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Sunday, September 14, 2008


woke at about 8:30am,
up at about 9am
to sleep for night at about 10:30pm the night before
still catchin' up! :)

1/2 medium watermelon for breakfast
4 large ears of corn for lunch at the farmer's market after buying them
figs, some blueberries, a few slices of cucumber and lots of watermelon for dinner

Today, so far:
the other 1/2 of the medium watermelon for breakfast
3 green containers of strawberries I got at the farmer's market yesterday for lunch
I plan to have some dates before dinner (there's only about 8 of them) & then some salad mix with either tahini/lemon dressing or avocado & oranges in it for dressing

I haven't been as active as usual lately, been focusing on catching up on my sleep more, so my eating's down a bit. I'm also recovering a bit from some of the less-than-optimal food I'd been eating, so cutting back is a bit from that too.

My dad took me to the grocery store on the way home from picking me up so I could get some food. He took me to Safeway in his little town and I was so surprised to see how much organic food they have now. The Safeway at home has a little, but nowhere as much as that - volume nor variety, and of course, that Safeway in my dad's town didn't have any organic food in it when I lived here (back in the dark ages as my son thinks of it probably). LOL I got bananas, a watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, salad mix, oranges, strawberries, and lemons there, all organic except the watermelon. Sweet.

The bananas weren't gonna' be ripe for a couple of days so I got about 33 of them. They're starting to ripen today so I'll be able to eat some of them tomorrow. I brought the strawberries with me yesterday when we went out, but didn't end up eating them and they went moldy before lunch today so I had to ditch them. Some of the dark figs I got yesterday got moldy overnight too. Bummer. That's why I plan to eat the rest of them before dinner tonight. I had the strawberries from market yesterday for lunch today 'cause I could smell them being extra-ready this morning. Smelled so good! :) Too bad the others had gone bad. Oh well.

Nothing much today. Some pushups and some jump lunges & jump squats and all. Yesterday we walked around a bit at things we went to, but I didn't end up doing any exercise otherwise somehow. I did do some drumming for an hour and learned how to play the ukulele for a few hours, so I guess that's good for neuro and such...

The watermelon's helping on this front, yay! I think I'm clearing out the stuff from H&F and afterward now. I had a little BO under my arms at the ukulele party last night and a tad this morning about an hour after my morning shower. BM this morning when almost done with watermelon was a tad cloudy and I could tell was still being influenced by the raw peanuts I'd gotten in Washington 'cause of the smell (P-U). Note to self, again: don't eat raw peanuts 'cause they make me have bad breath and smelly BMs and such. Wonder when I'll just quit them altogether... at least they're very, very, very infrequent.

day 5 of my cycle, probably a green day (probably the last one 'till a couple of days after ovulation), probably no kid icons (In case you didn't catch it in a previous blog, I don't have my BabyComp with me on this trip - forgot it at home)

The Rest:
I'm at my dad's now. Yesterday we went to a drumming circle at Kaiser that's for health purposes - to reduce stress. Cool. Kaiser's got all sorts of nifty things going on. Nice. ANYway, my dad does this class and one of the other people who does the class too said she wasn't gonna' make it and suggested I go in her place, so I did. :) It was fun, a lot like what goes on at parties on Kauai, heh. There was a bit of leading going on, but they would usually lead into a jamming session where anything goes sort of and nothing's wrong, etc. When the teacher/leader found out that I was from Hawaii she said that she was having a party that evening called the Ukulele Lounge. Funny coincidence. She invited us too, so we went. It was fun! :)

I learned how to play the ukulele a bit there too, even funnier. LOL I have had several experiences where I go away from home and then have Hawaiian experiences while on vacation: got lomi-lomi massage for the first (and only so far) time at H&F Week a few times ago, learned to hula on a ship, and now learned to play ukulele when visiting my dad. Funny. We had fun there. I had been meaning to learn to play the ukulele and had my son's out in my room at home for some time now in preparation for that. I'd thought of taking classes at the community college or adult school, but didn't have enough regularly free time for it yet, so it was way cool. :)

After the drum circle my dad and I went to the farmer's market before it was over and I got some organic produce: orange flesh honeydew, french melons, corn, salad mix, strawberries, apple-pears, 2 little avos and I can't remember what else. There were craft vendors and live music too. It was by a park so there were a lot of people hanging out on the grass by the music. One thing that was nifty was that there were a lot of people being more active and athletic than I remembered them ever being there before. There was a guy with a nylon strap (about 1" wide) around a tree on one side and around a street lamp on the other, walking it like a tightrope. It was a stretchy and bouncy one though so it was more challenging. He was letting people try it too and helping us to try it out easier by sitting on it at first to get up there. I tried it. It was quite challenging and even though I didn't shake around as much as a lot of other people, I didn't stay up as long as some of them either. There were people doing acrobatic sorts of play things like we do at H&F Week and handstands, walkovers and such too.

After that we went to the Berkeley Bowl, a supermarket in Berkeley, and I marveled at the sheer variety of food they had there - even just in the produce section alone. I mean, it was like, "name a food, any food," and it'd be there. Amazing, just amazing. I don't know why we didn't go there more when I lived there. Well, yeah, I do. There were two other grocery stores closer to where we lived in Berkeley that had enough of a huge variety themselves. Oh, and then we belonged to the co-op too, so we'd go there. The Berkeley Bowl wasn't as big back then and didn't have as much organic food as now either. ANYway... if I was to move back to Berkeley I'd go to that store to get food if I wasn't growing it or getting it from the farmer's directly.

So we got a watermelon, something grey was the name (can't remember the first part), and it looked almost like a honeydew, so it was good for carving 'cause the watermelon stripe patterns wouldn't interfere with the carving patterns as much (a solid dark green melon works in that same way too). But then we decided before we bought it that it'd be too messy and time-consuming to carve it at the party & I didn't have my knives with me 'cause we hadn't gone back to my dad's house since the party was in Oakland and all. So, I got green figs, blueberries and toothpicks to do the alien bugs I'd done at H&F Week this year for the party. It worked out well, and people liked them. They liked them so much that they wanted to look at them more than eat them, which worked out well for me 'cause then I ate them. LOL They had all sorts of cooked dishes of course, but two people brought watermelons too and someone had a plate of sliced cucumbers as well so I ate enough for dinner there actually. Nice.

Today I checked out the two health club/gyms in my dad's little town I had been considering for a temporary membership while here. I'd called them and they'd both said they had rowing machines, but it turned out that one of them just had an upright row weight machine that the front desk gal thought was a rowing machine. The other gym was quite spacious and new and had 4-6 of them in the cardio section, more up in the circuit section and another somewhere else I can't remember off-hand. Wow! They're newer machines than the one at home so it'll be interesting to see if they improved the design or messed it up. My dad's wife (married a few years after divorcing my mom when I was an adult) belongs to a health club in the next town and goes there mostly for the pool exercise classes. I called them and another gym in that town that looked promising and both of them said they had rowing machines as well. We'll see. I'm gonna' skip the other one 'cause it's too expensive and check out the one she belongs to tomorrow. We're gonna' see if they can give us a better deal on my temporary membership than they quoted before since she's a member and I'll be using it for 12 days or something like that. They only mentioned an expensive day rate when she had visitors before. If not, then I'm joining that gym I saw today and workin' out there while here.

I just have to say how much I'm lovin' the new laptop cooler pad thingy my friend in Washington gave me. It's sooo cool - in two ways! ;) It's lightweight, the same size as my laptop, and plugs into the USB port of my laptop for power so I'm still mobile. It's got two fans that cool off my laptop amazingly well and it's solid plastic so that I can put the whole thing down on my lap or a soft surface, like covers, couch, pillow or what-have-you and it's fine. Nifty-oh-yeah fo' sure! :) I don't have to worry about blocking the exhaust fans and such anymore, sooo nice!

She also gave me a water bottle that has an activated carbon water filter in it, connected to a straw so that you can put regular water into the bottle and squeeze it through the straw to drink and it filters it as you go. So nice for traveling on a plane and when visiting people's houses that don't filter their water and all. I just emptied the bottle before going through security at the airport, then filled it again on the other side at the water fountain and I had water for the wait at the gate and the plane. Yay!

There were 3 things she gave me, all of which were ultra-nifty and that I've been really enjoying lately. The other one was a little Sandisk zipper pouch, meant for SD cards for your camera. I've been using it to put my cell phone's earphone cord into and it's been just perfect. I'd been meaning to make a little drawstring pouch for it or something, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. This was the perfect size and had a keyring attached so it's easy to put it on a clip in my backpack or just throw into my purse. It's a thick enough case that the cord's protected from all the other junk I have in my purse as well.

So, as I'm typing this I'm looking out at a nice view of mountains and water from the corner of my dad's kitchen. There are some sparrows feasting on the nuts and seeds in the feeder my dad's wife put out there. Cute.

I added a FAQ entry on teeth on this website for y'all, will add more later this week I hope too. :)

Well, I'm gonna' go for now. Type to y'all later! :)

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