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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

slept in, it was nice.. it rained this morning so we stayed in bed longer 'cause we could

I'm thinking that I'm gonna' drop some of my shifts at the gym so I can get better sleep. I was thinking that it was helping me with my training 'cause I was getting in a lot of the pushups, etc. in-between things there early in the day... but I was also not getting enough sleep over time. The lack of sleep has affected my training and the rest of my life, so I don't think it's worth it. I've tried various ways of making it work, but nothing really has. We'll see if cutting back on my shifts is enough to make it work, otherwise I might have to quit completely. Too bad, 'cause I like that job, like the people and all...

lunch: lotsa bananas
dinner: hodge-podge of stuff at Thanksgiving living food potluck, probably too many ingredients to list, heh, oh well, it's once a year

Here are some pictures (click 'em to enlarge):
This is the turkey I carved, heh:

Here is a picture of the potluck. My turkey's in there and there are two stainless steel bowls of our salad with sprouts and tangerines and chopped winged beans at either end of the table:

pushups, jump lunges, jump squats, etc. - forgot to keep track, oops... guess I was still in 'day off' mode..

I finally got back to the barefoot running training yesterday though. Nice.
I'm gonna' have to build back up again, but I didn't fall all the way back to my starting distance so that's good. I felt like I could run again today, but I'm making sure not to overdo it, so am holding off 'till tomorrow. It's easy to squeeze in the distance I'm doing now 'cause it doesn't take up that much time. LOL I think it's gonna' be better in the long run this way though 'cause I want to do it complete bare footed.

I found out that a store on-island actually carries the Vibram Five Fingers shoes that people sometimes wear when they say they are barefoot running, which is confusing to me 'cause they've got shoes on... hafta' ask people which type of barefoot running they're doing now to clarify... ANYway... I've been thinking of getting some so I can wear 'em at the gym and run on the treadmill there as close to barefoot as I'd be allowed there. So I grabbed my toesie socks (that I got at the local Claire's store 'cause that's the only place I can get toe socks here - they're rainbowy, which is fine, I like rainbow stuff for rainbow reasons). I digress...

K, so I went in with my toe socks in hand to try on and look at the different styles to see which one I liked, and would buy some of the toe socks used in the Vibrams if they had 'em. They didn't have the toe socks, and only had the Classic in a size that would work with toe socks. They didn't work with my toe socks though, or at least it seemed that way. I tried 'em with the socks first and couldn't get my toes in the toe areas, but then when I took the socks off I had trouble getting my toes in the toe areas as well. LOL Had to educate my toes and self in how to get them on 'cause my middle and what would be ring finger of a toe both won't stay straight and stiff at the ends when trying to pull the things on, heh. They were all limp and noodley, and wouldn't stuff into there that way. They'll stay stiff if I press with them though, so had to do a little pulling upwards against those toes when pulling the shoes on in order to get the toes in there.

So I discovered that I don't like the Classic, which I had actually suspected, 'cause they have to be tight against the achilles tendon in order to stay on and I don't like that. They didn't have my size in the KSO or Sprint, only what was probably one size too small for my feet without socks. :( He said he'd call me when they get my size in, but they don't come in regularly or predictably, so he has no idea when they'll have 'em. He didn't have the socks either. I'm thinking that I probably could have gotten the Classic on with my toe socks after I'd educated my toes and self on how to get the toes on my toes, but I didn't bother 'cause I don't like the Classic anyway. Good to know. I'm not sure if I'd like the Sprint either 'cause it has something in back there too, a tab in order to pull them on I suppose. It was uncomfortable on the ones I tried, but then that could have been 'cause they were too small too... Sigh..

ANYway... I decided that I'll just hafta' wait to see about the shoes and was glad I'd already started back on my bare barefoot training again.

3am temp: 97.75 degrees Fahrenheit, day 25 of my cycle, amber day, no kid icons
Finally got enough regular sleep in order to take my temperature, which is probably why it's only an 'amber' day instead of a 'green' day today: haven't taken my temperature in a while now

The Rest:
It was a nice day. Darrel and I slept in today and layed around in bed 'cause it was raining and we had time. Nice. Then we got up, got ourselves ready, I experimented with an idea I had for an orange turkey, and went to the farm, harvested some stuff for the potluck and arranged it all and went to the potluck.

It was nice to see everyone again. Some people we met we hadn't seen for years. Some of them had been off-island for quite some time and all. Several of them remembered us from when we were farming in the early 90's and selling our salad mix back then. LOL If we hadn't told them they might have thought we were doing it the whole time. We'll be doing it that long in the future now that we've got a long term place though so it's not unreasonable to think.

I am thankful for so many things in my life right now, as well as my life itself, it's hard to choose anything in particular...
I am thankful for the time I was able to spend laying around in bed not in a rush or anything this morning.
I am thankful for the time I get to spend with Darrel, my love.
I am thankful for all my wonderful friends and family.
I am thankful for the farm and our long term situation.
And many, many more things...

I am also thankful that our papaya trees are about to pass me in height. See!

Not much longer 'till they start flowering, then fruiting, then yum-my! :)

Hope your Thanksgiving is and was terrific too! Aloha! :)

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  1. I am thankful for you too Janie...Take care