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This was posted two weeks later and dated as if it was posted on the 29th, so the day of the week will show correctly and it keeps things in chronological order...

up at 3am to get ready for my shift at the gym - will be doing so all week...

~7am: I found 3 mangosteen in the kitchen and my hubby said that I could have 'em. Yum! :)

Then I had the rest of the starfruit from the day before:

~8:45am: When we got to the farm I had the water from two of the coconuts we got from our yard the night before:

I had lunch a couple of times 'cause I was too busy to eat it all at once. It was all bananas from our yard:

I can't remember what I had the rest of the day anymore and lost the pics later in the day so I don't have the pics to remind me. I think it was salad from our farm though.

Harvesting and light calisthenics as I had time, stairs and such at my shift at the gym... so not much, but I was still taking it easy with the jet lag and all.

Yeah, I'm su…


I'm posting this two weeks later, so I don't remember much at this point. I'm gonna' override the posting date so it shows up as if I posted it on the 28th though.

It was my first day back, so I was short on food still and still jet lagged...

Breakfast was stuff I found around the house...
~10:15am: Star fruit - the first pic's what I started with and the 2nd is what was left when I was 'done' with the star fruit...

~10:30am: Then I decided to have some of the corn in the fridge 'cause even though I was done with star fruit, it wasn't enough calories. I find it hard to eat enough star fruit at times due to the waxiness of it. I realized that the corn wasn't fresh and I wouldn't usually eat it beyond the first day from harvest, but I was foraging so-to-speak, so I ate one to see how it sat with me. It did fine, so I ate another. The pic's of the second one and one like the first...

~12:15pm: My son told me that there were some longan ar…


This was posted the day afterward and dated as if posted on the 27th...

was excited about going home and getting started on making my dreams of my future will be, so had a bit of trouble getting back to sleep when waking early in the morning to pee..

Slept a little on the last plane, but not much. Was very tired when arrived. Jet lag. Went to sleep Hawaii time around 8pm-ish, which was 11pm-ish in California...


Breakfast was a muskmelon:

Lunch: I ate at the airport when waiting for my first plane... bananas, of course ;) I took the pic before leaving in the morning - they're in the container I took with me to carry them in.

I had the sprouted and dehydrated bread with cinnamon and dates in it when waiting for the second plane, then felt like I needed something fresher to eat. It was about 6 or 7 hours 'till I'd get home & the airport's about an hour from our house, so I decided to try and find something fresh to eat at the airport. Not an easy thing to do a …


I'm writing this a few days later, so don't remember some of the specifics. I'm gonna' override the date so it shows up like I posted this on the 26th.

I have pics of the food though, so can at least post about that ('cause the pics jog my memory)...

Breakfast was melon (including the ones not cut yet too):

Lunch was bananas (pic taken in the car, had already eaten 3 not pictured):

Dinner was spinach salad with tomatoes (2 or 3 large) and tahini-lemon dressing:

This was my last day to go to the gym while on vacation so I decided to just do some of my favorite things. I rowed for about 40 minutes or so, and basically did the same routine as Wednesday. I meant to also do the speed bag, but ended up not having enough time left for it. I thought that if I had time the next day I'd just go in and do it, but didn't end up having time on Saturday so didn't.

My dad and I went on a walk by the waterfront in the evening and I did some of the par course th…


woke at 7am-ish, up at 8-ish
to sleep last night around 10:30-ish, didn't sleep very well

Breakfast was melons:

I constructed a little thing for fun with the rinds:

If I had some little squat candles or tall skinny ones they might look good in there too (inside the top one). :) As it was I just composted 'em.

Lunch was some bananas, sorry didn't get a pic...

Dinner was celery & tomatoes with tahini-lemon dip (all organic):

I made it to the Pilates class! Yay! It was nifty and fun! :) We did Pilates Tower stuff, so didn't use the sliding seat but did use the springs, handles, bar and such on the riser. I have an area of my lower back that's always been sort of flat when I'm trying to ball up and roll. The rest of me does fine it's just that part - been that way since I can remember. I remember when I was a kid I couldn't do somersaults very well 'cause I'd roll up to it, then my back would slam down ('cause it was flat there…


up at 7:30-ish

Breakfast was melons:

Lunch was at Cafe Gratitude:

Dinner was the sandwich splurge:

Did stuff at the house 'cause my dad forgot to leave the car key out for me (and he sleeps in 'till almost noon & we were going out not long after that). So did some yoga and calisthenics and all. I figured it'd be a light day on the exercise which might help me with the Pilates tomorrow...

Nothing yet, amazingly. I would usually get a runny nose and mucus before finishing a meal like I had at Cafe Gratitude. It wasn't very spicy with garlic and onions and that sort of food usually is so perhaps it was mostly that that caused me to have the mucus so fast - in order to protect my mucus membranes from it all. This meal was gentler somehow. Nice. Either that or my body's just a bit overwhelmed from the traveling and all to deal with it... I think it was just a more gentle meal, but whatever...

day 15 of my cycle, red day, kid icons of some…

9-23-08 and update

been catching up on my sleep, more gradually than before, didn't sleep very well on Sunday night - the shitake breath was bothering me, but I don't know if that was the only reason... Good sleep otherwise though

Breakfast was 'half' a watermelon (organic this time, yay), actually it was probably more than half in reality:

Lunch was organic bananas again. So simple, no brainer, nice. I ate 3 less than pictured:

Dinner was organic salad again. Yummy! I'm lovin' this salad lately: baby spinach and tomatoes (this time it was 3 heirloom roma tomatoes) with tahini-lemon dressing:

Tuesday (this day, the 23rd, but I'm writing it on Wed. morning)
Breakfast was the other 'half' of watermelon from yesterday, so it was probably less than half that watermelon:

Lunch was the regular for now, organic bananas. I ate 3 less than pictured again:

Dinner was the same as last night, still organic spinach & tomatoes with tahini-lemon dressing, except the t…

9-21-08 - Happy Equinox! :)

woke at 7 or 7:30am and layed around/went back to sleep for a bit
up at 8:30-ish

Breakfast was a cantaloupe-y melon, a musk melon of sorts. The first pic's before I opened it, the second's after opening and scooping out the seeds. It wasn't as orange inside as I expected, but it was ripe:

Lunch was bananas:

Dinner was salad: baby spinach & mixed baby lettuces & 2 heirloom roma tomatoes with dressing: juice of 2 lemons and ~2 Tbsp tahini. I put the rest of the button shitake mushrooms on top & ate 'em first, by themselves, like an appetizer. I'm kinda' glad to be rid of them, even though I like the taste and texture of them. They're not ideal and my breath bothers me overnight and the next morning after having them. Here's the pic:

I did 3 each of the beginning of the Primary Series warmups for Ashtanga (Sun Salutations) and the next one after that, then a few of the sitting poses (the ones to lean forward and the ones to twis…

9/20/08 & updates

been catching up well, sleeping extra to recover from back thingy too

I took pics of most of it...

Thursday's Breakfast:

1/2 a watermelon, non-organic

Thursday's Lunch: more bananas, didn't take a pic of them

Thursday's Dinner: basically the same as Wednesday's, except I skipped the oranges

Yesterday's Breakfast:

It was basically the same as the day before (the other half of the watermelon), so I took a pic of myself with it for y'all so it was a bit different looking. I was also experimenting with the new camera and taking pics of myself while holding it and all. That's why my shoulder looks a bit strange - I was trying to hold it as far away from me as possible. LOL

Yesterday's Lunch:
Just bananas...

Yesterday's Dinner:

Salad of lettuce mix I got from Berkeley Bowl, heirloom tomatoes from the local grocery store and dressing of tahini and lemon juice (like before)... with some button shitake mushrooms & olives on top. It was all organic, …