Friday 2/1/08

no temp today
up at 7am
to sleep for night at 10 or 11pm

smoothie with lots of bananas (sorry, didn't count), 3 dates, water and 1 med. chocolate sapote - drank while stretching after run
water from 3 young cocos
5 large tangerines
8 chocolate sapotes
jicama, 3 tomatoes, part of a small avocado, celery (6 sticks?), & lettuce

Sorry, didn't note the times

I went with a friend to see if we could harvest chocolate sapotes from some trees she knew about today. They weren't quite ready, but there were lots of citrus dropping off the trees. This was great 'cause I still have some chocolate sapotes and was about to run out of citrus since my son and hubby both decided they wanted to drink lots of OJ the day before (when they haven't been having much or any lately). It's a good thing they weren't quite ready 'cause I forgot to bring my picker poles 'cause I needed to leave earlier than I had planned so was in a rush. Oops! Turned out perfect with the citrus though.

I didn't have a chance to post about Thursday, but went overt fat-free then with banana and date smoothies, chocolate sapotes, orange juice and papayas - perhaps some rambutan too, can't remember. (I'm writing this on Saturday evening before going to bed). So good to have bananas again! :)

Running! 25 minutes solid with approximate 5 minute warm up and cool down walks before and after respectively, probably over 2 miles.
Had to cancel running on Thursday as planned 'cause my hubby and I woke too late to fit it in before going to the farm & back too late to do it afterwards. I was determined to run Friday and not skip yet another day, so we went out even though it was cold (for us), very windy and rainy off and on. Luckily it only sprinkled on us a bit during the run, unfortunately it was during our warm-up walk, which was quite brisk due to being cold. We also started the running at a faster pace than I planned simply 'cause we were so cold and wanted to get warm faster, heh. Yeah, we're underdressed, acclimatized wimps. It was probably only in the 60's (Fahrenheit), but that's cold to us, especially when combined with the 30+ MPH winds and moist air and rain. It was a challenging run for me indeedy, but I did it!

We went 12 minutes and then turned around, didn't pass the place where we started so our pace on the way back was quite a bit slower than on the way there, but then I knew that. There's a slight hill that's downhill there and uphill back. It usually doesn't make much of a difference 'cause I'm warmed up on the way back, but the strong wind was blowing against us on the way back which made it even more challenging. We didn't measure out how far we went, but did note that it was 10 minutes, 35 seconds when we passed the mile mark on the way there. We went pretty far past it before turning around at 12 minutes in and kept the same pace that whole time. The pace dropped off fairly soon after turning around and going against the wind though. Once we made it up the hill (towards the end) and turned the corner, the wind was from the side instead and our pace picked up a tad so that we weren't all that far from the point where we started. Whatever. I'm just glad that I went out when the weather made me feel like staying home - and that I still ran for a longer period of time straight than I ever have before, even though it was quite challenging at times.

My hubby was so sweet in motivating me during the run when it got hard. He was coming up with military marching songs and such to sing to my running cadence to keep me going. I don't know if it helped or not, but I appreciated the gesture and effort. He was running with 5 pound weights in his hands instead of the 8 pound ones he usually has been using lately so I guess that's how he could muster the breath for it - or perhaps it's the fact that he has waay more running experience than I do. I joked about him being a show off, but I know it was to help me. I help him run consistently 'cause he goes when I do and he helps me keep going when it's rough. Nice. :)

Hiking around, picking the fruit & carrying it back, making a couple more trips of the same, carrying the boxes of what I gathered into the house, etc.

We're rearranging the stuff in our house and moved some heavy items around today. Yay! So exciting to see the progress.

Push ups and pull ups
I think it was only one set of each.

Not as much as I would have thought due to the massive saltiness of those olives I had the other day. My sweat seemed salty, but didn't get the salty mucus down the back of my throat in the morning, in the shower or any time - so far, at least.

I did have some of the lung 'soreness' sensation when taking really deep breaths, but know what that's from - the running. Guess it's the VO2 Max developing.

6am temp: 96.58 degrees Fahrenheit, day 11 of my cycle, red day, little boy kid icon (FYI had boy & girl icons on the day after this, Sat., day 12 of my cycle)

The Rest:
We got an odometer for my bike today! :) I'm going to use it to figure out mile markers and routes for future runs and/or after runs that haven't followed predefined routes.
I still need to get the air in my tires, so it might be a while since I still don't know where the air pump is (think it's in my son's room somewhere).

I took my old yoga mat out and hung it on the clothes line, scrubbed it a bit and sprayed it off with the hose, left it to dry. Unfortunately, it's been stormy since then and not enough sun to dry it as of the writing of this (Saturday evening). If it's not dry by Monday I think I'll start doing the surya namaskara asanas without it. That should be fine 'cause I plan to run 30 minutes on Sunday and I shouldn't need a yoga mat for just them.

I've been using Blogger to do my more recent journals, which had been working fairly well for a while. I just noticed that it's sort of tweaking with the previous posts areas especially in the archived ones so I'll have to fix that at some point. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Spinning Yarn:
I'm having fun with the cotton spinning although I've also been really grateful for the heirloom wool sweater I inherited from my mom when it's raining and windy. It's easy to spin and a natural wicking material. It's not vegan, but if they were treated really well I think it'd be fine. I've thought about raising a sheep or two and treating them like pets, brushing them out and using that to spin, but don't know if they'll do well here or not. I know people have goats here quite often, but haven't seen many sheep. I started to try to figure it out online. I wasn't able to figure out how they'd do here, but did get reminded that people often raise them to eat rather than just for wool. Doi! I had forgotten all about that. So then I started to find out about different breeds good for wool, meat or both and decided to try to get a breed only for wool so I don't support raising them for meat indirectly. I might get one from the humane society though, whatever breed it is just to give it a home, if there is one there. It looks like Merino, Leicester, Lincoln and Rambouillet are potentials as this point. Of course this is all premature 'cause I don't have a place to keep one just yet, but I can work on figuring out if that's an okay idea or not. Still workin' on it, thought I'd share...


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