Food Logs 2017-06-06 through 2017-06-11

For those of you wanting the scoop on what's been going on in my life... I'll do an update and all another time. 

For now I'm just gonna' start back into this as I can...

(UPDATED 6/11/17)

Here's food for 6-6-17, didn't measure it.

coconut water on the go

apricots followed by sugar snap peas at Safeway seating for lunch with Darrel
some mixed color "baby" carrots on the go

salad of: baby lettuce mix dressed with blended frozen mango and 3 chopped fresh roma tomatoes

1  large mammey sapote

Here's food for 6-7-17:

3 cups fresh squeezed juice from local navel oranges
(1 cup I drank straight-up, while blending the other 2 cups with about 2 1/2 cups frozen strawberries: this yielded about 4 cups smoothie)

I took photos of the steps of this and the food for the rest of the day (and next day). I will post them later, along with a recent Food for the Week-ish photo.

7 apple bananas

2 Hearts of Romaine heads of lettuce
4 mixed color carrots
3 large roma tomatoes

 Here's food for 6-8-17:

juice of 10 oranges, and some of their sections
frozen strawberries blended with some of the OJ

mountain apples and golden figs from our yard - Yay!

52 large lychee
Mixed color "baby" carrots and celery for after dinner snack/dessert

Yeah, I like celery as a dessert, because dessert comes after the meal, and it's nice for cleaning the palate and teeth just by eating it. So, it's often a dessert for me when I have it.

Didn't eat these today, but did photograph:
Peeled and chopped some apple bananas for smoothies or frozen creamy goodness another day.

 Here's food for 6-9-17:

coconut water on the go

mountain apples and a golden fig from our yard

fresh squeezed juice from local navel oranges, and most of the sections out of the sqeezed oranges
1 heart of romaine head of lettuce
3 large roma tomatoes

A friend from the FoodnSport retreats arrived today with her sweetie, and they're staying with us for a few days before going camping. It was really nice to reconnect.

 Here's food for 6-10-17:

water from 2 large coconuts from our yard - Yay!

1 medium tuscan melon

3 mango I picked up from under trees the day before, 5 adolfo mango from store

LOL, I don't remember what else, or if there was anything else.. didn't photograph this one. I think there wasn't anything more this day though.

 Here's food for 6-11-17:

mountain apples from my yard

lychee and white sugarloaf pineapple at fruitluck

mountain apples again
a couple of celery sticks as dessert

Yeah, there was a fruitluck/potluck today, and I wasn't hosting it either. Woo-hoo! And actually most of the people there were into or knowledgeable about 80/10/10 - sweet! :)

Between conversations about community, sustainability, homesteading, travel, minimalism, and more with the friends staying with us, to going to the potluck/fruitluck, today ended up being quite a fun and social day.

I even got productive before and afterward by setting up the mailing list sign up form and blogging to you about it as well. Yay! :)

I'll try to start doing videos again soon, no promises though.

I've missed you all and look forward to catching up more soon! :)

In the meantime, and always...

Enjoy the Journey!


-Janie :)


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