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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Food log 6-20-17

Water from coconut from yard

About 1/2 a pear offered to me when out in the field at the refuge with the biologist

A couple of figs from yard eaten at the tree :)

Lots of mountain apples harvested fresh from yard

Fresh squeezed orange juice
Mix of zuke, cuke, multicolor carrot noodles with sauce of some of the OJ blended with celery, zucchini, and a touch of tahini, sprinkled with minced fresh chives
Photos to be posted later

Today was a big birding day for me: spent morning on state-wide nene survey, then the rest of the day doing photo review and writing up observations of a moorhen nest from the motion detection camera's SD card I got from an intern. So interesting! Love all of it! :)

Darrel went to farm today to see if there was anything new to harvest, and discovered more theft and vandalism. :( They cut our starfruit tree so severely that it might not survive. 😓 It had the best starfruit I have ever tasted... was planted from a tree that had the best starfruit I had ever had previously. I hope it survives. ❤ It really sucks to not be able to live at the farm right now at times like this.

I am encouraged overall though, as we have plans and are gradually making progress to get back to it again. ❤❤

In the meantime, I'm so grateful I can help out at the refuges being in and with nature and making a difference there. It's wonderful to meet others who care about these things too. :) 🌞👍

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