I'm turning over a new leaf, sort of, and sending out a grab bag

Yes, I admit it.

I've sucked at keeping any regular posting here in quite some time.

It hasn't kept me from thinking about you all, in fact you've been on my mind a LOT, for years. Still, I haven't gotten into the swing of this again yet.

Sometimes I just have a photo, sometimes I have a description, sometimes a thought, sometimes something nifty to share, sometimes I'm actually up for tracking my food as well.. but not always all at the same time, on schedule.

Life happens. And it's been happening in oh, so many varied ways.

I'd love to share it with you.

I'd love to get back in touch and hear from you as well. Let's catch up.

I have so many interests, and things to share in so many areas, that I think maybe I should try to different websites for them, or maybe different sections on this site.. and then I get bogged down in trying to organize it all that I don't get to the actual sharing.

I've decided to turn over a new leaf and just go ahead and start sharing stuff as it comes up. Since I'm not sure it all makes sense for this site as it's currently organized, I figure I'll make it a mailing list instead.

You'll need to opt-in to the mailing list to get most of the content. Whatever makes sense to be shared here, I'll try to post here too (no promises though). What I can promise is that if I do post things here, I'll include links to them in the mailing list.. but not vice versa.

So, you're probably wondering, "what's this mailing list actually going to be about?"

Well... in short, it's a grab bag of info and sharing from me.

I'll be sharing tips, tricks, observations, musings, how-to's (food, ambiance, lifestyle, gardening, and more), challenge opportunities (to participate with me), and what-have-you about things I'm interested about and/or doing in my life that you might be interested in and/or doing yourself.

I plan to at some point organize it into subject areas that you can specifically opt into and out of.. and do them ahead of time so they can also have them delivered on a regular basis..  but really, who knows when that will happen exactly? Life happens, and I won't make promises before it is done.

So for now, it's all going to be fairly random--subject-wise and frequency-wise, at least until I get back into the swing of sharing regularly again. So.. if you like grab bags, you'll love this.

Sign up now and you'll start getting emails... well, randomly! ;)

I'm also working on finishing my books, videos, classes, etc. and have some free stuff for people when they sign up for the list later. I'll send a link to get the free stuff to the mailing list too, so you won't miss out by signing up early.

I can't send you links to free stuff offered before you signed up though, so you'll want to sign up as soon as possible. I don't want you to miss out on any of it.

There's just SO much I've got in the works, and I don't want you to miss the opportunity to receive or participate in any of it.

ANY,way.. that's what's new, and what I'm excited about right now. I hope you are too! :)

I look forward to interacting with you more soon! :)



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