oranges (quartered & eaten off the rind - well, except one quarter that was squeezed into the dressing); salad: baby spinach (~5/8 pound), 2 heirloom tomatoes with dressing: ~2 Tbsp of tahini and juice of 2 lemons
Here's a pic of the ingredients (I couldn't fit all the spinach into the largest bowl I have here, so it was less than that - and I only had a little of the tahini)

went to the gym again today - took the yoga class & intended to do the power pump one after it, but the yoga class went overtime so it was too late to start in on the other one. So I did a circuit in the youth circuit room ('cause I'm short and the machines are supposedly more fitted to shorter people there). The machines were nifty in that the seats would often move with your movement so I think you're moving some of your own bodyweight along with the weights you pick (but I'm not sure of that 'cause I was lifting basically the same weights as with other machines that didn't do that). The chin-up one was nice in that way 'cause the seat would tilt as you go up in a similar manner as your body does when doing them straight up. Nice.

After I finished exploring and using the weight machines in the youth circuit room I went into the adult circuit room and used one of the rowing machines in there. They were a slightly different design than the one at home and the ones they had in their cardio room. I think I like the foot things best on the ones they have in the cardio room. The ones in the cardio room had curved heel rests that worked better IMO than the flatter, more squared off ones here in this room. Both of them work better than the wooden one that is at my gym at home though so it's all good.

I decided to check out more about them this time. You apparently can adjust the drag on the wheel and they suggested a range of drag for training. It was already set on the high end of drag for that so I left it there. I then explored the workouts and decided on the 2000m one for today. It was fun to feel like I was racing more. It had what my expected finish was based on my stroke rate I suppose - don't know if they also figured in the drag and tork (sp?) or anything else. I was doing my regular 30-35 strokes a minute rate and noticed the expected finish changing a lot. At some point it seemed to even out at around 11:30 (minutes: seconds) or just over. I decided that I'd try for just under and raced for that. I did it! Yay! I finished at 11:29:02 with an ending stroke rate of 36 per minute (I think - that's the stroke rate that displayed at the end and I'm supposing that's not my average rate).

I've been having a little back issue here and there since I've been here and was hoping the yoga class would help it out. I know that I had gotten that sort of back (actually more like a hip/pelvis thing) when doing Ashtanga and when I'd get to a certain point of the routine it'd go 'pop' and resolve itself. This class was not as organized and progressive so unfortunately it didn't resolve. I've tried stretching and stuff today and so far it hasn't resolved. It's not a big thing - just affects me when I bend over a certain way, sometimes.

My dad and I walked a bit along the water this evening and then some more along a nice trail by a different water & nature area. It was nice.

Yesterday I realized that I'd forgotten to mention how I was getting a sty from about the time I got to my dad's at first. It is still there a bit, but it never became a full-on sty, just a reddish spot that was a bit tender. It seems to be going away. I know that I sometimes get them when I increase my physical activity and then stop a bit, accompanied with a bit of dehydration. So if I start to get one I make sure to keep up with my exercise (especially bouncing sorts of things and/or aerobics to keep the lymph moving) and make sure I'm well hydrated. It's worked well so far.

day 8 of my cycle, red day, ?? kid icons

The Rest:
I'll finish this later. I'm off to a farmer's market to see what it's like. :)

LOL It's later now & the farmer's market wasn't there. Apparently they only have it on this day there during July and August. It's fine, we had a good time anyway. We went to the library and I got a book on learning to play the ukulele. I've been feeling like practicing since I have some time and I started to learn it at that party the other night. My dad said I could use his (once he gets one LOL) while I'm here so I might be practicing it with the book next week. :) The book doesn't look all that great, but it's what they had and it might turn out to be terrific anyway, so I'll see. After that we went for a walk on the waterfront walk by the harbor and watched the sailboats sailing out in races for fun. After that we were driving home and I asked my dad if he ever walks along a trail we were passing. He said he did and asked if I wanted to go there then. I thought that would be nice so we did. It had a par course along it too - it wasn't well maintained but it was there. It looks like fun. I love par courses, so I want to go there again when I'm not taking it easy on my back/hips. They felt pretty good during the walk, but they usually do once warmed up and I'm not bending over and all. It's strange 'cause I haven't had that problem (with my back/hips) in years. Oh well. At least I know how to deal with it better now - and I recover faster too. :)

At dinner time I took out the orange fleshed honeydew rind I had carved yesterday morning for ambiance. I planned to put some votive candles in it to show the carving but found that there was a lamp above right were I wanted to put it so I didn't need the candle after all. I took some pics of it. It was not one of my best 'cause I was going to eat that for breakfast after my workout. I was a bit impatient 'cause I wanted to get the glucose into my system before my window of faster recovery time was over. So I did it quick and then ate the stuff out of it before finishing it (not a good idea 'cause it was too thin and floppy). So it wasn't suitable as a container like ones that I carve completely when whole and scoop out less. It still works for decoration and candle-holder cover though. The leaf tops were a bit curled over from being in the refrigerator since yesterday morning, but it still works okay enough for my dad's. Good thing I didn't do them that way at H&F Week. LOL I always did them early in the morning there before I was hungry or exercised yet, which works much better. :) ANYway, here's a couple of pics of it (1st is with flash so you can see the outside, 2nd is without so you can see the glow):

I'll try to post some pics from H&F Week of some of the carvings and stuff when I have them. I didn't take pictures there, but there was a photographer there and I'll be getting copies.

K, well I think that's it for now. Aloha! :)

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