Request recipes for my new book, and preview of the Table of Contents



Do you have a favorite recipe from a different diet that you'd like me to translate to 80/10/10 and include in my book? 

 Let me know*, and I'll see if I can squeeze it in if I'm not already including it.

Yes, that's right, I'm releasing a recipe book! The focus of the recipes in this book is not only in keeping with low-fat raw vegan, and 80/10/10 ratios, but also natural hygienic food combining principles, and minimizing the number of ingredients to achieve the recipe. Most of the recipes are nut-free, and many don't require a dehydrator. Recipes often include variations that don't require as much equipment or any dehydrating. Variations are also included with ingredient options for additions or substitutions.

*How to request recipes for my new book: reply to this post on my blog, on Blogger, or on my Facebook Timeline, or email me at The sooner, the better, however anytime before November could work. Also note I may not be able to reply to you until then as I may be offline during that time. Your post may not show up on my blog until I'm back as well.

Table of Contents:

So, in the meantime, here's a preview of the Table of Contents. It's subject to change. Each recipe category has recipes within it which are not listed here:

A Bit About Me
Why I’m Not Saying Much About Why
About the Recipes
Recipe Categories:
·        Drinks: Beverages, Smoothies, Alcohol-Free Cocktails, Juices
·        Appetizers/Hors d’oeuvres, Serving as Snacks, Chips, and Popcorn
·        Soups
·        Chowders
·        Creamy
·        Broths
·        Soups
·        Fruity
·        Stew-like
·        Salads & Dressings
·        Fruit Salads
·        Molded Salads
·        Pasta Salads
·        Vegetable Salads
·        Leafy Salads
·        Salad Dressings
·        Main Dish Salads and Veggie Entrees
·        Bread-like
·        Muffins, Rolls & Biscuits
·        Pancakes and Waffles
·        Coffeecake
·        Corn Bread
·        Pita Bread
·        Pastries
·        Bread Sticks
·        Like: Rice, Grains, Polenta
·        Porridge, Grits
·        Polentas
·        Pilafs
·        Rices
·        Pseudo Pastas
·        Spaghetti
·        Linguini
·        Gemelli & Fusilli
·        Ravioli
·        Dumplings
·        Pierogis
·        Ribbon Noodles, etc.
·        Instead of Casseroles & Baked Entrees
·        Pot Pies/Shepherd’s Pies
·        Calzone
·        Pizzas
·        Similar to Sandwiches, Pitas, Rolls, Wraps, Canape
·        Burgers
·        Brats
·        Dogs
·        Sandwiches
·        Dolmas
·        Falafels
·        Condiments
·        Ketchups
·        Mayonnaises
·        Mustards
·        Sour Creams
·        Cream Cheeses
·        Relishes and Chutneys
·        Pickling and Marinades
·        Sweet Stuff like Desserts
·        Cakes & Frostings
·        Cakes
·        Cheesecakes
·        Brownies
·        Frostings
·        Puddings & Parfaits
·        Cobblers, Crisps
·        Toppings
·        Candies
·        Pies
·        Cream Pies
·        Fruit Pies
·        Pie Crusts
·        Custard/Meringue Pies
·        Frozen Pies
·        Kabobs and Skewers
·        Stuffing and Stuffed Produce
·        Containers, Cups, and Boats:
·        Fillings
·        Bean-like
·        Sauces & Gravies
·        Dips, Spreads, Pate
·        Jams & Jellies
·        Dips
·        Spreads
·        Pate
·        Sides
·        Fun with Food for Kids and Adults Too!
·        Meals
·        Monomeals
·        One-Course Meals
·        Two-Course Meals
·        Three-Course Meals
Additional Stuff
            Videos and Online Content
            Where to Find Out More About My Diet and Lifestyle

Definitions and Glossary

Release Date: 

Before I agreed to work at the FoodnSport Retreats this year I was in the midst of finishing my recipe book. I planned to release it in digital form by mid-November so you'd have it before Thanksgiving, or possibly early December so it'd be ready for the Holiday Season. Now, I still want to try to keep to my release dates, however it will depend on how much I can do while I'm gone. There are hundreds of recipes and I need to verify that the amounts and serving sizes are recorded correctly by testing them all, and then photograph them. If I need to push back that release date it will be released by early February, before Valentine's.


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