up at 7:30-ish

Breakfast was melons:

Lunch was at Cafe Gratitude:

Dinner was the sandwich splurge:

Did stuff at the house 'cause my dad forgot to leave the car key out for me (and he sleeps in 'till almost noon & we were going out not long after that). So did some yoga and calisthenics and all. I figured it'd be a light day on the exercise which might help me with the Pilates tomorrow...

Nothing yet, amazingly. I would usually get a runny nose and mucus before finishing a meal like I had at Cafe Gratitude. It wasn't very spicy with garlic and onions and that sort of food usually is so perhaps it was mostly that that caused me to have the mucus so fast - in order to protect my mucus membranes from it all. This meal was gentler somehow. Nice. Either that or my body's just a bit overwhelmed from the traveling and all to deal with it... I think it was just a more gentle meal, but whatever...

day 15 of my cycle, red day, kid icons of some sort

The Rest:
We went to a drumming circle today and then Cafe Gratitude and then a music store. It was all fun.


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