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8/15/09 - with videos! :)

woke at 3am for temp., but didn't take it, up at ~7:45am
to sleep for night at 10:30pm again... good thing I can sleep in again on Sunday - gotta' get to sleep earlier Sunday though 'cause there's no sleeping in on Monday...

breakfast: 1 medium-large pineapple (no burn today, nice)
lunch: small bag lychee (~20?), 4 smallish-medium dragon fruit
before dinner/after run: 15 small-ish medium apple bananas
dinner (1 1/2 hrs after bananas): shredded cabbage & carrots with tahini-lemon/lime dressing & 1/2 avocado

Yeah, a bit too much overt fats for 10% today, but I've been doing the overt fats light to none lately so it's okay I think - will find out Sunday I suppose...

Here's a video of lunch remnants and about dragonfruit I took at the farm. It might take a bit to load 'cause it's the limit of what size Blogger will take. I'll look into other video uploading options another time:

Pedometer wasn't working quite right for part …

8/14/09 - Hi'ya! Yep. Still here...

Well, I've decided to stop apologizing about not being as consistent with these posts anymore as I used to be. So here's a bit of an update post...

First, here's the usual stuff about today:

woke at 3am for temp. & work, skipped temperature 'cause I'd gotten up to drink water & go pee too soon before... and didn't have time to sleep in more after alarm, since I needed to get ready for working at the gym

napped a bit at the farm this afternoon (~1-3pm-ish, off and on)

looks like I'll get to sleep for the night tonight at about 9 or 9:30

update: nope, was about 10:30 by the time I got to sleep, oh well...


~4am: on the way to the gym, had half of a large pineapple (~6 cups I'd say)
~10:45am: 4 medium sized dragon fruit while hubby drove us around on some errands
~12:30pm: ~4 or 5 medium apple bananas at the farm that I'd forgotten there from yesterday
~3pm: 1/2 of what was left of the pineapple from the morning (~3 cups)
~7pm: cucumber "…