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10-4-09 Baby Guinea Pig born yesterday! :)

up at about 7:30am,
to sleep for night before at about 9pm (was sleepy)
to sleep for night tonight at about 8pm (will get up at 3am tomorrow)

breakfast: bananas
lunch: bananas
dinner: tahini-lemon-tomato juice dip for tomatoes, celery, cuke rounds

before breakfast: ~ 18 minutes of barefoot running on treadmill, including warm-up/cool-down walking - ran about 1.1 miles this time (still training my skin for barefoot running) and it's going well! :) Only slight hint of possible blister forming, but didn't. I stopped before it got questionable 'cause I'd already gone farther than I had planned. Nice.

I also did 20 minutes of the almost bounce sort of thing on the rebounder after that. I watched the guinea pigs and rabbit the whole time walking, running, walking and bouncing. So cute! :)

before lunch: a little over an hour of beginner Ashtanga yoga with a Richard Freedman video I have: Introduction to Ashtanga, Complete Practice Session. It worked out well …