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Food log 6-22-17 and 6-23-17

6-23-17Fresh squeezed orange juice blended with frozen strawberries Fresh harvested mountain apples from yard7 Saba bananas Oops, forgot to record the rest of this day and the next... now I have forgotten. Think this is the night I made a kind of salsa chutney ish thing one of these two nights. It was 3/4 of a fruity avocado mashed a bit still chunky, some minced chives, 2 roma tomatoes chopped, and a touch of lemon juice. I started eating it with celery, but then Darrel started eating his guacamole which makes his breath bother me if I don’t have some. It's raw vegan so I will put some in my stuff sometimes so his breath doesn't bother me. I added some to mine and decided to put that in dried nori sheets in a row lengthwise with a stick of celery lengthwise across as well before rolling it and eating it. Neither the spicy guacamole nor the dried nori are my ideal foods, but they are acceptable at times. This was one of those times (obviously). Lol6-24-17Think this is when I h…

Food log 6-21-17

Happy Solstice! :)A couple of figs from yard eaten at tree
Lots of mountain apples from yard Sweet frozen puree: frozen apple bananas blended with frozen bing cherries and a bit of coconut water Small strawberry papaya
Small hand bananas  (called ladyfinger here, Apple banana elsewhere)
Soaked deglet noor dates and soak water mixed with sliced pink lady apples and celeryPhotos to be posted later

Food log 6-20-17

Water from coconut from yardAbout 1/2 a pear offered to me when out in the field at the refuge with the biologist A couple of figs from yard eaten at the tree :)Lots of mountain apples harvested fresh from yardFresh squeezed orange juice
Mix of zuke, cuke, multicolor carrot noodles with sauce of some of the OJ blended with celery, zucchini, and a touch of tahini, sprinkled with minced fresh chives
Photos to be posted laterToday was a big birding day for me: spent morning on state-wide nene survey, then the rest of the day doing photo review and writing up observations of a moorhen nest from the motion detection camera's SD card I got from an intern. So interesting! Love all of it! :) Darrel went to farm today to see if there was anything new to harvest, and discovered more theft and vandalism. :( They cut our starfruit tree so severely that it might not survive. 😓 It had the best starfruit I have ever tasted... was planted from a tree that had the best starfruit I had ever had p…

Food log 6-19-17

Water from coconuts from yard :)Apple bananas on the goRest of coconut water from earlier, stored in fridge Large Cantaloupe and some salvaged from anotherDefrosted frozen spinach, fresh mushrooms, and dried tomatoes that were in olive oil in jar (all not ideal)Partially dehydrated mushrooms and roma tomatoes with fresh sugar snap peas

Food log 6-17-17 and 6-18-17

Saturday June 17, 2017Fresh squeezed orange juice
1 Tuscan melonLychee Darrel and I spent time to try out Agile Scrum framework for figuring out our life in the next year, in order to help prioritize all the things we were feeling need to be done, feel driven to do and/or have deadlines to finish before we go to the FoodnSport retreats in September. It really helped! Yay! :)Sunday June 18, 2017 Father's Day! :)1 Tuscan melonMountain applesApple bananas
Hearts of romaine head lettuceHearts of romaine head lettuce
3 large roma tomatoes
Mustard  (not ideal)Darrel had something with a lot of mustard on it and I decided to have some mustard too. I wedged the roma tomatoes lengthwise, and placed them on the lettuce leaves lengthwise, then put a bit of mustard down the length of that, folded the leaves over the top and ate them that way. It hit the spot. Mustard is not ideal because of its spiciness, but it's one of the exceptions I have been making over the last few years rarely…

Food log 6-16-17

Large fresh squeezed OJ at Jamba Juice while outWhite pineapple and Blueberries
More OJ I squeezed myselfBlended OJ with frozen mango and mint as sauce for:
Veggie dish with Brussels sprouts, multicolor carrots, celery, sections from juiced oranges
Hearts of romaine head on the side
Touch of Darrel's guacamole mixed in so we have the same breath :)

Food log 6-14-17 and 6-15-17

Today was a hodge podge... and little of this, little of that... A few golden figs from yard
2 Jamaican lilikoi from yard
3 mountain apples from yard
1/2 large white pineapple from farmers market
2 ears corn from farmers market
Blueberries from store
2 hearts of romaine heads lettuce from store
Lychee from farmers marketYesterday Fresh squeezed orange juice
Smoothie with some of the OJ and frozen strawberries
Mamey sapote
1/2 pound baby lettuce spring mix with olive oil and spices on it (not ideal, but tasty)
1-2 tablespoons tahini with lemon juice as spread onto dried nori sheets (not ideal) wrapped around small wedges of roma tomatoes  (2 large)Yeah, too much fat for one day, more than one type of fat, oil and spices, and nori all are not my ideal. I realized that and decided it was acceptable enough for me, and I don't regret it. I felt like having the mix spiced like I used to spice popcorn, so I did, and ate it like that. Call it my rarely-occassionally thing. I have been …

Food logs 6-12-17 and 6-13-17

Monday 6/12/17 Coconut waterHmm. don't remember lunch anymore  (it's after lunch on Tuesday now)... not sure if I actually had lunch... think I didn't Salad: 1 pound baby lettuce spring mix with dressing of blended: 1 cup-ish frozen mango, 2 large roma tomatoes, 4 or 5 sticks celeryTuesday  6/13/17 (so far) Fresh squeezed orange juice  (about 3 or 4 cups)1 Sunrise papaya friends left behind
1 Mammy sapoteFresh squeezed orange juice  (about 3 or 4 cups)
Made dressing to take with me with blending some of the OJ, about a tablespoon or 2 of tahini, and a couple of celery stalks  Salad at bar and grill: chopped: romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, with grated carrots and a few mung bean sprouts. Used the dressing I made earlier on it.We went out dancing tonight at a bar and grill, and ate dinner there. It was fun. We haven't done that in a while and it was good to see people and dance again. :)

I'm turning over a new leaf, sort of, and sending out a grab bag

Yes, I admit it.

I've sucked at keeping any regular posting here in quite some time.

It hasn't kept me from thinking about you all, in fact you've been on my mind a LOT, for years. Still, I haven't gotten into the swing of this again yet.

Sometimes I just have a photo, sometimes I have a description, sometimes a thought, sometimes something nifty to share, sometimes I'm actually up for tracking my food as well.. but not always all at the same time, on schedule.

Life happens. And it's been happening in oh, so many varied ways.

I'd love to share it with you.

I'd love to get back in touch and hear from you as well. Let's catch up.

I have so many interests, and things to share in so many areas, that I think maybe I should try to different websites for them, or maybe different sections on this site.. and then I get bogged down in trying to organize it all that I don't get to the actual sharing.

I've decided to turn over a new leaf and just go ah…

Food Logs 2017-06-06 through 2017-06-11

For those of you wanting the scoop on what's been going on in my life... I'll do an update and all another time. 

For now I'm just gonna' start back into this as I can...

(UPDATED 6/11/17)

Here's food for 6-6-17, didn't measure it.

coconut water on the go

apricots followed by sugar snap peas at Safeway seating for lunch with Darrel
some mixed color "baby" carrots on the go

salad of: baby lettuce mix dressed with blended frozen mango and 3 chopped fresh roma tomatoes

1  large mammey sapote

Here's food for 6-7-17:

3 cups fresh squeezed juice from local navel oranges
(1 cup I drank straight-up, while blending the other 2 cups with about 2 1/2 cups frozen strawberries: this yielded about 4 cups smoothie)

I took photos of the steps of this and the food for the rest of the day (and next day). I will post them later, along with a recent Food for the Week-ish photo.

7 apple bananas

2 Hearts of Romaine heads of lettuce
4 mixed color carrots
3 large roma to…

More Topics, More Posts

Long story short: remodel of this website has been delayed, but not the content anymore.

I was going to wait until I had the blog categories more separated, but I just can't wait for that anymore. That means if you subscribe you'll be getting a larger range of topics. Later, when the new website is up I'll be sorting them by some popular more general categories for those who want to stay more focused on a certain area.

Those of you who want it all, well, you're in luck! ☺

I'll be posting about things in a somewhat random way for a while, and may settle into a pattern, but most likely not.

Missed ya', hope you are all doing well!