8/14/09 - Hi'ya! Yep. Still here...

Well, I've decided to stop apologizing about not being as consistent with these posts anymore as I used to be. So here's a bit of an update post...

First, here's the usual stuff about today:

woke at 3am for temp. & work, skipped temperature 'cause I'd gotten up to drink water & go pee too soon before... and didn't have time to sleep in more after alarm, since I needed to get ready for working at the gym

napped a bit at the farm this afternoon (~1-3pm-ish, off and on)

looks like I'll get to sleep for the night tonight at about 9 or 9:30

update: nope, was about 10:30 by the time I got to sleep, oh well...


~4am: on the way to the gym, had half of a large pineapple (~6 cups I'd say)
~10:45am: 4 medium sized dragon fruit while hubby drove us around on some errands
~12:30pm: ~4 or 5 medium apple bananas at the farm that I'd forgotten there from yesterday
~3pm: 1/2 of what was left of the pineapple from the morning (~3 cups)
~7pm: cucumber "noodles" (3 large cucumbers) with tomato (1 large), 1 tsp. olive oil, 1 tsp. mixed Italian herbs, 1 Tbsp. nutritional yeast

We were low on ripe bananas today, but had some dragonfruit so it worked out just fine. I also didn't have any salad or celery available, but did have some yummy organic cucumbers I got at market this week. I splurged a bit and had the olive oil & spices (nutritional yeast is a spice for me - substitute for Parmesan cheese on 'pasta'). It was yummy, not ideal, but still good enough for me, tonight at least. Perhaps I underate on the calories, but will know tomorrow when I'm more hungry (or not).

I've been having pineapple every day while it's still pineapple season. I cut it up and store what I can't eat (due to the burn starting) in the morning for later in the day - either I finish it all or I share the left overs with my hubby.

Yesterday if I remember correctly I had pineapple for breakfast, lychee followed by bananas for lunch, pineapple before dinner & salad with the tahini/lemon dressing for dinner.

I just got a new toy this week: a pedometer. I'd been reading about people wanting to do 10,000 steps and such, using pedometers and I've been curious for some time now how much I actually walk in a day, so.... I finally got one (and have been playing with it since). LOL

Today, according to the pedometer, I walked over 3 1/2 miles, almost 9,000 steps (if I remember correctly) by the end of my work at the gym. You can measure your stride length so it'll estimate your mileage from the amount of steps it reads. It doesn't read all of my steps all the time & sometimes I take it off (like when I was napping) and forget to put it on for a bit. I figure that evens out with the extra steps it registers when I pull my pants down (& up) when changing clothes or going to the bathroom. So far it says I've walked 15,001 steps today, which is 5.918 miles at the stride length I have. I figure I'll get to 6 miles by the end of the day...

It's interesting 'cause I'd read that it's hard for people to get the 10,000 steps, so I was really surprised about how many I do without thinking about it. I don't even consider myself very active right now either. I wonder how many I do when our farm's up and going full speed... hmm... guess I'll find that out later on. :)

Let's see, what else did I do besides the walking around during the day? I did 100 squats as fast as I could followed by 20 jump plie squats and some stretching before eating after my nap. I did some inner thigh leg raises just before my nap - think it was either 50 or 100 on each side, can't remember anymore (was sleepy and all). Guess I should have written it down... I was gonna' do some stuff with an exercise band at the gym when things were slow at work, but got the wrong one so skipped it.

I'll probably do about 16 or so pushups before going to sleep, perhaps some other stuff. I feel like running on my treadmill (yeah, we got a treadmill, well my son got one, inherited it actually), but I'm trying to take it easy for now. I had a bit of foot pain on the top of one of my feet the last time I was running on there so had to cut that session short for the running portion. I still finished 3 miles, but most of it was fast walking instead. It seems to be a pulled muscle or something - think it's from driving with the seat pushed back too far - the reaching forward and such. Not sure, but I figured I should take it easy for a couple of days and then try it again. I'm gonna' try it tomorrow morning! :) Wish me luck! :)

I'd kinda' gotten a bit out of shape fitness-wise for a while - had gotten out of the swing of formal exercise since I was getting more than enough from the farming and markets before. Then we moved our farm and found that new place was not suitable and stopped farming for quite some time. I didn't get back into the swing of exercising apart from my lifestyle again until fairly recently. So, I'm working back up to the levels of things I used to do when doing that sort of stuff again.

I'm up to 25 minutes of solid running (with 5-10 minute warm up and cool down brisk walking), although my running's not all that fast right now when going that long. I'm gonna' work up to 30-44 minutes solid, then work on the speed more. My goal is to make at least 3 miles a day from either walking or running or a combo. of the two. I've found that the distance goal actually helps motivate me to run more than simply going for a duration of running. I'm sort of doing both: following the plan I did to get up to 30 minutes of solid running the first time around (which involved duration and not distance) and combining it with the 3 mile distance goal. I tend to want to run more again in what would have been the middle of my cool down walking period in order to get to the 3 mile distance goal sooner. Then of course I need to cool down again, but I get to the 3 miles quicker that way. :) I actually end up doing more than 3 miles that way now, which is fine. The 3 miles a day thing is based on a goal of covering at least 20 miles a week, as I've read studies that have shown that there's a significant difference in the health of people who do 20 miles or more a week as opposed to those who do less. That works for me - needed some sort of parameter goal anyway. Might as well be 20 miles a week. I also have a goal of running 30-45 minutes solid again, which I'm getting close to accomplishing. Yay! Another goal in relation to running/jogging is to be able to average at an 8-minute mile pace for the running I do. I figure once I'm up to that speed I can run about 40 minutes a day, as little as 4 times a week and still meet the 20 miles a week goal. Cool. That will allow me to add in other cardio stuff on the other days - cross training and such. I'm thinking bike riding and/or rowing... I love rowing...

I've been using the weight machines at the gym after my shifts here and there as I have time and been doing bodyweight things when I don't have time for the machines. I have also been using my son's Bowflex and the free weights a bit, but not so much recently. I've been more into bodyweight stuff and bands. I used to not be into the bands before, but now I've discovered how to use them in a way that actually does challenge my muscles well enough - and some movements on them that I can't really get otherwise. My hubby and I are working on a little craft project of making some custom bands. Once we figure it out I hope to do a little podcast sort of short film thingy of how to make your own custom exercise bands. I'll post it on this blog when/if I do, so you'll know. :)

I want to work Ashtanga yoga into my schedule at some point too, but am waiting a bit until I get more regular with the rest first. I do some light non-yoga stretching after every cardio workout, but I want to do the yoga for more than just the stretching. Ashtanga's a power yoga so it works on strength, endurance, and so much more... miss it still. I've got the video series my instructor told me about so I'm planning on using that when I get back into it again.

Oh yeah, I've also got a Leg Magic machine, finally. I'd been wanting one for a while, but put it off thinking I didn't really need it. Found one locally on sale, so no shipping, which saves a lot too. So, got it. It's a good workout for the inner thigh muscles, so I'm glad I got it. It's not so easy to get those muscles at home otherwise, even with the Bowflex and such. I do about 60 or so of the inner thigh squeeze dealies almost every day, minimum, now too. Sometimes I'll do the other leg exercises they have on the CD as well, but usually don't do it that way. I'm not so into circuit training right now for some reason, perhaps it's 'cause I'm working on my running and all. Who knows...

My exercise (stability) ball is pau (Hawaiian for done, finished, spent, etc.) and I haven't gotten a new one. So I haven't gotten back to doing things with it since I've been back at the formal exercise stuff. I'll get one again sometime in the next few months. They're fun. :)

I use my in-door pull-up/chin-up bar from time to time, but haven't gotten consistent with it enough to get my chin-up back. Perhaps later.

I also discovered that I can work out at another gym that's closer to my house for free since I'm an employee of the gym where I work. They've got a mutual agreement for employees. So I've gone there a few times as well. Their place isn't as well-stocked with equipment or space as the one I work at, so I haven't been as into going there lately. Not since I've been more into the exercise bands and bodyweight stuff at least, and been more focused on the running goals lately as well.

I figure that the more exercise options I have access to at all times, the more opportunities I can and will take to get back into it. I love it, just get caught up in other things, and am still getting used to the early morning schedule and afternoon napping. So it's good to have a variety of things available. Oh, yeah, on that note I also got a kid's jumprope (for a buck) and was using it fairly regularly at the farm for a while too. Fun! I keep it in my bag (like a backpack, but shoulder bag instead). I decided to take it easy on that for a bit too 'cause of the foot thing and all. I use a kid's one 'cause I'm small and they work better for me.

Well, that's all the stuff I've been doing exercise-wise recently that I can think of right now. I guess I'll cover anything I forgot to mention as it comes up when doing it again in another post...

I've been sweating buckets while running - completely soaking my workout clothes and dripping on top of it, so I think that helps move things out a bit. I've gotta' drink more water to make up for it though, but not as much as I'd think. I weigh myself naked before working out and after in order to know how much water to drink - naked 'cause my clothes will have the weight of the sweat in them if I weigh myself with them on after my workout. I rehydrate an ounce of water per ounce of weight lost - or one pint of water per pound of weight lost. It's usually about a half pound or so.

I've had a bit of trouble with a sty that keeps wanting to form on one of my eyes - along with eyelashes that grow in a way that sticks in my eye. It seems that one condition will cause and/or irritate the other so it's hard to tell which is happening ('cause it's often both, but I don't know at first). This happens to me when I step up my cardio so it's not unusual. I've also learned that I need to keep up with the exercise and not skip days and such in order to keep the sty in check. I figure it's some sort of detox going on and keeping the circulation going will help it not clog up. The sty does seem to get worse if I skip a day or two, and better if I don't. It was almost gone the other day, then I got another one of those eyelash things and had a hard time finding it. My hubby had to get magnifying eyeglasses and a magnifying glass to find it. They're sometimes really skinny hairs and little so they can be hard to find. Now that I'm taking it easy from the running for a couple of days my sty's a bit more challenged, but it's still keeping in check since we've gotten the latest eyelash thing out of there... Hopefully the running will go well tomorrow and the sty will clear out once and for all (well, at least for this round of stepping up).

Didn't take my temperature today, but did a couple of days ago. Here's that info:
3am temp: 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit, that was day 1 of my cycle, green day, no kid icons

The Rest:
It's sooo exciting to be setting up our new farm now that we've got a long-term farming situation! :) We'll actually be there to benefit from all the things we do for the soil fertility that allow things to get easier and more fertile over time. We are also able to plant fruit trees and longer term things now too! Yay! Finally! :)

I'll post more on the rest of all this stuff in my next post, which hopefully will be fairly soon. I'm gonna' go now and get ready for sleep.

Nightie Night Everyone! :)



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