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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Food log 6-22-17 and 6-23-17


Fresh squeezed orange juice blended with frozen strawberries

Fresh harvested mountain apples from yard

7 Saba bananas

Oops, forgot to record the rest of this day and the next... now I have forgotten.

Think this is the night I made a kind of salsa chutney ish thing one of these two nights. It was 3/4 of a fruity avocado mashed a bit still chunky, some minced chives, 2 roma tomatoes chopped, and a touch of lemon juice. I started eating it with celery, but then Darrel started eating his guacamole which makes his breath bother me if I don’t have some. It's raw vegan so I will put some in my stuff sometimes so his breath doesn't bother me.

I added some to mine and decided to put that in dried nori sheets in a row lengthwise with a stick of celery lengthwise across as well before rolling it and eating it. Neither the spicy guacamole nor the dried nori are my ideal foods, but they are acceptable at times. This was one of those times (obviously). Lol


Think this is when I had half a white pineapple with Darrel (he had the other half). He cut them up this time as I was multitasking something else.

Can't remember what I had for lunch... I remember it was some sort of fruit and that I had celery after it.

Lychee while we watched Netflix in the evening.

I had fresh raw peanuts from market (taste kinda like peas) a bit after the lychee, still watching Netflix.

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