This was posted the day afterward and dated as if posted on the 27th...

was excited about going home and getting started on making my dreams of my future will be, so had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep when waking early in the morning to pee..

Slept a little on the last plane, but not much. Was very tired when arrived. Jet lag. Went to sleep Hawaii time around 8pm-ish, which was 11pm-ish in California...


Breakfast was a muskmelon:

Lunch: I ate at the airport when waiting for my first plane... bananas, of course ;) I took the pic before leaving in the morning - they're in the container I took with me to carry them in.

I had the sprouted and dehydrated bread with cinnamon and dates in it when waiting for the second plane, then felt like I needed something fresher to eat. It was about 6 or 7 hours 'till I'd get home & the airport's about an hour from our house, so I decided to try and find something fresh to eat at the airport. Not an easy thing to do a LAX... I ended up getting a salad that had some cheese in it and picked out as much of it as I could. I ended up getting a bit of it anyway 'cause it was crumbled blue cheese and hard to pick out completely. Salty stuff. I wondered what it'd do to me, thought it might not be bad 'cause it was such little amounts left after I picked it out... The rest of the salad was lettuce, tangerine, walnuts and cherry tomatoes, so was nice. Good enough. Should have brought more food for the 3 hour layover, that ended up being 4 hours... Maybe next time.

I didn't have the camera anymore 'cause I was using my dad's wife's camera when there & had to leave it behind. My camera had been delivered at home though so I'll have pics of everything else later...

Not really much at all - was traveling most of the day.

Yep. Still...

day 18 of my cycle, ?? day, ?? kid icons

The Rest:
Was traveling all day, not much else to say... well, perhaps later I'll talk about some of it anyway, but not much time right now so am posting this for now & hoping I'll be able to get back to it later...


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